Thursday, December 18, 2008

Blog will be on HIATUS until 2009!

Just to let you all know that I will be on HIATUS until January 2009. This last year I have been blogging less than before. I know that most of it had nothing to do with college life but my blog next year will have more to do with college life. Promise. So, just in case you don't hear from me don't worry I will be back...

Love to everyone who reads this...


Friday, December 12, 2008

A return to the Aquarium of the Pacific

Two years after leaving, I have decided that I will return to the Aquarium of the Pacific.

At this time, with the spring semester starting on Feb. 9 at Los Angeles City College, I am not sure how I will work this out, but all I know is, is that I am making a return to the Long Beach Aquarium of the Pacific. For now, that is all I'm going to say...


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

L.A. City College celebrates turning 80

While Cerritos Community College is more than 50 years old, there is Los Angeles City College who will turn 80 this coming spring semester. Now, I know that the college administration will have events and its commemoration of the college big year but please how many of us really care that much about a big year?

When Cerritos celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2005, there was so much of what the college was before, (an area that was a dairy farm) and what it was going to be in the future, ("The most technologically advanced college campus in the State of California") and yet, it has run into a few problems...

Namely speaking, having to look for a new college president, a replacement for its former Judicial affairs personnel, but Cerritos is a good college. L.A. City College, for that matter, I am still not sure of, and its greatest nobility is it was once the campus of UCLA before it moved to the city of Westwood.

I will have to look out for a copy of the college's book to commemorated it because the book I got for Cerritos' 50th, I got it for FREE.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Being flirted with, thanks to the short hair

It's a funny thing, having short hair that is because men have a funny way of flirting with me because of it. Well, I guess I have to get use to it, huh? It was two months ago that it was decided that my usual look of a ponytail was gone and now that I have the short hair I am getting noticed.

This never happened before, but I ask myself, "What took so long?" By NO means am I a model...that is a matter of opinion. And please, I don't need to know but it's true. I've gone from Ugly Betty to ____________________ (you fill in the blank).

A word of note: Sorry for the gap between blog entry, I am just experiencing the beauties of Los Angeles, that's all...

Love to the people(s) who read always...

Monday, November 24, 2008

Seeing the mini-me version of my mom

Here's a comparsion of my mom and I. Do you see the same image? I don't know, maybe. But just to give you guys an idea, here is what we both look like.

Could I pass for my mom? I have over the phone but not in class...yet.


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

It's my mom's birthday!

It's my mom's birthday today. She is turning another year younger and for someone who looks like she does I am glad that she's our mom. I put her through a lot over the last 28 years of my life and I know that I can't change the things I have done. But to be honest I have tried my best to do what I do.

Somehow she's been able to love me despite my faults. And some people say that she and I look alike. You think? I don't know I don't see it. Here's why I say that. My mom told me earlier this semester that I woman who took a class with me approached her and asked if she was my mom. When my mom said yes, my mom asked her why did we look alike and the woman said yes.

Who knows? What do you think? To see a recent photo of me, click here.

Anyway, happy birthday to my mother!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Revealing 'Confessions'...

I couldn't find the camera in order to let you see the inside of the Guy Oseary photography book, "Madonna: Confessions." So, I scanned them instead. It's better than nothing...

Here is the cover of the book. I was told that the book itself was being sold for $50 at the "Sticky & Sweet" Tour.

Picture No. 1: "Drowned World" was a cut to the ballad of the "Confessions" tour. You can see the sweat dripping from her...

Picture No. 2: Dancer Jason Young and Madonna.

Picture No. 3: Twenty-six years of non-bullshit. Were you expecting anything else? To be continued...

Remembering him, seven years later

I remember like it was yesterday, and it was. Yesterday was the seventh anniversary of the death of Richard C. Runyon.

I remembered when I looked at the date yesterday. And it is hard to imagine what life would be like right now had he lived on, and of course what he would of thought of President-elect Barack Obama.

Mr. Runyon was a friend, father, and someone who would have taught you to "think outside the box" and that's something I will never forget. Click here to read more about Richard C. Runyon.

Richard Carroll Runyon

April 26, 1937-Nov. 13, 2001

Thank you for reading...and...listening...


Friday, November 7, 2008

...To continue...

Barack, Barack, Barack. As I was saying President-elect Obama is God to the media it's laughable. The Black Ambition will NEVER see the light of day.

And the thing is, everyone knows it. The man is NO God and with what the media is doing it's treating him like the Black Moses. Who's next?

With everyone running to the main office of the Los Angeles Times to get copies of the Nov. 5 issue and with celebrities like Leo DiCapiro saying that he is "proud to be American" tell me that he is....(you fill in the blank)....

Thursday, November 6, 2008

The God-like treatment of Barack Obama

The God-like treatment of President-elect Barack Obama from the headlines around the world you would have thought that he has started the 'Change We Need.'

As the television networks showed the headlines of Obama's election day victory the only international paper NOT to headline his victory was the Russian newspaper. I applaud them. And while is it a great thing that there is an African-American in the White House the previous 43 presidents have NEVER accomplish their agendas.

We've seen the Blonde Ambition now this is Black Ambition.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

The White House to turn black?

Democratic nominee Barack Obama seems to be the clear "winner" of the presidential elections ahead of Tuesday. But if and when Obama is in the White House there is NO way the man can do everything that he has promised. Every president-elect has never accomplished everything. The scrunity will begin when he is sworn in.

If Obama is looking toward being Superman of everything, he would have been born with red underwear and blue tights. Sen. John McCain, would have been worse but either way none of those who are running for president are unimpressive. Just look at what the mini version of Michael Barrita administration is doing...that's right...NOTHING!

Friday, October 24, 2008

A short story written by N-dolla

Here is a short story that I wrote last spring semester. Enjoy the read.


Found in a remote ditch a mile from the family home, Virginia Police were faced with the discovery of a decomposed body of a female fifteen-year-old student. The county coroner was called in and within three days of discovering the body the identity of the female student was that of Erin Basil, a former Virginia High School student. There was lacerations to the hands and feet and as well as a stab wound to the upper torso. She had been missing for more than a year after having been last seen at Faye Duran’s house in February 1995. For that point on Basil’s parents were searching for their daughter since her disappearance. The last person to see Erin alive was Faye.

