Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Wake up ASCC Senate!!

Media Credit: Norma

Today's meeting was a bore! I think that last year's ASCC Senate meetings were more entertaining. It had to do with the fact that ASCC Vice President Alex Armendariz was there. IF those in the ASCC Senate don't wake up, the photo (at right) will be the result. It will be a ghost town again.

I know that if I were to be in that position that there will be more activity going on. But since I am not, what that Cal State Long student told me last Wednesday is true, and that includes Oskar Ruiz, former ASCC Sergent-At-Arms said, those students like the seat warm.

Breaking News: Anna Tapu robbed of Homecoming crown?

That is apparently what one member thinks. With the Homecoming game on Saturday being cancelled during to the poor air quality due to the California wildfires, I would think that this person, who turns out not to be human at all, let out the frustration.

The following is an email from the Pacific Islanders Club and is in response to the 2007-08 Homecoming elections and the election of its Homecoming Queen Adrianna Venegas who was sponsored by the Court Reporting Club:


Are these four Cerritos' next Board of Trustee members?

My focus is on these four candidates running for Cerritos College's Board of Trustees. Like I said before, I could care less about what happens on the Rio Hondo Board. These four could possibility be the next board members. I just happen to walk by a booth that was represented by Ryan Howard, the coordinator of the Nov. 6 election campaign for the four who are running and I told him that I was keeping a close eye on who will be on the board.

The three incumbents are: Robert Arthur, Dr. Ted Edmiston and Tom Jackson. And the four candidates are: Martin Greenidge, Tom Chavez, Rosa Barragan and Tina Cho.

Whether or not any of these four candidates will be elected will be known in just hours from now. However, I do know this, this following statement will generate questions: "The elections has been clouded in slight controversy, with Cho, Greenidge, Chavez and Barragan choosing to run on political slate and providing opposition to the three incumbents and Cerritos' Javier Garza."

I have questions about that myself.

But the way to find out is to see if students really give a damn...

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Journalism Assocation of Community Colleges Conference

The Journalism Association of Community Colleges Conference is this weekend and I am nervous for anyone who's going. (J5, Rosali?). I know someone got to go. This event didn't go particularly well for me when I went to Sacramento. I will NOT go into details but at the time I wasn't comfortable at all.

Let see how Cerritos College's own Talon Marks publication will do this time around. During the state conference its student publication was the only one to receive General Excellence in print, online and its Wings Magazine.

All the best...

One out of two incumbents in November

Media Credit: Norma

Bob Arthur (left) and outgoing Cerritos College Board of Trustee John Moore (right) are the seats being sought after for the Nov. 6 elections. I spoke to Mr. Moore two weeks ago at the Board meeting and I knew that he wasn't returning because he forgot to file the paper required.

He didn't have to tell me. I read it in the papers. But although the elections in my area focus on the Rio Hondo College College Board, I could care less. I am more concerned with Cerritos' Board of Trustees members.

Stay tuned...

Staff support and the Nov. 6 elections

I know I have been worked up on this whole plagiarizing thing. But I know what I can do, and that includes without the help of anyone who has written something similar.

This last week I refused to take any stories to write for the Beverly Hills Canyon News because of this whole fiasco with the other publications accusing me of copyright infringement.

One of the two is from the City of West Hollywood publication whose writer said I copied him. Not true. Yet, the staff at Canyon News stand behind me and here is the following e-mail from one of the editors:


Well, hello to you too. Where have you been?

Listen, I know that you have been worried with things that have transpired over the last week, but dealing with it will make it go away faster, I promise.

No one is mad at you. You're an excellent writer and I know that this whole thing is probably just a big misunderstanding that will get figured out. Don't worry. Writers are presented with this kind of thing all the time. It is the nature of the biz and only the strong survive it. It will be something and someone else next week. Keep your head up. You're an amazing talent.

As long as I know I didn't do anything I know I will get through this. In other news: The Nov. 6 elections are coming up next week and I picked up all of the information and election supplies.

