Thursday, January 31, 2008

Will students vote to split or keep it together?

2004-05 ASCC President and Student Trustee Josh Franco

With its 14-9 failed vote in the ASCC Senate yesterday on the legislation introduced to the Senators, a special election will be held next Wednesday and Thursday will a reserved interpretation of what was originally going to be on the ballot. Here is a breakdown of what it is, the pros and cons and what the ballot will say when Cerritos College students go to the polls next week.

As the Cerritos Board of Trustees have gone over the Board policy one of the issues of concern was interpretation of the California Education Code and its requirements for the elections of the student body president at a California Community College.

2005-06 ASCC President and Student Trustee Paulo Amaral

In doing its review Board of Trustees discussed and addressed the issue of the California Education Code, and the Associated Students of Cerritos College's Constitution and its bylaws. In doing so, it was said that the requirements for a student body-elected must be the standards of the Education Code.

Hence, this will mean the following for students who are running for student body president and its Pros and Cons of President/Student Trustee as one position:

2006-07 ASCC President and Student Trustee Joe Cobarrubio

Media Credit: Tanya Bermudez

• One person to do both positions, with no conflict in between
• Holds a position in the ASCC and provide a report to the Board of Trustees regarding student needs.
• Only have to vote once for a joint position

• No longer of President and Vice President be sophomores to run
• No prior F’s as a requirement
• The GPA will change from 2.25 to 2.0
• No need to have 500 signatures
• No ASCC membership required
• All ASCC officers requirement change (GPA, memberships, F’s)
• Only one location to vote not three
• Limit of five position for election

As for the Pros and Cons of the splitting of the President and Student Trustee, here is what could happen:

• Standard requirement will not change
• ASCC officers requirements will not change
• Two people, two different position but there may be a possibility one person may run for both positions
• Three poll places for President one poll place for Student Trustee
• Eight posters for President and five for Student Trustee elections
• Student Trustee must attend at least two Senate meeting in the Fall and Spring semester

• Two people, two position with conflict
• Trustees is not recognized as a officer position in ASCC
• Trustee not held to six semester rule
• Student vote for both positions separately

2007-08 ASCC President and Student Trustee Jason Macias

Media Credit: Norma

As you can see there is a lot at stake. But when it was amended that the ASCC wanted to keep the position united it failed, 14-9.

Had it been a YES vote by the ASCC the student would have voted 'yes' to keep it together and 'no' to split the positions. However, due the failed legislation the vote will now be 'yes' to split the positions and a 'no' will keep them together. Got it? See you at the polls!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

ASCC President/Student Trustee legislation fails

In a 14-9 vote for keeping the ASCC President and Student Trustee together failed. As a result the vote will go like this: a Yes vote will split the two positions and a No vote will keep them together instead of the other way around. So, it will be up to the students of Cerritos College to decide about this...

Note: what the legislation means and the pros and cons of the split means will be up soon. The special election will take place next Wednesday and Thursday...

Editor-in-Chief vs. ASCC President

Damn it! I wish I had a camera on me. Forget the people elected to the ASCC. The real action was in back of the room at the ASCC Senate meeting today.

Current Editor-in-chief Scott Watkins (pictured at right) and ASCC President Jason Macias (pictured below) were face-to-face and said that the editorial written two weeks ago (see below) was a lie. BUT let me point this out; when it came to public forum Macias turned the other way and said that the ASCC should make amends with Talon Marks.

Media Credit: Norma

What? Wait! what the f--k! Macias along with ASCC Vice President Michael Barrita said that there need to be a line of communication. First, let me be clear on something, one is called a hypocrite when saying one thing and saying another. Barrita has too much passion with Cerritos College's Project H.O.P.E. that he is turning out to be George W. Bush.

Other ASCC members think that both of them don't deserve an apology...yeah, I know. For what it's worth Macias and Barrita are George Bush Sr. and George W. Bush. Come on, for what it is, at least they are in the last month of the presidency. The only difference is, that it is a good thing they are not married. Just imagine what their wives might think.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Macias a NO show at Luncheon

Media Credit: Norma

Concern grew as ASCC President Jason Macias was a NO show at the Adviser/Officer luncheon held today at the Student Center. Where was he?

Hoping to get a start on the water proposal, as well as the book exchange he and ASCC Vice President said at Monday's Cabinet meeting.

And of course there is only the vote to be decided on tomorrow...

A no-show, huh? Couldn't there be just a cutout of him?

The Talon Marks editorial in question and Obama coming to Cerritos?