A Virginia Police spokesperson contacted Faye’s parents Francis, a forty-year-old, stay-at-home mom and Edwin Duran a forty-two-year-old construction business owner, with news of the discovery of Erin’s body and also was given in detail, the condition of the body, and its location. Faye, a sixteen-year-old student and high school varsity cheerleader, hid behind a set of stairs and closely listened to the phone conversation that her mother was having with the police detective, and immediately flashback to the events of February 1995. “Should I confess?” Faye thought. “No one was supposed to find her,” she continued thinking. As Francis hung up the phone and had a quick word with Edwin, she called on Faye, who was nearby and told her the horrific news of the Virginia police detectives’ discovery of Erin’s body. Lost in her thoughts, Faye’s reaction was concealed with, “Oh, my God!” and asked where did they find Erin’s body. “The detectives said that (Erin’s) body was discovered in a remote ditch a mile from here behind some woods and just three days ago they were able to fully make a positive ID on the body.” Francis hugged her daughter, as Faye was able to wail to despair of her, deceased friend, but she knew the real truth leading up to the night in question. Edwin padded his daughter and told her that all of them will see Erin at the morgue. Faye looked up and said, “Who could have done this to her?” Both parents had no answer.
The next day, Faye went to school and was immediately bombarded with questions from mutual friends of her and Erin’s and Faye tried her best to tell them what her mom told her. A funeral was schedule for the following week and friends and family of Erin’s were invited as well as the distraught parents. “My mom said that the police are working hard on the case to find out who did this, and I hope that they catch him” she told her classmates. “Did the police have any idea who did it?” asked sixteen-year-old Mabel Auburn. Faye shook her head no. “What do you mean who did it?” Stephen Jay, a fifteen-year-old varsity football player said. “(Erin) was always looking for trouble; I mean she was on the cheerleading team and a straight-A student. A geek. But she had a wild side.” Auburn shot back, “How do you know?” Jay said, “I didn’t have to know. I saw it.” “Stop it, both of you!” Faye shouted. Both Auburn and Jay looked at each other and then at Faye with mouths wide open. “Look, this isn’t about the two of you, this is about Erin, my best friend.” As soon as she said, “my best friend” there was a flashback. Erin and Faye were planning to runaway from their parents’ home because they were tried of having to live by house rules. Erin revealed to Faye that she wanted to be able to date saying, “I’m fifteen and…well…Faye promise you will not tell a soul about this.” “I won’t, I promise.” “You promise, promise.” “Yes, I promise, promise,” Faye answered. “Okay, well, if you promise, promises, then you have to swear on your New Kids on the Block t-shirt,” Erin said. “Okay, I swear on my New Kids on the Block t-shirt, I will not tell,” Faye said. After being ceremonious sworn to secrecy, Erin spilled the beans. “Remember when I told you that I didn’t have a boyfriend?” Faye nodded. “Well, I lied, I do have a boyfriend. Both giggled. “No, no, okay but remembered Faye you promised not to tell a soul, and I’m keeping you to that promise.” “I remembered and I won’t tell.” “Not even my parents.” “Not even your parents.” Now that the air was clear Faye wanted to details but Erin wasn’t about to and said that is why both of them should just runaway together; go out on an adventure. Faye was no angel herself. She also wanted to date and had crushes on all the guys on the varsity team, especially Don Esel, the seventeen-year-old varsity quarterback, but she thought better of it then to tell Erin. As Stephen and Mabel took the invitation to the funeral, Faye had sweat coming down her forehead, and Mabel asked, “Are you okay?” “Yeah, I’m fine. The funeral is a 7 p.m. at the First Baptist Church of Virginia. See you there.”

More than 200 family, friends, including and Stephen and Mabel, and teachers gathered into the First Baptist Church. Erin Basil was remembered as a bright, energetic and loving teenager, who could lit up a room full of people with just her smile. A varsity cheerleader at Virginia High, Erin also loved going to school and was also studying. But she had a fun side to her according to Erin’s mother Betty. “Although she lived only fifteen years, Erin will always be my little girl. She loved life and what I will miss most about her is that infectious smile. But she is with God now, her father Greg and I are sure that He will take care of her. I love you, Erin.” Everyone was beginning to cry, including Faye’s parents. In finishing her remarks, Betty sat and quietly started sobbing as to not be a distraction for those in attendance. Faye, herself, had weary eyes and was determined not to let the saddest get to her. She’d wiped a tear from her cheek from time-to-time. Erin’s father Greg also spoken about his daughter, and was also overcome with emotion. However, that saddest so turned in anger as he addressed the person responsible for his daughter’s murder. “I will not stop until I find the bastard who killed my precious little girl.” The funeral lasted an hour and as everyone was leaving, those in attendance hugged Erin’s parents. The Duran family also hugged them and when Betty saw Faye she told her that Erin would have appreciated her coming. “Thank you,” Betty said.


As they made their way home, Edwin and Francis were talking about what a terrible loss of the Basil’s daughter. “You see Faye, that is why we have rules at home,” Edwin said. “I don’t want you to become a wild teenager and hang out with the wrong crowd. While it’s a terrible loss of a young life, I don’t want my daughter or any other child of mine to be thinking that he or she can take on the world. There are crazy people out there. What would have happened if you committed a crime, Faye? Then what would you have done? Faye only heard the part but ignored the beginning. The thought of the murder returned and Faye was almost to the point of wanting to tell them, someone, and anyone about what happened. Having known each other all their lives Faye and Erin were like sisters who shared everything. Everything from their favorite music, bands, foods, crushes, and of course secrets. The thing that they had in common was having been raised with strict parents and rules ruled the household. Having to face that reality everyday was something that Faye wanted to change and get out of. Erin felt the same way, although at times she was conflicted because she said that her parents were just looking out for her.
During a visit to Faye’s room she rebuffed and said, “Erin, look if we follow our parents’ rules, we will never know what it feels like to be free from them.” Erin nodded in agreement, but at the same time thought about what her parents might think. “Okay, was what the plan?” Erin said. “We leave at midnight,” Faye said. “Midnight? Then what?” “Well, when we seek out then we will meet out near the alley about mile away, at fifty-five-year-old retired Navy officer Mr. William Saint Clair’s home.” “How do you plan to get there?” Erin asked. Faye looked at her in astonishment and replied, “I have a skateboard, remember?” And Erin had a bike, Erin thought to herself. “From there we take off on our adventure of exploring the outside world and it is the hell with rules!” Erin had one more question but before she could get it out, Faye was thinking the same thing. “What if are parents start to worry and come looking for us?” “Well,” Faye said, “we’ll figure something out. And when we come to that bridge, I know a friend who is willing to cover for us.” Erin was about to ask who but thought better of it. So, both of them settled to meet at midnight on February 13 and make a getaway like “Thelma and Louise.” “Okay,” Faye said, “but remember not a word to anyone, especially to Stephen and Mabel.” “Deal.”


At a quarter to midnight that February night, Faye packed as much as she could into her backpack, everything from a change of clothes and the essentials, she was heading toward Mr. Saint Clair’s house a mile away. Her heart was pounding so loud that she thought that she was going to pass out. However, she kept telling herself that running way was the only way to escape a world of rules. “I follow my own rules,” she thought to herself more than once. It was midnight and Erin came up the dirt road and stopped but was also extremely nervous. As a plan both put pillows under the covers to make their parents think they were in bed. There was no turning back, a new life awaited. Before leaving the house Faye sneaked quietly downstairs to the kitchen and grabbed a knife in case both of them ran into some deranged or homeless man, and tried to attack them. Faye didn’t mention it to Erin. Her thoughts were only about getting away from anyone and everything she knew. As Erin and Faye were about to embark on this adventure, Erin was perplexed and said, “Faye, wait…I’m not sure about this anymore. I mean, I’m not sure I want to go through with this.” Faye looked back and said, “What do you mean you’re not sure? You knew about this for a while and now you want to back down? No way Erin, no way, you are backing down now that you are this far.” “I know,” Erin said, “but…well…to be honest I actually like having to follow rules at home. It’s not so bad if you think about it. Having household rules has opened my eyes and made me realize that I want to be a good person and have a better life. I mean think about it Faye. The reason for our parents have set rules for us is because they want us to be good people and have a better life then they had. Don’t you see?” Faye had heard this a million times before. As she tried to convince Erin to go with her on their adventure it was to no avail. Frustration poured out from Faye as she told Erin all the trouble she went through to do this and how she felt betrayed. Faye grabbed Erin and said, “No, you can’t go back there!” And when Erin tried to release her wrist from Faye’s grip, Erin turned to face Faye and Faye reached into her pocket for the knife and stabbed Erin in the upper torso.