I can't wait to start but I will be sure to bring books along so I won't get bored. Not that far from the house only two blocks away. What am I keeping an eye on? Who will be on the Cerritos College Board of Trustees and who will fill in one of the seats that will be vacant. In addition, see if the three other incumbents will stay in. See you at the polls.

Have a great Halloween!

As for anything else? You know to stay tuned...

Monday, October 29, 2007

I don't plagiarized, God damn it!

I don't plagiarized, God damn it! That is exactly how I have been feeling all weekend and it's time for people to know how much it pisses me off that one would think that I would do that.

If I am offending you, I suggest you don't read any further. I know that I take into consideration everything and last week when someone suggested I plagiarized, one of the seven deadly sins, you would have no idea how I felt.

But I found the press release that I got my information from...

There are numerous things that I have learned within the field of journalism is that there is only one way to know whether one has done and that is to prove it. I know that I would NEVER do it because I might as well be fired...

Still a developing story...

Thursday, October 25, 2007

E-mail regarding Public Enemy No. 1: Plagiarism

Both of the inquiries have been combined but the name of the man has been withheld.

The following are the two e-mails that were in my inbox from two people at the Beverly Hills Canyon News:

"We have a frenzied person on the phone that wants to sue us stating that your article was plagiarized and we didn't credit him with quotes. Let me know immediately where this article came from. Norma can you send me the press release I need it to talk to the man that is calling."

When I received the e-mails, I acted quick to say that the article was obtained through a press release. At first, after the phone calls were received the article was initially removed from the web site. However, after I forward the information and stated that it was on other web sites, the article was reloaded.

Threat of a lawsuit

I have been accused of plagiarism. Yes, on Monday I got an e-mail from people at the Beverly Hills Canyon News saying that someone was on the phone threatening to sue the newspaper for plagiarism when its publication came out on Oct. 21.

It was one of the stories I covered and yet, when I went to the office the first and only time back in mid-September, I was told that I was allowed to use quotes from a press release and if any story that was published was all over the Internet it is considered public domain.

Plagiarism, is Public Enemy No. 1 and is something that I would NEVER do because it is like the Seven Deadly Sins. Let me do say this as well. I know that during my time on Talon Marks there were questions raised about what I wrote. If you remember the first was when I wrote that the ASCC had showed support for the Cerritos College Faculty Federation's debate with the Board of Trustees and its staff back in 2006, in the stories, "Senate supports health fee; indecisive on CCFF" and "Senate agrees to support CCFF with revised resolution."

In the resolution, it was stated that the ASCC did support them. However, following the meeting, one of the former Senators told me that I was to eliminate extra words but that was after the fact. I used my judgement and put the words that were to be eliminated and the following meeting she came up to me and said, "You were not suppose to publish this!" But for me, as a journalist, one must know whether something is off-the-record or not beforehand.

You can correct me if I am wrong, but in regards to Canyon News I know that I can write and have my own resources for stories. I know that, that once shy person who you see now, is no longer there. That person was light years ago. It is not the first time that I have ruffled someone's feathers...and it won't be the last time. In fact,I actually like being controversial because it allows you to think.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Disneyland, the Unhappiest Place on Earth?

The following was a comment posted on the Cerritos College Talon Marks about Disneyland's internship:

My son did two of these Disney internships. A year later, Disney still has him working part time for practically nothing, and noone else will hire him. Find something else - this will hurt your career.

Do you know why? It is because your son didn't apply for a job application, he went by for what was heard about it when I am sure a representative was here on campus. Let me tell you that I met the gentleman who has been at Cerritos more than once and I always laugh when I see him because I can only see what a disaster it turns out to be without being in the program. My sister went to the same presentation and I knew exactly what she was in for. However, when she applied earlier this year she applied within the right department, that is what your son didn't do.

As far as Disneyland...well don't get me started...

Boys Don't Cry

In class today we watched the beginning of the Kimberly Peirce's directorial debut "Boys Don't Cry" starring Academy-award winning actress Hilary Swank. This film based on the true life of Teena Brandon (Brandon Teena) put Swank on the map and led to her winning another Oscar for her performance in "Million Dollar Baby." She is the first to be nominated and win both nominations for Best Actress.