Media Credit: Michael Agudo

An opinion from the Talon Marks Editorial Board:

With half of ASCC President and Vice President Jason Macias and Michael Barrita's term over, it seems that the key issues that the duo used when running for election have not been acted upon yet.

Among the things that were on their platform were:
• Establishing a recycling program,
• providing free water for students,
• healthier food choices on campus, and
• a book exchange program.

If they took one issue at a time, they could have possibly been closer to getting one of their many goals finished and in place before the semester even started.

Instead, they took on too many projects all at once and got nothing accomplished so far in their term.

It appears that they got in over their heads and didn't realize just how exactly they were going to get these programs implemented.

Of course it is known that these things will not happen overnight and these things take planning.

But there are talks that these projects won't even be discussed until halfway through the semester. Others may have to wait until next year when they may not even be in office.

Since the actions that were campaigned for were not taken to a further level for these programs to become a reality, the question becomes, "What did the duo spend most of its time doing last semester and what did it really accomplish?"

The duo's biggest highlights of last semester are endorsing the "21st Century Four" to fill the Board of Trustees seats and asking the Board to make Project H.O.P.E. part of its funding curriculum.

But had Macias and Barrita not been members of Project H.O.P.E., it is highly doubtful that they would have been so adamant about getting funding for the program.

It is easy to be sympathetic to the ASCC's current situation of virtually having to start from scratch due to several members leaving last semester.

But unless the duo plans on running and retaining their positions for the next election to come, it is in their best interest to take action on implementing these things that sounded so promising.

Macias and Barrita should not want to be typical politicians that constantly make empty promises that they have no intention of fulfilling.

They owe it to the student body to do more than just talk about these programs, the students need to see some action.

If they have no plan or no way to actually get these grandiose plans in action, then they need to let the students know as soon as possible.

Like I said, both Macias and Barrita could be in office for eight years instead...yet, they can't let this go. And with a number of students resigning from Cabinet and Senate, much of what is happening, happened to George W. Bush.

Is Illinois Sen. Barack Obama coming to Cerritos? ASCC Vice President Barrita says that Political Science instructor Dennis Falcon is working feverishly on getting the candidate here before the primary election...


Representing FMLA...and is it one or two?

Hi, my name is Norma. I'm a former Talon Marks staff writer and I'm representing the Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance.

Those were my words today at the Adviser and Officer Luncheon held at the Student Center. (it's adviser not adivsor). First, let me say that it was strange at first, but then I realized that I was free. This came about yesterday, (and unexpectedly so) by the FMLA adviser, who asked me if I wanted to go. I said yes.

Having attended its club meeting while on Talon Marks, I realized that I was actually there for a reason. I guess what I had done for FMLA meant something and that why she asked me. I had no problem with that. Among the things were covering the performance of the Vagina Monologues and its auditions, Spoken Word, Male Feminist discussion forums and so on.

This just in: Whatever the outcome of the vote of the resolution to the splitting of the ASCC President and Trustee is there will be a special election on it next Wednesday and Thursday. Interesting, because if it turns out that way the same person will and can run for both positions.

Still a developing story...

And finally Sergent-at-Arms Brian Kochems approached me at the luncheon today and said that he'd figured out who wrote the Talon Marks editorial about both ASCC President Jason Macias and ASCC Vice President Michael Barrita. But he was wrong when he thought it was me. I asked him, "Do you believe that they deserve any apology?"

He pleaded the fifth...and said that he'd talk to me later. Yeah...right.

Monday, January 28, 2008

The ASCC agenda and a Talon Marks discussion

Cerritos College Student Body President Jason Macias and Vice President Michael Barrita are moving forward with its they said today at the Cabinet meeting.

First up was the book exchange program that will be spear-headed this week by the duo and it was said that the book exchange program will be in effect this summer. I just spoke to the Cerritos College bookstore manager and he told me that he had no opinion of the program. Get it? Misquoted.

However, all this comes in light of the editorial written by the staff of the student publication Talon convenient. And I guess they figured out that time was running out. Well, could be worse. Both could be in office for eight years...Nevermind...

With heat generated by controversy, (if you call it that) Talon Marks will be discussed at Wednesday's ASCC Senate meeting. For what? Why? In this case, the editorial was right; much too long to get the agenda going. Conflict of interest all the way around. But then again how about IF the ASCC was in charge of the newspaper? Nevermind...

Norma, to drop out of college?