When Faye realized what she’d done and the knife was lodged into Erin’s torso, she franticly said, “Erin…Erin…Erin…and screamed, “NO!” For what seemed like an eternity, Faye clutched to the body of Erin and buried her face in Erin’s sweater sobbing uncontrollably. Faye padded Erin’s head like a child and repeatedly said, “I’m sorry” to her. After a few moments, Faye tried to regain her composure and noticed that there was a pool of blood beside her. She tried franticly to wipe the blood of her own sweater, but it was too much blood. The only thing that Faye knew was that she needed to move the body. She kicked a mountain of dirt on the blood that was there and with precision moved Erin’s body to an area behind Mr. William Saint Clair’s house. She began to dig and within two hours dug a grave six feet deep. Faye moved the body slowly in the grave and when it was in place poured the dirt over the shallow grave. After finishing, Faye began to rethink the plan of leaving. She returned home and hid the evidence and hid underneath the covers of her bed. Her mind was racing. Her heart pounding. Her life was forever changed. The following morning, Faye was tired and a nervous-wreck. Francis and Edwin noticed that Faye was acting weird but both thought that she was only going through that adolescent phase. Faye was trying every bit to conceal her secret. At the dinner table, Faye was in a comatose state and jumped when Francis touched her. “Are you okay, Faye?” Francis asked. Edwin was thinking the same. “I’m fine, everything couldn’t be better, why?” “Well, you look, kind of pale,” Francis said. “Are you sure you’re alright?” “Of course,” Faye said weakly, “I’m fine.” End of discussion.

Now that the Virginia Police Department had the body of Erin Basil, the next step was to find her killer. However, there was very limited evidence to suspect anyone. The lead detective Mark Toms a fifty-year-old said that there might be a list of suspects. Everyone from Stephen Jay, or Mabel Auburn, or Faye Duran. The suspects were called in Jay and Auburn swore on the Bible that they were not involved in the murder of Erin Basil. The only thing that they knew was that Erin had Faye had a close friendship. Faye was bought in for questioning. Toms was quick to question her if she knew anything about the murder. “I swear that I had nothing to do with Erin’s murder,” Faye said. “Where were you when she disappeared?” Toms asked. “I was home, in bed,” she lied. “Did she say anything, tell you if she was going out to meet anyone or if she was having problem. Faye shook her head no to all the questions. With Erin’s face, clear in her mind and the look on her face when it happened Faye was looking at twenty-five years to life in prison for Erin’s murder, but she couldn’t bring herself to say that she did it. She couldn’t tell anyone, not even her parents. Faye went home, packed her bag again and was planning her escape for murder. She wasn’t going to confess, she thought. “I can’t go to prison,” she said out loud. Thoughts wandered as Faye decided her next move. She headed out the door and returned to the site of the murder from a year ago. The area was now abandoned. Faye thought of Erin and the long lasting friendship they had. Both of them would have done anything for each other.


After more than a year after her death DNA results came back and found that Faye was indeed the last person to see Erin alive. Faye’s blood was found on the sweater and blue jeans that Erin was wearing the night of the murder. Police detectives served a search warrant for the arrest of Faye Duran much to the surprise of her parents who wanted an explanation but none was given. Faye told her parents that it was going to be okay. Faye’s parents followed the police car to police headquarters. Detective Mark Toms questioned Faye about what happened at the night of the murder and if she was the last person to see her alive. “What happened?” Toms asked. Faye arrogantly replied, “Oh, you don’t want the details detective. And besides what makes you think that I murdered her?” Toms showed her DNA results from the sweater and jeans, but it was inconclusive on the knife used during the murder. At the time of the incident, Faye had worn black gloves so fingerprints were not found on the weapon, which led to the inclusive results. Having pressed Faye about her involvement in the murder and narrowing getting a confession out of her, Toms asked his last question, “Why did you do it?” The sixteen-year-old only smirked and walked out of the police station with her parents, without a response.

Things DO come in small packages!

I have laid low for a while and that explains why I having been blogging as much. What's been happening. Remember when an article said to go out and meet people for those who are going through a hard time and can't find work? Well, that is the end result for me. I would not call the people "friends" but more "acquaintances."

The people I have been nice. And that to me is cool. IF there is anything I want to make clear about the word "friendship" I have a hard time with that word with anyone. I am just here to hopefully make people laugh, and there have been people say that I am nice. I try. But if I make you laugh or smile; that to me means a lot.

And to note: Nov. 4 is coming so I will be Election Inspector on that Tuesday. And hopefully there will be pictures...

Lastly, on Wednesday someone called me "Shorty." I am probably 5' 1½" and I'm 5'2" with my shoes on. But you know. Tauruses have a fierce temper and pride so small things DO come in small packages...

"Shorty" N-dolla

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

N-dolla's new do and pictures to prove it

Well, hello everyone! Here are the latest pictures of mio. I know that I have been posting, (like I said before) but what have I been thinking. But I decided to cut my hair almost two weeks ago. So, in a sense, I let go of the ponytail. Yes, for years I have had the ponytail that was "my look." And now look what I've done.

Now, that I have time to think there is something that I wanted to talk about. The 10-year Santa Fe High School reunion that I am told is happening this Friday. I am keeping with what I said and NOT going. Why should I?

To me, even 10 years after high school why would I want to relive the nightmare that I had trouble letting go off. I always believe that you never forget those who treated you like shit but you always remember those who treated you with kindness. Thanx to all of those people who treated me with kindness (all of you know who you are).

That to me is important...So, what do you think of the new hairdo? No change or the next star. Wait...I am already...


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Top 10 reasons NOT to be Homecoming Queen

With the Homecoming Court now known and now the hard choice of choosing the 2008-09 Homecoming Queen here is the Top 10 reasons NOT to be Homecoming Queen:

No. 10: Be careful NOT to stick out your tongue.

No. 9: Making sure that the dress in NOT too tight, otherwise you won't be able to walk.

No. 8: I thought that there was enough with beauty pageants (Ms. Universe, Ms. USA, etc) I was wrong.

No. 7: This is all about popularity, what else is new.

No. 6: Isn't being thin something that the industry deals with. Homecoming only exploits it.

No. 5: I had a question, if women have a Homecoming, where is the Homecoming for men?

No. 4: If the wrong person gets the crown, just be aware of the word, "heffa."

No. 3: With that said, aren't all of them "heffas?"

No. 2: Like I asked before, with so much makeup on, how many jokers does one need?

And the No. 1 reason NOT to be Homecoming Queen: Be glad there isn't an open know what I mean?

And lastly, here is Madonna shirt No. 33...


Wednesday, October 1, 2008

New pic and Cerritos' Homecoming

Here is a new N-dolla pic. This is the picture that I took yesterday as part of the thought of the 17-year anniversary of us being in the City of Santa Fe Springs. But as you can see I am NOT drinking alcohol. Damn, I should have put color in it for a real drink.

Well, hopefully you like the pic...

As for the Cerritos College's Homecoming. I was part of it in the fall of 2006, and I have to tell you aren't those who are part of the Homecoming Court tired of looking like a clown?

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A 17-year anniversary and counting...

Can you believe that today is a 17-year anniversary of us being in the City of Santa Fe Springs? It's true. This is the longest stay in one city for me. I have moved five time in the first 10 years. So, imagine that Santa Fe Springs has been home for that much longer. I am more aware of myself now and that's where I've changed. Click here for photos of me growing up...

I remember like it was yesterday that I came and finished the sixth grade at Lakeland Elementary School after having attended Kester Avenue School in the City of Van Nuys; from there is was Lake Center Middle School, Santa Fe High School and Cerritos/Los Angeles City Colleges.

Who knows if we will be here for another 17 years but wherever we are I'm sure that it will be better than the last. Here to what happens the next 17.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Reading about history and all its Lies

First, I want to apologize for not posting as much and I want to explain what's going on. Nothing. Nothing at all. I was taking time to read Lies My Teacher Told Me by James W. Loewen.

After reading this book, I will NEVER EVER look at history classes the same again. As students we are always taught to believe everything that there is to know about the history of the United States. But that all changed for me, at least, the idea of what the United States means.

For what it's worth I know that people like Cerritos College's own History instructor John Haas means well when I had his class in the spring semester. I know that he has worked hard in order to have students understand the meaning of open dialogue and understanding among everyone.