How can I forget this film because when I watched this film when it was in theaters, I sat in the audience with people who were more than 55-60-years-old. Yet, when I watched this film in Human Sexuality class and watched in detail this time around, and I realized why I love this film.

During the production, I read that Swank was lost in translation, meaning that it took time for her to realize that she was a woman. As for Chloƫ Sevigny who played Teena's love interest Lana said that she wasn't aware of the controversy until after the film's release. And that she would not play a real life person again. I would hope that she would one day.

From the first take of Swank cutting her hair to the death of Teena after the revelation of her true identity, this film is graphic in one part but true in the face of humanity. As for Peirce, she is currently working on another film titled, "Stop Loss" to be released in 2008.

As for what this film means, it means that there are still fights for civil rights for those who are transgender. I know that the first time I saw "Boys Don't Cry" I still believe that everyone has a right to be treated fairly, no matter what. It is unfortunate that I had to give up the DVD and its soundtrack. I want them back! If you haven't seen it, you MUST, but if you have you know why Swank won the Oscar.What more can I say, but GET this film!

Rating: 5 out of 5

Are there taped conversations? And assessment of the ASCC

One of the ASCC Associate Justices asked me if there is truth to the rumor that there are tapes of discussions involving the ASCC Vice President and Board of Trustees members. Apparently, the discussions involved the continued debate of whether or not to split the ASCC President and Student Trustee or keep it one position. At the moment, Board members are looking over its board policy there is a thought of changing the status of those positions.

However, like I said him I have no idea whether or not those taped conversation exist. And I also said that someone out there commented on my blog about that in the "Administrative action against Talon Marks" blog entry. I DON'T know.

In any event, I met a student who is from Cal State Long Beach at the ASCC Senate meeting today. She thought that it would be interesting to find out what goes on in the disappointing it turned out to be. From what she told me, "It seems as if the Director of Student Activities is running it, instead of the students."

Duh? If I may let me speak as a student, that is why I have not thought of running to be involved in ASCC. I know as a former Talon Marks writer that there was one former student who was involved in the newspaper yet, was conflicted with trying to control TM when involved in student government. That is where I draw the line because as I attend these meeting week after week, I know exactly what will happen and I don't want to go there. I could give a ---- about being involved.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Changing Falcon Square

Changes in Falcon Square within the next six-to-seven years was announced at yesterday's ASCC Cabinet meeting. There are buildings that are in consideration for re-building and relocation within the next few years. One of them is the Burnight Center building (pictured right) and the relocation of it. Last year this was a concern for those who were on the ASCC. However, when it came to discussions of the move of "The Hill" that is where the line was drawn.

What you could see is "The Hill" at this location but there was no question that students don't want it to move. It was bad enough when I first attended Cerritos in 1998 when Falcon Square was going through a makeover where Falcon Square now stands. I know that it was the easiest thing to do because all of the maneuvering that had to occur in order to get to point B. That tells you how old I am. But that's not the point, point is if the campus is going through a transformation in order to stay current it's going to continue.

The Cerritos College Transformation Committee has the numbers and numerous buildings will be torned down and rebuilt. Buildings will also be relocated. That is a lot of information.

However, I think the focus should be on students concern over parking space. I do think that should be first to be addressed. The thing is I know that students are too lazy to walk to class...and you ask yourself why there is a concern over obesity; not just in children but in adults to. Two students came in the newsroom last year and said that the parking situation should be left alone and they were right. There is parking available in the back of the campus by the strawberry fields but again people are too lazy to walk. And all of these complains that staff have the majority of the parking; not true. And the students know it.

Yet, I understand that there are changes in the works for the campus as a whole. Looking at the layout it is a different campus from what it is now, (duh?) but again it will take time. Incidently, I know that there will be future students who will see the changes take place, but there is always something going on.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Celebrity blitz in Canyon News edition

Well, the Beverly Hills Canyon News has become a celebrity blitz in its coverage over the weekend with everything from a Movietown Plaza opening, to "Pirates of the Caribbean" star Orlando Bloom accident on the front page, as well as Ellen DeGeneres's fight with the Mutts and Moms pet agency.

To Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa supports of the extension of Metro Gold Line to Fred Astaire's widow being sued on page three. In addition, the story on Madonna's recently signing with Live Nation for what is being reported to be a 10-year-$120 million-three-album deal, and Academy Award-winning actress Julia Roberts get a Cinema award on page six.


Cerritos College ASCC Vice President being watched?

The following is a comment that was left on my blog, by a "student":

Greetings Norma, I would like to commend you on some of the things you have written and I frown upon a view. However, I know this is simply your opinion on your web-site so I respect that. I too strongly believe in what you say about the conflict of interest with ASCC members and Project H.O.P.E.

You are absolutely right. be critical Norma, do more, their is alot of hidden information. I will give you one bit of information to inspire you. Not many know as of yet, however, ASCC Vice President Michael Barrita is being watched very closely as people have become suspicious of him secretly taping conversations between himself and administrators.

Where has the show pride campaign gone this year? The ASCC president has lost his school pride and replaced it with campaigning for board members who support the faculty union and Project H.O.P.E. be skeptical and do more, research is key, research these new people who are running for trustee positions. You will be suprised at what you find. I hate to not tell you who I am, however, consider me a friend as I consider you a friend. I have much love for the ASCC and Cerritos and I don't like where things are going. For now you shall know me as "Concerned Student."

I must say this. The one thing that did stood out for me is the fact that people are suspicious of ASCC Vice President Michael Barrita secretly taping conversations between himself and administrators. But I must also say is, how accurate is your information? If you are so concerned with everything and (no)thing that has happened within the campus of Cerritos I can only assume that either you are in ASCC, you were part of ASCC, or you must be a former Talon Marks writer. However, I could be wrong in my assessment of you. If you are either, how do I know what you are saying is true. Do I know you?

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Breaking News: Norma's first Gibson Overseas Newsletter

Ladies and Gentleman, new, current and former Cerritos College Talon Marks personnel I proudly present, my FIRST Gibson Overseas Sales News Network Newsletter.

Note: This copy has a few items that were corrected in the new version. This is a pre-edit version.

Greetings everyone!!! Here is a copy of the FIRST Gibson Overseas Inc. Newsletter. I am so proud to show it to all of you out there. It took me this long from the time I started on Sept. 20. However, the first one is out of the way and I am beginning work on No. 2 already. I have learned what to do and I know that I am ready for this challenge again, again and again.

However, this could not have happened without the help of Roy Chung from the Gibson Marketing Department, someone who helped me out so much. I want to thank him for this. I couldn't have done it without him editing it over and over again.

There are not enough words to express my deepest gratitude toward him and here are the results.

Thank you!!
Norma Palacios

The Project H.O.P.E. agenda

Media Credit: Norma

Current and former students of Cerritos College's Project H.O.P.E. continued to press Board of Trustees members to keep the program alive during the Board of Trustee meeting last night. More than 50 people gathered, with the inclusion of parents of those who had graduated from the program pleaded for the program to be institutionalized and asked why the reserved funds were not being used to keep it. With the fast approaching Nov. 6 city elections board members Carmen Avalos said that the program should stay, supported and stated that there should be quick action to keep it alive.

How could I forget this story while being on the Talon Marks staff? At the point, I know that at the time members were looking for ways to keep it going and two weeks ago the board approved a more than $300,000 fund to keep it for one year. But more than anything people were asking why only for one year when the college's reserves could be put to good use. There was support and questions raised by ASCC President Jason Macias, ASCC Vice President Michael Barrita, and a show of support from former ASCC Senators Waleed Nueriat and Sarah Mardonovich. With those that showed up last night how quick was the tone to change about the program and its importance. But is this all because of Nov. 6.

As a student journalist, I would like to put it in a way that I hope you create an understanding and unbiased observation. IF by any means if I don't, you have a right to say so. With a long-standing observation of politics and government both from a student and a Untied States governance standpoint. There is numerous assumptions about what it is to be a politician. I know that there are misconceptions to what it is to be a politician and come face-to-face with ethical questions.