But honestly, can you tell me that everything he has lectured on is true? He's obviously has had a read of Lies and yet he and all of the other history and political science teachers continue to lecture on what they know and what we SHOULD believe.

I was becoming suspicious when everything I learned in history was coming up rosy. Everything you read about history was about how great America is and how we are all the good guys. Everything is covered, from the questions of Honest Abraham Lincoln to Christopher Colombus, to President George W. Bush. That was one reason I didn't bother to buy the $96 history book or the $90 book for History of California. Now do you see why I hate government jobs and why I think the ASCC is a complete joke?

You already know that ASCC President Michael Barrita wants, wants and wants but there is not results from him. There is no real concern for him. The only thing that concern him is inflating his ego to the point that he is a hot air balloon playboy. That's the point of being involved in government; to BE that hot air balloon playboy.

I will do this for now on: When I take a history class I will have the copy of Lies My Teacher Told Me because this student has had enough of the bullshitting.

EVERYONE should read this book!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Talon Marks opinion and the ASCC Senate

Note: I has been a while.

Well, here is an opinion article that caught the attention of four students at Cerritos College. The opinion is about how cheerleaders show too much skin. However, in reading this article I have come up with something that I wanted to ask to the Talon Marks writer who wrote it and it goes like this:

I know that you have a problem with too much skin
but you don't have a problem with being too thin
You say that you were a high school cheerleader and went to a football game on Saturday but make it sound that YOU know what it feels like to get laid

And I did have a question...what if the cheerleader
was your sister or brother? But do you have the
balls to say what you say to your mother?

I would be careful about what you write.

And as for the ASCC Senate meeting...I was NOT impressed because as far as Michael "I-wanna-be-Obama" McPain goes, he should re-examine the book, Lies My Teacher Told Me.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Remembering 9/11 seven year later

How can anyone forget the date: Sept. 11, 2001? Nobody can. In honor of the 2,974 people who died, here is a poem that I thought of last night:

It is a day that will live on in infamy, all of us who watched on television asked, how can it be?

Sept. 11 was chosen for a reason by those who carried it out, but more than anything there was nothing that could prepare us for what would have happened.

I wanted to cry and scream at the people who did this and for ending the lives that were in their hands. I wish I had the opportunity to take it back.

I remember where I was that day, but everything that I was feeling was drowned out inside my heart.

It wasn't fair, it wasn't right, but we must remember that America will always put up a fight.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

N-dolla to attend ASCC Senate next week

N-dolla will attend a ASCC Senate next week. In my first public appearance since leaving Cerritos College I want to have a look at the people who will be part of the continued propaganda of being "Champions for Change." But if you need a refresher about my thoughts of the ASCC elections, read below.

See you next week, and I will report following the meeting...

Monday, September 8, 2008

How the ASCC Senate Elections are a sham

Just because I'm going to a different community college this semester doesn't mean that I have forgotten about Cerritos College. So, in light of this week's upcoming Associated Students of Cerritos College's Senate Elections I wanted to share with you the Top 10 reasons why the elections are a complete sham. Ready?

No. 10: All of those who are running for ASCC Senate claim that if YOU vote for them that they are the "Champions of Change" for Cerritos College. We, the voters, have too much of a migraine already from Presidential nominees Barack Obama and John McCain.

No. 9: The ASCC President for the 2008-09 year is Michael Barrita, from what I'm hearing he is currently working at the English Writing Center and shown to have already disappeared. His excuse is that he has been too "busy." That means one of two things; he either partied too hard or had looked toward snogging his next girlfriend.

No. 8: Well, I will say this for you, at least this year there is a female student Vice President in office, but unfortunately her name is NOT Sarah Palin.

No. 7: During the elections there I'm sure there will be those candidates who will be wearing t-shirts that will stand out, just be careful that none of them are the color purple.

No. 6: With a mini-Obama and mini-McCain inside of him Michael Barrita's new name should be Michael McPain.

No. 5: ASCC Student Trustee Jason Macias is the backbone to Michael Barrita, what a position to be in.

No. 4: ALL of those elected never read their ASCC handbooks, and yet they are in college.

No. 3: ALL of the students at Cerritos, more than 20,000 of them, will think that they are voting in the presidential election, all you wonder why the response is, "huh?"

No. 2: We don't have to look too far for the college version of President George W. Bush and John McCain.

And the No. 1 reason why the ASCC Senate elections are a sham: ALL of them claim to speak for the students of Cerritos College thank you but one mini-me is enough.


Friday, September 5, 2008

When are you coming back?

It seems that I have a fanbase growing outside of Cerritos College and Los Angeles City College. It also seems that the fanbase is growing in Hollywood without me knowing it. How can that be, like I said Enrique, a student from Rio Hondo College stopped me and now it is someone who lives in Hollywood, and he said, "When are you coming back to (StarWorld Hollywood)?"

IF any of you who have read this blog before, and I know you have, I have said that I DON'T pay attention to anyone around me. So, how is it that when I spoke with this man who was at StarWorld Hollywood, said that he has seen me before, how can this happen? Gay or not, I love men.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Media sexist target of Sarah Palin

You knew going into this presidential election that someone was going to be analyzed, criticize and scruntinized. The national and local media has decided its target is Alaska's Governor Sarah Palin and her family. With all the focus on what the media is doing wrong let just say that the media has every right to be focused on her and the lack of experience. And the fact that her 17-year-old daughter is pregnant, there is more to come.

With Barack Obama taking a back seat to Palin, it was the same treatment that he had when he was looking toward being the next President of the Untied States. Sure, nobody knew who Palin was before Republican President nominee John McCain (R-AZ) chose her as the Vice President candidate but then again, everyone had the same thought of Obama before he got exposure from Oprah Winfrey. I guess that the only way to get exposure, huh?

Now that the election is underway, the media get attacked for being sexist about its coverage; I mean get real. Every single person who has decided to run for president or any public office has felt the wrath of the media what makes this so different? And like anyone, everyone has shot their mouth off before, just ask Democratic Vice Presidential candidate Joseph Biden (D-DE).

As there continues to be rapid growth of technology and with media outlets facing competition from the Internet no matter how pissed off you get it means that you, yes, all of you, can still read.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Cerritos' most well-known celebrity

Has N-dolla become Cerritos College's most well known celebrity? Yes! How so, you ask? Nevermind that. But here's the thing, I have come across more people whom they says they know me and that makes me feel great. Yesterday, as I was coming home, someone named Enrique said that I looked familiar.

I said, "I do." And said that he'd seen me at Rio Hondo College or Cerritos. I said Cerritos, yes, Rio Hondo no. But the point is, I am a self-made celebrity...I guess that makes me a Material Girl.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

A bookstore motherfucker

If you are offended too bad, because I wanted and need to say this. What a way to end at Cerritos College. Wouldn't you know it, but a student tried to get me to sell his books for him when I was heading out the door? Yes, this, stupid motherfucker tried to get me to be his pimp.

I wanted to slap him for doing that, but I didn't because the manager was there (thank God). As I ended my stint of helping out during student rush, I was asked by this student if he could use my ID to sell his books because he didn't have one. As a person I was offended and I was thinking what if I asked him what he asked me. I would have been turned down.

During the last three weeks at Cerritos I have been dealt with a marriage proposal, flirtation, and a "How ya doin'?" But I have survived. And Paul, the bookstore manager, thanks for being there. All of you at the bookstore are cool and thanks for putting up with my Madonna obession.

And let me be clear on this: IF anyone ever tries to make me their pimp again for anything or any reason, look somewhere else for your bitch, got it?


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Talon Marks' first issue for fall 2008

IF there is anything that I have learned about newspaper writing from the Cerritos College and its publication the Talon Marks is the importance of speaking to the people that you are writing about after the meeting, awards banquet or an public event.