However, as every single person that has ventured in public service or otherwise knows the real reason it is asked of you is because it affects everyone of us. Leadership skills are gained and you know what is important to you. It is when it is questioned that those leaders back away from that seems to be the most troubling. All of the 43 U.S. presidents who have been elected and served have done something that they are not the most proud of. And everyone is humanity and have their imperfections.

But the bottom line is the action that one takes is what speaks the greatest volumes. Isn't that the job that goes along with the description of being a journalist as well; not just focusing on the surface but digging deep. A Cerritos Board member brought that up last night and while yes, a journalist like myself and the countless others out there faced scrutiny for the job that we do, our title is what keeps us going; not adrenaline. That is why with any profession we hold is spotlighted and that's why elections are held. In the forementioned, I would hope that is not why you decided to do your job with.

Monday, October 15, 2007

"Isn't being on the club a conflict of interest with being on ASCC Cabinet?"

Media Credit: Norma

Forget about the 2008 Homecoming Court and the soon-to-be elected Homecoming Queen. Forget about the ASCC Awards applications to be out on Oct. 22. ASCC President Jason Macias question of a commissioner's conflict of interest with one of the club on campus was the highlight for me at the Cabinet meeting earlier this afternoon.

That question was raised by the student body president when the commissioner of night time activities mentioned that the Writer's Anonymous Club was trying to figure out what to do in celebration of Halloween. However, can I say that this is not the first time she's mention the same club. I noticed that she mentioned it more than once, and I was beginning to wonder myself whether it is a conflict of interest because of her support for the club.

Yes, I know as a journalist that one's own interest in supporting a club or organization can be a factor in how you write a story. I mean, look at what happened with Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and that woman, Spanish-language reporter Mirthala Salinas. Having admitted to a extramarital affairs with her and the more than obvious conflict of interest, I do think that the esteemed commissioner of night-time activities should back off.

I know that there were times when I had to put down my pen for the reason of conflict of interest. One such instance was when I did the Spoken Word event last February. I had to draw the line there. You have to otherwise, there is no way that you can do your job (or in my case, the other person who had to do it).

But as much as the commissioner of night-time activities wants night students to have as much activities as those who attend during the day, I am sure that I hope she doesn't get burned again. She's not that stupid, is she?

It's in the six figures instead

I just took a look at the weekend edition of the Beverly Hills Canyon News, and if you thought the No. 5 was good, the No. 6 is even better. Yes, people, I am making a name for myself with the Canyon News and as always I want to share it with you.

This time around I am on the front page with of course the story over the last week Anna Nicole Smith and a West Hollywood firefighter sex crime case. Let me remind you that these pages are the edited version and the final version came out Sunday. On page three there is a story of an elderly couple that was mugged.

Lindsay Lohan is out of rehab has in the story on page six. I know that it is small but it is there. And I report on Pamela Anderson's third marriage on page six to friend Rick Salomon.

And of course Marion Jones the disgraced former track and field start on page eight, all of the latest information that I gathered. I will have more information when I come back.

If you want to download them, please give the pages a few minutes to completely download. Since I began doing the internship, I have been working from campus on Monday and Wednesday nights. Esstentially, what has happened is that I am waiting for my mom to get out of class at 10 p.m. and I go to work for Gibson Overseas Inc. on Tuesday-Thursday. But the bottom line is, I am doing what I love.


Wednesday, October 10, 2007

In honor of Matthew Shepard

In honor of Matthew Shepard, GLASS Inc. and the Matthew Shepard Foundation will be re-naming a Wilton group home in honor of the 21-year-old Wyoming student who was pistol-whipped and left for dead on a fence. I thought that it was crucial that this story be part of the Beverly Hills Canyon News and I was able to speak to someone from the foundation and get a point of view that was important.

Media Credit: Norma

What helped the most, was this aricle that appeared in the Cerritos College Talon Marks last May about the gay community on campus and the focus on the Gay Straight Alliance and its significance. I showed up to class with copies of the newspaper, and hoped that with what we were studying on homosexuality would help. I hope it did because I only had two copies with me. In that sense, I know that there was a reason for it to appear in the paper.

Those who have faced discrimination because of their sexual orientaiton (including myself) have had enough and that is why I wanted to do the story for Canyon News in the first place. It was important for me.

Gay and Lesbian Adolescent Social Services is a private, non-profit social service agency dedicated to providing a wide range of social and health care services to children and youth who are in foster care, on probation, or who are homeless. We provide these services in safe, loving, supportive, non-judgmental living environments, while providing full access to all of the educational and vocational opportunities to which these youth are entitled.

Source: the web site GLASS

The Global Consortium

The Global Consortium is hosting an event this afternoon and I was just asked by History instructor Dr. John Haas whether someone from Cerritos College's Talon Marks is going to be there. Is there??? Hmmm. I know, they know.

Haas asked, "Are you still part of Talon Marks?" You see why I want to be No. 1 to get cloned. I am willing to go to every event on campus. But I know that it's my tagline for life. I can't count how many times that question has been asked this semester.

As for the Beverly Hills Canyon News. It's going great. I love it. I am currently working on a story about Matthew Shepard and that a Wilton's group home will be named in his honor. I will follow up on it.

And Gibson Overseas Inc., that is just a different environment and that's a good thing...

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The Writer's Anonymous in poetry

Poetry hasn't been given its proper recognition yet, and when students of Cerritos College seek a place for refuge it's found in poems. But more than anything there is no way that will be known...

As for the Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance upcoming 'Zine (an example on the right). I was told that it is being worked on by its members. I actually turned in something for the 'Zine and it is up to them whether or not they use it. I don't care.

But what I do care about, is them. I was fortunate enough to cover them when events were held on campus. Among the events, Spoken Word where individuals from various club came together through music, poetry and dialogue to speak their mind, and of course (And the one I enjoyed) the performance of the Eve Ensler's Vagina Monologues...the club and its members, what is there to say but they ******* rock.

Monday, October 8, 2007

The number five is a charm...

The number five appeared again during the latest Canyon News print edition.

The two stories in the front page are about the smoking ban in the city of Beverly Hills and the woman killed at Yellowstone National Park. The only thing that I forgot was to mention that she was a Beverly Hills resident. My fault and I will remember the next time.

On page three I write about the Britney Spears custody fight and the fact that the 25-year-old lost her sons to ex-husband Kevin Federline. And that Dixie Canyon Elementary School in Sherman Oaks will have an event.

Lastly, I wrote about Wolfgang Puck and the event of the 25th Annual American Food and Wine Festival at Universal City on page six to be held Sept. 28 and Sept. 29. Although these pages were just for proof-reading and are not perfect by any means, let me just say that I am doing what I love the most.

There will be more coming....

Stay tuned...

This article, Project H.O.P.E and President and Trustee to split

Media Credit: Norma

First up...
Well, it seems that the Cerritos College Board of Trustees has had a change of heart in regard to Project H.O.P.E. and will fund the program for $300,000 in the upcoming fiscal year in June. Members of Project H.O.P.E. spoke about how important the program is. I just think that will the change of heart it is all smoke-and-mirror because of the upcoming election on Nov. 6.

Media Credit: Norma
ASCC President Jason Macias says that there is a possibility that the Student Trustee and the ASCC President position split. The Board is going over its policy and there are pros and cons to the position and in addition to the fact that there will be another election that will take place. As far as he knows it will take in effect in November.

And the Human Sexuality class, we're studying homosexuality and I thought that it will be great to bring a copy of the Talon Marks article that was written last spring and in the last issue. It came across my mind when we watched a video and I thought that I could share this. I hope to the person who wrote it doesn't mind. And to the person who took the photos, I still admire your photography. I hope you will continue with it.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

I saw her sister for the first time in five months

Media Credit: Michele Cassiano's Family

Last night I made the excuse of wanting to go for a walk, yet, there was only one reason for me wanting to leave. I wanted to see Michele Cassiano's sister Tina Zwegardt because I had not seen her in five months. I am being honest when I say that, and that is the only reason why. Michele who passed away on Jan. 24, 2007 hasn't been far from my mind and I am still dealing with the lost of her. That is one reason why the pursue of writing has become and is, important to me.