I know that this is the first issue of the fall semester yet, I want you all to know the importance of speaking to those who either speak publicly or otherwise. Why is this important? That way people to whom you speak to will know who you are.

I know that all of you have heard of me, and either have read this blog and why I have kept it going. YOU just have to Google my name. With each and every single article that I wrote I made the point to speak to those after a meeting or whatever event was happening.

During the last three weeks that I have been on campus, there are a handful of people who have seen me and speak to me and remember me from Talon Marks. Why? It's because I was never afraid to be honest and at time confrontational. I had to be to seek the information for my stories.

DO that! Don't be timid because I have known people who have been.

Norma Palacios aka "N-dolla"
former Talon Marks staff writer 2005-2007

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Looking forward to Sept. 2 & Talon Marks

I want to reflect on things before Sept. 2: I have noticed that the energy at Cerritos College is different, being that there is a new student body president administration and with a duo that thinks they are mini-Obama and mini-McCain. Both try to be but, they fail miserably. Besides if we wanted a mini-Obama and mini-McCain, we don't have to look that far.

As for Talon Marks...I will be know that; your adviser knows that, and former writers will too...that's nothing new.

Good luck, Tim Dickerson and staff.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

A public appearance by Michael Barrita

I saw ASCC President Michael Barrita at the Cerritos College bookstore yesterday. Barrita, who along with ASCC Student Trustee Jason Macias, complete the duo was there purchasing his textbooks for the fall semester. Yet, in doing so, Barrita has wanted Cerritos to have a book exchange program like the one at UC Davis.

So naturally I asked him how the book exchange program was going. He said that has been no support for it to be institutionalized by the college. Well, duh, if you are the one wanting to have the book exchange program, what the hell are you doing buying your books from the campus bookstore, whom you say is profitting from students?

Barrita, typical politican with a touch of stupidity.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A crowded book aisle at Cerritos

Boy, are the book aisles at Cerritos College full with students during the Student Rush for fall. Yet, it is always full when the first week of school is here. And with that comes dealing with personalities, moods and situations. I hope I've handled it well. At least, I try.

There are more than 20,000 Cerritos students to deal with and not all of them have come through the door.

I was just thinking to myself: How do I, Norma Palacios, have been able to remember the textbooks that students need? I don't know. (Paul?) And how is it that I have them down to the point that most of the books, not all of them I remember? (Paul?) I don't know.

I will tell you this. (Listen up!) There have been two men who have told me that they like me. And one of the things that they liked about me was my brain. (Paul, you think?) Really?

If that's the case, then I will donate my brain to science. Oh, and by the way, it means one other thing, there more to life then Madonna.

Reminder: I begin the fall semester at Los Angeles City College on Sept. 2.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Madonna turns the big 5-0

She may be turning 50 tomorrow but for Madonna fans it only means the growing love we have for Our Girl. The Queen of Pop who has been in the spotlight for half her life looks great for her age. I still have the admiration for her and for a career that has lasted for 26 years. This is the singer that everyone wants to emulate and who doesn't? IF you remember how she exploded in the minds of everyone I am sure that she will not stop.

She will continue to anger, criticize, and love what she does. That to me, deserve continued love. Music critics thought that Madonna will not survive and yet that was more than 25 years ago. May the Queen of Pop continue to strive. Long live Our Queen. Happy Birthday, Madonna!


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Not much of a choice in November

With scrutiny facing John Edwards for his affair, there is that same spotlight focused on Barack Obama (D-Ill.) and John McCain (R-AZ), and what do I think of it: It's all bullshit. Has with those who were running for the party's nomination what makes you think that any of these two or anyone else for that matter can "Bring Change You Can Believe In."

Public Service for any government office is a joke. And every single one of those servicing in those offices is a bastard. They should all be hung. Can I ask you a serious question? How many times has President George W. Bush come to your door and listen to you about your concerns? How many times has Obama does that? McCain? Edwards? Sen. Hillary Clinton? Mitt Romney? Not one fucking time.

The saying of, "Actions speak louder than words" has always fallen on deaf ears no matter who is pimp...I mean, president. And there is all this talk of the importance of having dialogue with countries like China and Iran and that's all bullshit too. We, meaning the president, says that they should follow us in democracy...whatever. There are claims that the United States is an example for the rest of the world to follow. Yet, we want to believe that. If we do, with the president being the pimp, that makes the rest of us his bitches.

Not much of a choice in November.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

A Madonna quiz

As her 50th birthday approaches, I have decided to give you a Madonna quiz in her honor. The following is my Madonna quiz for you, the public. The Queen of Pop who will be turning 50 on Aug. 16, and kicking off her Sticky and Sweet tour on Aug. 23.

1. In 2005 Madonna had her biggest smash hit, with "Hung Up." In it she sings, "Time goes by so slowly for those who wait." What other Madonna song features the same lyrics?

A. "Hung Up"
B. "Express Yourself"
C. "Vogue"
D. "Love Song" featuring Prince
E. "Like a Virgin"

2. Dec. 22, 2000 is the day that Madonna and Guy Ritchie were married at Scotland's Skibo Castle. Within my family that date has something in common. What is it?

A. It is the day of my stepfather's birthday
B. It is the day that I was born
C. It is the day my mom came to the United States
D. It is the date that my parents got married
E. None of the above

3. List the Madonna songs that have her sing the title once. (Hint: There's more than one answer)

4. Besides "Evita," and "Four Rooms" what other film has actor Anotonio Banderas appeared with Madonna?

A. "Body of Evidence"
B. "Die Another Day"
C. "Truth or Dare"
D. "Blue in the Face"
E. "Vision Quest"

5. Name the movies that feature Madonna getting slapped across the face.

6. Which of her songs don't have the song title within its lyrics?

7. What Madonna songs have the words "Like" and "Nothing" in them?

8. Which of these photographers did NOT work with Madonna more than once from one of her album covers?

A. Herb Ritts
B. Mario Testino
C. Steven Klein
D. Craig McDean
E. Steven Miesel

Email me to see the answers.


Thursday, August 7, 2008

Returning to Cerritos for three weeks

Who would've of thought this? I will be returning to Cerritos College beginning next week. This is the first and final time that I will be at Cerritos. Being that beginning on Sept. 2 I will be attending Los Angeles City College, I will return to the place that I called, "home" for 10-years. In doing so, one must remember that the place I am at now, is a better place then before.

I went to Cerritos College today and looked back at the place that I thought I would never leave. With construction continuing on campus, and the Board of Trustees looking for its new president, memories came back to me of the time that I had, everything from the first time I came, to the heartache of leaving, to coming back in 2003. However, I had to remember that I was there for a reason. And then, I left. While this is temporary I will enjoy returning to the book aisle.

But the one thing that I enjoyed most is seeing a friend. With the initials of MSJ, he was kind enough to talk to me. I thank you for that. And we share a mutual love for the Queen of Pop...Madonna. The soon-to-be 50-year-old star who will launch her Sticky and Sweet tour on Aug. 23 talked about going to a celebration of the tour and her birthday. MSJ, thank you for talking to me...See ya soon. And remember the information I gave you. Well, see you soon at Cerritos before I leave.


P.S. MSJ if you need a Madonna shirt let me know. And you and I will Give It 2 her in dance...

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A return to the book aisle

I will perhaps return to the book aisle at Cerritos College during the fall semester student rush, but as I look forward to a semester at Los Angeles City College I know that, that college will now be home to me. It is. And for that, I have no regrets.


Wednesday, July 30, 2008

StarWorld to be MadonnaWorld for 1 night

There is additional information about the upcoming Madonna Sticky and Sweet Tour Launch party on Aug. 23. For one night only it will be all Madonna all the time. Here is what I've been told so far:

Location: StarWorld Hollywood
Address: 6665 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood
Event: Madonna Sticky and Sweet Tour Launch Party
Fee: $10 with RSVP or at the door
Gifts: Hard Candy Gift bag, and other prizes
Miscellenous: And of course Madonna music from 8 p.m.-11 p.m.

You can Google this information or click here. Anyone interested in going with me?

RSVP by Aug. 16 (Madonna's 50th birthday of course!)


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

N-dolla to make her own shirt

With the upcoming Madonna tour launch, I had come up with the idea of making my own shirt. And what will it say, "N-dolla." The Queen of Pop, who will be 50 this coming month, is known as M-dolla, a name given to her by producer Pharrell Williams, it is only fitting that I, N-dolla, honor it.

Besides if I am going to the tour launch party at Starworld Hollywood I have to have something Madonna-related, if not, I might as well turn up naked...


Sunday, July 27, 2008

Invitation to a Madonna tour launch party

On Aug. 23, Madonna will officially kick off her Sticky and Sweet tour in Europe before coming to Los Angeles on Nov. 6 at Dodger Stadium. To celebrate, Starworld Hollywood will be having a Madonna tour launch party at its location at 8 p.m. As for what may be in store, well, I have been told that it is going to be everything from the current album; including candy.

Now, I want to go because the guys out there are so nice and besides I think I have found a bigger Madonna fan then me. It's okay, I don't mind. One always finds the bigger fan. But seriously, this is the place that I gotten a handful of Madonna items. With the place being refurbished it's going to look great.

One of the things that I recently bought was these Dick Tracy Topps Movie cards for 25 cents. There is the collections of the 88 cards that sells for $20 and if I want to have the Deluxe edition with the 88 cards, 11 stickers and 20 additional card it will be more than $20. Anyway, I am preparing for the launch party and if you're interesting in going, show up to Starworld Hollywood at 6665 Hollywood Blvd. between Cherokee and Hollywood Boulevard. I will have the flyer posted soon.


Monday, July 21, 2008

William Farmer, Cerritos' acting President

Meet William Farmer Jr. Cerritos College acting President and Superintendent. Farmer takes over today and until then for former President Dr. Noelia Vela who left to be Chanellor of San Bernadino Community College District until the Cerritos Board of Trustees finds its interim president and/or permenant college president.

Farmer had served as the Cerritos' Vice President of Academic Affairs the last three years and previously worked four years at the Los Angeles Mission College as its VP of Academic Affairs.

I have had the pleasure of meeting Farmer on numerous occasions, (and most notably) at the Board of Trustees meetings every other Wednesday night. I have spoken to him and he has admittedly said that attending Board meeting was just about talking about the issues, and that that, was what it was all about.

However, one of the things that Farmer did was informed me why the Academic Standard for the Mathematics requirement was going to be Intermediate Algebra instead of the current Elementary Algebra requirement for all 109 California community colleges. It was needed he said, because faculty, staff and administrators are striving for success. It will take effect fall of 2009.

I had to be quick about all of the information and have him spit it out in five minutes or less. How do I think Farmer will do as Cerritos President? Well, I do think that he has to be more enthusiastic when he speaks, otherwise he should refer back to my Top 5 list.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

N-dolla, California's Hollywood Maven

As things would have it, I have gone to Hollywood and loved every minute of it, in the last month. So much is going on, and I am in the middle of it. I have 30 Madonna shirts and counting. I have eight more movies to buy with her in them or doing a cameo, I have met people that I think are cool (and some that yes, are crazy) but all in all, it has been an interesting walk down Hollywood Boulevard.

I have been told that the Madonna fans are out in full force because of the upcoming Sticky and Sweet tour. And have more than 90 percent of her fan base be gay doesn't hurt. Her brother Christopher, don't get more started. And yet, I am still amazed at the people of Hollywood. Different personality and views of the world, that's why I go there. I have yet to met someone named Hollywood, last name, Maven. Hey wait a minute, I already am...

Note: As promised more pictures coming with those of Michele Cassiano headstone as well. I know I said it a while back but it's coming.


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A mock ad for a "Writer for Hire"

Please note: The following is a mock ad.

Here is a mock ad for a "Writer for Hire" tagline. I know that it will probably NOT work or maybe it will. Who knows? But could this work for me?

I took the idea from reading a magazine article. IF anyone is interested, let me know.


Monday, July 14, 2008

The list so far for some extra money

Hello everyone:

So far this is the list that I came up with to start the idea that was an inspiration from the Working World magazine article that I read and they are:

• Tour guide in Hollywood in and around Hollywood & Highland or Hollywood & Vine
• Newspaper Writer
• Memorabilia seller
• Newsletter writer
• Interviewer
• Book Reader

This is the list I have so far. I could be a tour guide on foot. Yet, I am still trying to create a flyer for anything to get some extra money. Well, I don't know if these are good ideas. I mean a tour guide on foot? Who will paid for that? I must be dreaming. Well, it could be worse...I could be a prositute instead...

(You were suppose to laugh)...

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Could N-dolla benefit from reading this?

As I told you before, there are things that I will share that I have either read or saw on a window. In this case, the thing that I read recently is from Working World magazine dealing with continuous unemployment and how someone can raise extra money.

The title of the article is, "Surviving Unemployment" and I have cut out the piece of the article that shot off a light bulb in my head. Below is the highlighted area that for me, was something that I could try out for some extra money.

Now, the only thing that I have to do is come up with something to say that will hopefully help me out. Let me know what you think about this. Do you think this is a good idea and/or do you have suggestions for me? I appreciate any and all advice.


Friday, July 4, 2008

The L.A. Times turned out to be a bad idea

First, I like to say Happy 4th of July and Happy Birthday to the United States of America. The U.S. of A. turns 236-years-old.

Well, how everything so far? Great! Couldn't be better. From time-to-time I will share some thoughts of something that I have come across. Well, with the Los Angeles Times going through staff cuts I guess you can say that the L.A. Times turned out to be a bad idea.

Reading from the article that appearing in the Business section of the paper the newspaper is only going through staff layoffs but also is reducing its pages. The U.S. economy going through a tailspin of decline is was going to have to happen. However, the L.A. Times is not the only newspaper going through staff reductions; so is the New York Times and Washington Post.

The L.A. Times actually did me a favor by not selecting me as an intern for this summer. I have to keep in mind, it's part of the business. The L.A. Times is in such chaos that it might as well let the internet take over for its publication.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Whittier Daily News Online: Vela's exit

Below is a short article written on the Whittier Daily News online edition about the exit of soon-to-be former Cerritos College President Dr. Noelia Vela:

Vela to leave Cerritos College
Article Launched: 07/02/2008 04:21:22 PM PDT

NORWALK - Cerritos College President/Superintendent Noelia Vela has been appointed the new chancellor of the San Bernardino Community College District. Vela is due to begin her new job duties July 21.

Cerritos College Board of Trustees plan to meet soon to determine the transition process to a new leader.

Vela's new district will include San Bernardino Valley College, Crafton Hills College, the KVCR public television and radio stations, and the Division of Corporate and Economic Development serving the Inland Empire.

The district serves nearly 18,000 credit students between the two colleges.

The word "duh" comes to mind...

I'm ready for September at LACC

The emotions are still going after I have decided to go to Los Angeles City College. But I know that this decision is the best thing for me. I know that I will survive and I have. If I can I will still like to attend the ASCC meetings at Cerritos College. If that is not possible I will certainly keep an eye on this one way or another.

Cerritos was the past, LACC is the future and I can't wait for the semester to start. It begins on Sept. 2. As the day drawns closer you will get to read everything and anything I do until then.