If you have lost anyone whom has made a difference in your life, then you understand. When I was at the Santa Fe Springs Town Center Hall last night I looked for a long period of time at the place that I once was so devoted to go to. I looked at the structure, the place of stillness, the place that Michele once occupied and tried to imagine and hoped that she was listening to me. But I was there to see Tina and even if it was only for less than 20 seconds it didn't matter. It was the fact that I saw her.

This song has turned out to be important to me...


Your love is like liquid
It fills me, it chills me
Can't hold it, control it
It runs from my touch

It slips through my fingers
The taste of it lingers
Your love is like liquid
I want it so much

Liquid love
Pouring down like rain
Liquid love
Let it wash all over me

Your love is like liquid
It drenches, it quenches
It drowns me, surrounds me
It lies on my skin
It flows through my veins
Just like warm summer rain
Yes your love is like liquid
I feel it within

Liquid love
Pouring down like rain
Liquid love
Let it wash all over me
Liquid love
Flowing through my veins
Liquid love (love love love...)
Liquid love (love love love...)

My heart was frozen
Till you came and melted it
Now my heart is molted
Turning into
Liquid love
Pouring down like rain
Liquid love
Let it wash all over me
Liquid love
Flowing through my veins
Liquid love (liquid, liquid, liquid,...)

Liquid love
Pouring down like rain
Liquid love
Let it wash all over me
Liquid love
Flowing through my veins
Liquid love
Liquid love
Liquid love
Flowing through my veins

Michele Cassiano, a beautiful person inside and out
April 12, 1965-Jan. 24, 2007

Project H.O.P.E. not picked up and Talon Marks...again

Talon Marks aside but I do have something to say...

Project H.O.P.E. is not going to be picked up by Cerritos College and members of the program will address the Board of Trustees tonight at its meeting. Last year I covered that board members were trying to find a way for the program to survive, yet the end result is that the college said no to it.

Project H.O.P.E. is dedicated to increasing the number of Latinos and other underrepresented groups entering, matriculating, and completing health careers. The project aims to create an academic pipeline facilitating the success of minority students in this competitive field. Program activities include:

• Student services geared toward health careers
• Provide workshop, conference and research opportunities
• Provide community service venues
• Peer and professional mentoring

ASCC President Jason Macias was wearing a Project H.O.P.E. shirt at the ASCC Senate meeting and said that members will address the board members and were looking toward an alternative. I will be there to see what happens...but I will have to leave as well because I'm covering a story from the Beverly Hills Canyon News and the phone call will be after 6 p.m. I'll see if I can listen to the public address...

The public access to MySpace returned to the Senate, yet, that is getting too old to cover. So, shut up about it. You can look for the MySpace stories that I wrote, here.

As for the ASCC Senate Talon Marks Ad Hoc Committee that was formed, I don't know how much of a factor the senators will be because it is a student-run publication. Senator Chris Franco had doubts about the survival of this committee...but you know where I stand...

Monday, October 1, 2007

Administrative action against Talon Marks?

I guess the concern over the Cerritos College Talon Marks was more serious than I thought. Now the ASCC Senate has created an Ad Hoc Committee to address the issues of what is going on with the student publication. That is according to, ASCC Vice President Michael Barrita. As much as I want to go to the office of TM I can't do anything about what is going on this semester.

It is not my place to say anything, and one other thing that has come to light of this, the ASCC wants me to back. Or at least, that's what they want me to do. However, Barrita wasn't the only one concerned with Talon Marks. Just now, a student whom I have never met before today asked if I was Norma from Talon Marks and I said, "Yes."

Apparently she is an avid reader of Talon Marks and asked if there is something that can be done about the numerous spelling errors and about the fact that the staff is covering issues that are irrelevant to the campus. Like I said to the ASCC President and the ASCC Vice President there is nothing that I can do about it. The student informed me that she has written "Letter(s) to the Editor" but that there has been no response. She is more than welcome to do whatever she thinks is best...but there is one thing she said about this year's staff that is different then last year's staff: She said, "I enjoyed reading the Talon Marks last year (instead) of this year's..."