Tuesday, July 1, 2008

1 Norma + 1 Norma = Norma times two

When I was sitting and waiting at the Los Angeles City College Admissions office I was informed that there was a possibility that there might have been another Norma Palacios. I was told that I attended LACC in 2001. Yet, I rememeber that in 2001 I was NOT in college. There is another Norma Palacios out there. Not only that but the name is EXACTLY the same; first, middle and last name.

Could it be possible that this Norma Patricia Palacios attended LACC in 2001 and the computer system have me confused with her? I will investigate, the things that matter in this are, if she has the same SS number and birthdate and address. I saw this Norma once on video back in the late 90s when she was working at McDonald's in Downey.

I didn't know her then and I don't know her now. But if we were and should meet one day, I leave that up to God. Do I want to meet her? I don't have the answer because it hasn't happen yet. If we should meet? I'll cross that bridge when it happens.

Monday, June 30, 2008

Leaving Cerritos College behind for LACC

As if I would never have thought that this day would come, but it has. I, Norma Palacios, will be leaving Cerritos College (pictured at right) to attend another community college in September; this time it's Los Angeles City College (pictured below). After spending the last five years at Cerritos, I do think that it's time for me, personally, to move on and find that light at the end of the tunnel.

I needed to do this for me and no one else. This is just like anything else that happens, including being on Cerritos' Talon Marks. But with my family looking toward a move more on the West End of Los Angeles and with the mindset that Santa Fe Springs no longer feels like home, I needed this for me.

I needed a change and a path that will lead me to a life that I will be happy in. Sure, there were moments that I said I would NEVER want to move from where I have been for 17 years. Sure, there were those days where I didn't want to accept a move anywhere else but Santa Fe Springs. But one has to have an open mind and an open heart for change; and who knows about change more than me.

During my first 10 years of life I moved five times before my mom, sister and I settled in Santa Fe Springs. However, as one would say, "The next city is always better than the one before." I believe this. Hollywood is starting to feel like home. Hollywood, was always like home. I have told you I have gone numerous times on numerous occasions. Being at LACC was just the beginning of something that could benefit me, personally.

It's not that Cerritos has changed. And boy, has it change! It was more than that. The direction of the college is uncertain. I also felt that there was nothing more I could contribute to the college. I wanted to make a difference, but it was hard; wishing that things could have been different. And as a student, I was looking for support and never found it. That was frustrating. Period.

But Cerritos has given me this. I now have a sense of confidence and awareness about myself. I didn't have that five years ago. I have been blessed to meet person that accepted my flaws even when I was ashamed of them. Everyone at the Cerritos College publication the Talon Marks and its web site were kind beyond words, even when I wasn't. As always...I will keep an eye on TM...and comments on the articles of course.

(Alicia, if he doesn't already, let Ryan know that the "X-Men" photo of me turned out to be my favorite! Mr. Cameron, I have no words for the lessons you taught me!). Everyone at Student Activities was also words for that too. But this isn't buh-bye; this is "See you later."

Yes, I need to move on and yet, I still believe that one day I will be famous. I mean, come on, I am and this is, the "Campus Correspondent" blog. If I stop writing, I will go mad. No need for that to happen. For all you know, one day all of you will be saying, "Yeah, I knew [Norma] once." That to me is all the fame I need.


Saturday, June 28, 2008

One Madonna shirt away from No. 30

Update: An update below...

With the Madonna "Sticky and Sweet" tour scheduled to come to Los Angeles' Dodger Stadium on Nov. 6 Madonna fans have come out to collect anything with her name or face on it. What it is, is Madonna mania. After the tour comes through it should die down.

That is according to a Hollywood seller of Madonna memorabilia. But for me, it is always Madonna this or Madonna that. With that said, here is a look at the Madonna shirt. This make No. 29; that's 29 Madonna shirts and one away from No. 30.

If you look at the celebrity memorabilia web site Fanfire it cost more than $30. I thought, "And I found it all $20? How can I that be?! But I was fortunate. And now, if only there was a sale of the Hard Candy era with its shirts and that hoodie. I love the fact that it has the words Hard Candy on it.

I went to Hollywood thinking that I could find the Japanese edition of Hard Candy with the song, "Ring My Bell" as its bonus track. Well, unfortunately, I wasn't able to find it two days after seeing one copy at Virgin Megastore and the other copy at Hollywood's Amoeba Music store. I was disappointed.

However, I walked into Virgin Megastore and saw a copy of the July issue Record Collector with Madonna on the cover and bought the shirt (pictured above). I know that finding the Hard Candy import will take time to find, but I will be back to look for it; no matter what. In a sense, the day didn't go to waste.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Buying an ICON who turned into a girl

ICON. Everyone and anyone who uses the word ICON uses it for people who are totally famous. Famous in the music industry, movies, television and radio. But ICON is this sense, is the name of my ICON, Madonna.

Who else? Yesterday, I went Starwood Hollywood and I bought the Evita cover magazine (pictured below). And it was the only one that I could get. Well, turns out that the seller and I talked about the 49-year-old star and what has been talked about.

I don't want to believe what happened until it comes out of her. The thing is now the ICON magazine is digital (television is next in February 2009). Too bad I actually like the magazine print. Maybe one day newspapers will be digital too.

There is a great assortment of the ICON magazine. There is one that I think is awesome that being the very first ICON magazine that is selling for $99. It wasn't called ICON, it was called FANZINE. I will slowly get those magazines. One day I will have all those magazine.

I just have to search for all of them. Anyway, this summer has been quiet so far. I can't wait to return in the fall. As for as what I've been trying to do is losing weight for the summer. I want to feel better and such. I don't know if I want to return to Cerritos College or go to Los Angeles City College. However, I do have some news. I'm now carrying a purse, so I guess that makes me a girl now.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Norma and Michael Palacios

Here I am with my cousin Michael Palacios at his graduation last Thursday at Long Beach City College. He graduated from Lynwood High School.

It's a rare sight to see...that is, me and someone else, much less a cousin of mine in a picture. But Michael, 18, is now going to live and work in Bakersfield. After that, who knows, may be a long time before I see him again.

And with the weather and having more than 100 degrees, I'm surprised all of us didn't melt. You couldn't even wear a jacket. Didn't have to. Aren't we better off naked?


Saturday, June 21, 2008

Freelancing or not, I call the shots

Here's a email that I got yesterday from someone at the Los Angeles Times office. It was more than one email that I sent to different local newspaper and answered about freelancing at its location. Anyway, thanks for the information. I will take it into serious consideration for the next step. I know that one way or another I will be able to turn this into the real thing.

Picture above: The headquarters of the Los Angeles Times.

Ms. Palacios:

Thanks for the inquiry. For freelancers, I usually recommend that you send your story pitch directly to the editor of the section. You can find a list of editors at Keep your pitch short. Be specific. If you just write and say you're available for freelance assignments, you won't get anywhere. I also recommend that you include a resume and a copy of your best clip. That way they'll know who you are and what you can do.

All the best.

P.S. If I can make a suggestion. I'd create a different email address for business dealings, something containing your name. It looks more professional that way.

By the way, as for the P.S. I'm not the only one who has a email that is unique. No, no let me rephrase that...I'm the one who calls the (bleeping) shots. Being a (bleep) has its perks.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

I look forward, I don't look back

As you now know, I will not be going to my 10 year high school reunion. There was much debate whether or not I should go from my mom, ("So, you don't want to go?") to myself, ("To be honest with you mom, I didn't know more than half those people"). Frankly, high school is overrated. High school WAS considered to to be the "best years of your life." But anyone who is having their high school reunion, 10, 20, 50 years down the line knows that high school is just...(bleeping) full of it.

As I watched speeches being given by students yesterday at a cousin's high school graduation, I thought of what I had done and how I understood high school, and its instructors. College, on the other hand, much more comfortable and tolerate then high school. I was never the type to go out and buy high school senior class shirts, sweaters and that thing you call a high school class ring.

Nah man, it was shit, and that was it. Naturally, that has led me to this: I look forward, I don't look back because high school was the opportunity to create a character to be yourself, college is the opportunity to be comfortable, and be that liberating, self-centered, egoistical, and famous-driven bitch. Hey, wait a minute, that's me...

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

This look and that look for a job seeker

I had the opportunity to go to a job fair or as its appropriate title was, "Diversity Employment Day Career Fair 2008" at the Embassy Suites Hotel at LAX North. Anyway, I went out with this "new" look. Straighted out by a hair straightener. I looked in the mirror and say, "AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!"

But after the shock wore off, I thought it looked okay. Now, I know what you're thinking, "Norma, why don't you smile in any of your pictures of yourself more often?" Then I thought, every look is a "new" look, right? But like I told you all before in a previous blog entry, I'm the real Ugly Betty. I am I'm proud of that title.

Media Credit: N-dolla
Pictured above is mio, taken just recently at home.

Anyway, back to the career fair. I gave it a "C" only because, it was the first time I had seen it take place in suites at a hotel. Different look but it was hot inside as well. There were two bright spots, first I saw representatives from the Los Angeles Daily News, CBS Radio and the Spanish newspaper La OpiniĆ³n.

One of the resumes was given to the Representative of the Spanish-language newspaper after she said that there might be an opportunity for someone to freelance. I have taken it a step further. I've emailed those publications and have seen whether or not I have ruffled a few feathers. I tend to do that. What's a life without ruffled feathers?

Note: Coming soon will be pictures of Michelle Cassiano's grave stone. I have been told that there is now a headstone where she was buried. The point is not to exploit the grave site. The point is to know that she meant the world to me and those she knew.


Monday, June 16, 2008

Keep it, change it, or forget it

Okay, so I am a crazy Madonna bitch fan, but that is beside the point. Now, I am going to ask you this. Should I keep it, change it, or forget it because I am looking at these photos of myself and can't decide. I have one of two options. Keep the photo I have on the Blogger profile or change it to the most and up-to-the-second look I have now.

And let me be frank, that I only cut my hair because my mom wanted me to have a different look. That is the only reason I did it. No, no...(not really, really did it, get your head out of the gutter). Besides if I really did it did it, do you think I would tell you? Oh, as far as the tattoo is concerned that next my Top 5 list of things to do.

How are things going this summer? I'm still here aren't I? I'm still blogging, yes? I'm still criticizing aren't I? And I've been told I have lost weight (yeah right, from where?) and I am still fighting with myself and my mom, but we are okay. As you have noticed for the last two weeks I've slowed down, not blogging as much. Unfortunately I can't take the camera with me, out to take photos of some of the Hollywood scene. Damn. But I will, one day.

High school is for suckers. I am not one of them so...I'm not going...screw the people that were there I don't know any if not all of them. And finally, more thoughts on Dr. Vela...I have no regrets about what I have said about her. I said what I said because of her actions and attitude. Oh wait, Vela who?

P.S. So, keep the photo, change it, or forget it?


Friday, June 13, 2008

A Top 5 list for the next Cerritos President

As soon-to-be former Cerritos College President Dr. Noelia Vela will depart to be San Bernardino Community College Chancellor on July 21, the next question should be, "Who will be Cerritos' next College President?" There must be someone willing to take over Vela's hot seat after four years of doing nothing.

As the process has begun to figure it out, I'm sure that ASCC President Michael Barrita and ASCC Student Trustee Jason Macias must be dancing in the aisles and are no longer having, what they claim to be "sleepless nights" thinking about Vela's status. They don't have to worry anymore.

As Barrita and Macias continue to show light of Bush and Cheney, Vela who was in hot water over not performing her duties as President and was scrutinized and analyzed, what does one say to the person who would be the next Cerritos College President?

Here is my Top 5 list of things to say to the next Cerritos College President:

No. 5: You are taking over for Dr. Noelia Vela who lives in Cerritos so, if you live close by at least like her, you will have to spend $5 per gallon.

No. 4: You will come in contact with ASCC President Michael Barrita and Student Trustee Jason Macias. Just saying their names gives me a headache.

No. 3: You will most likely not be on campus for a number of activities, don't you wish sometimes you had red tights and a cape?

No. 2: As Cerritos College President you will have to decide the direction of the college and its students. What direction?

And the No. 1 thing to say to the next Cerritos College President: Dr. Vela hardly spoke to the Cerritos College publication the Talon Marks, if you don't speak, just make sure Vela has a muzzle to spare.

Monday, June 9, 2008

With all due respect, Vela needed to leave

Note: More information below.

So to be Former Cerritos College President Dr. Noelia Vela will be leaving Cerritos College after four years to go to San Bernardino Community College and be its Chancellor. With all due respect, it was about time she left. I mean with all of the drama that she caused through the last two years about her being fired or not, it was enough for anyone to write a soap opera.

The endless back-and-forth of departments not having confidence in Vela only made it clear that she needed to leave. How much more drama does it need for a soap opera. Get writers! Or that she needed a muzzle, but in thinking about that Vela didn't need a muzzle, she was wearing one during her four years at Cerritos College.

Seriously, good riddance to a person who wanted to leave anyway. All of the talk of her wanting to be an example and wanted to have communication with the Cerritos College Board of Trustees was a lie. I knew it, and everyone else knew it. She kept her trap shut for four years at Cerritos, so what will be different at SBCC?

Friday, June 6, 2008

Well, I had to copy it for keeps

I know that as all of you have seen this blog over more than a year since I started, have realized the Madonna inspiration, throughout. The other day I had to copy this album cover and its CD content for keeps. Why not? At least I have a live CD from a performance she did in England.

Note: More N-dolla pics coming soon. Check back soon.


Monday, June 2, 2008

If her sugar is raw, so is mine

I went to Hollywood last Wednesday, after getting the two magazines that I bought and then the seller told me about a Madonna exhibition that was across the street. This exhibit was a tribute to Madonna and her numerous looks throughout more than 20 years in the music industry. Unfortunately, the only photos that I was able to take were on my cell phone but better than nothing.

If you look closely at the exhibit with those numerous looks on the window display, the different clothes that the Queen of Pop has made is entirely made of candy. Yes all of the manikins that are there are the clothes are made out of candy. Yes, candy.

Everything from black licorice, white safesavers, jelly beans etc. And with the words (above) that said, "My Sugar Is Raw," there is another one that said, "Are You Getting Hard Yet?" But wait, if I was getting hard that wouldn't make me a virgin anymore, right?

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Buy one, get one free; 2 shirts from No. 30

Update: More information below.

Well, this is a whole new meaning to the words, "Buy One, Get One Free." I literally got that yesterday at Starworld Hollywood. Cool. Here's what happened. I went to Hollywood yesterday and the day before to look for Madonna items.

I walked into Starworld Hollywood and looked at the Madonna memorbilia display case and saw that there was a copy of Gloss Magazine (pictured below at right) based in San Francisco.

I bought the copy for $4.99. However, the seller was so nice that he had a copy of the Odyssey Magazine (pictured above at left) with her photo on the cover. He said that I could have it. Thanks. I don't know his name. Next time I will ask him.

And finally, I bought yet another Madonna shirt (pictured above), which leaves me two shirts away from No. 30 when I went to Virgin Megastore and bought a shirt with the Like A Virgin album cover with the word Virgin on the back.

I was going to buy another shirt, but with time before the upcoming Sticky and Sweet Tour (to which I am unfortunately NOT going to because there is no $$$) I still have time to get them. I will...that's for sure.

With my mom and sister coming back later tonight from their trip to El Salvador, with them arriving sometime after 11 p.m. I had to do something...but what ended up happening was me being a virgin...