I don't normally talk about things like this, but could there be another possibility that I could walk away from college...again? That was contemplated by me the other day when I had a discussion with my mom. As I continue to look for work, that if it is required for a full-time position that I may have to drop my classes, but until then I will have to keep myself in school.

Yesterday, as I and my stepfather went to pick up the supply for the upcoming primary election on Feb. 5, he said that it was important to stay in school and get a degree. It's not that I'm confused, I'm just thinking if I should make the mistake of quitting school again. I did quit for three years before returning in the spring of 2003 to Cerritos College.

Just a thought, I wanted to share. Any advice for a Madonna-obsessed, college-returning student?

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A target on Talon Marks

Talon Marks clouded the election of eight newcomers to the ASCC at today's Senate meeting.

ASCC Vice President Michael Barrita said that there is an update on the continued efforts of the book exchange program as well as getting healthier food on campus. "I would like to give you an update on things that are happening in the ASCC...something the Talon Marks hasn't."

Incidently, Talon Marks will be on the agenda next week.

Subway, is one the vendors that the administration is strongly considering to have on campus. However, Barrita did admit that there have been questions from representatives of the chain in regard to the food court schedule and the fact that the food court is closed on weekends and closes early on Friday at 2 p.m.

He suggested that there be a petition let students aware of the matter and how serious they are in getting them here.

But Talon Marks wasn't the only thing on the ASCC mind. Another issue has been the proposal of the splitting of the ASCC President and Student Trustee position. There was legislation presented on having the issue on a ballot for the Feb. 6-7 elections.

A half-an-hour discussion ensued...but there will be a vote next week.

Still developing story...

Finally, eight students were elected to the ASCC and there are:

• Commissioner of Information Technology Andy Duong
• Commissioner of Student Outreach Jody Lindsay
• Commissioner of Convocations and Fine Arts Sun-Hee Kim
• Commissioner of Inter-Club Council Natalie Chavez
• Associate Justice Renzleen Michelle Nolasco
• Senator Harsh Shah
• Senator Shalin Shah
• Senator Suzanne Grijalva
• Senator Marcela Avila

There was a ninth student looking to fill the position of Commissioner of Public Relations. But as it turns out Gabriel Guzman, film major, wasn't fit for the position because he didn't know what the position was and its duties.

He was standing at the podium looking down at at it and seemed to be looking for answers with his left brain. And he was pissed off that when he left he kicked the door.

Idiot. Do you know why? I am not be on Talon Marks anymore but I sure as hell would know what my job is.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

You were the only one who cared about us

Club Information Day is being held at the Cerritos College Student Center right now. And one of the 15 clubs represented asked me if I was still on Talon Marks. When I said no, the three members asked me, "Who is going to cover us this semester?" The members are from the Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance.

During the course of being on TM, I covered its major events, such as the performance of the Vagina Monologues, Spoken Word, etc. I did what I did because I cared...and I did it with love. And that is one of the reasons I decided to keep this going.

There are people who misunderstand what feminism is, and I for one, am still learning, and appreciate them. I will go to the can I not? After they let me being there...

Are you listening?

The day my inspiration died...

Media Credit: Michele Cassiano's Family

It is Jan. 22, but on Thursday I will remember the day that my inspiration died. Michele Cassiano, who at the time of her passing was only 41 lost her battle with cancer. Who knew the impact that she would have on my life. I met her on July 1, 2001and I believe that we were meant to cross paths with each other.

I was at a lost because I didn't understand, I didn't want to live, but Cassiano turned out to be a ray of light...

There are no words to express my shock that it has been a year. However, I do know this, Michele has been with God for a year and I am sure that He knows how to defend himself now.

And she was also my reason for doing what I did the last spring semester at Talon Marks. I understood my role as a human being, and I would hope that she saw what I did.

I will forever be grateful to know who she was.

April 12, 1965-Jan. 24,2007

I was thinking about this over the weekend, and then it hit me. ASCC Vice President Michael Barrita finally admitted that there have been obstacles concerning the recycling program but there is something else that I don't understand. During the last ASCC Senate meeting Barrita said, "Clearly, Cerritos College bookstore Paul Flovick doesn't support the book exchange program."

Now, wait, didn't Flovick say that he had no opinion on the book exchange program? Yes. Paul?

In other news...

It only lasted 15 minutes but I was in my mother's place in trigonometry class today. She was doing jury duty but there was a computer error and I was in class taking notes in her place.

I turned out to be her mini-me. Weird. But I got through it and the instructor said I did a good job.

Friday, January 18, 2008

No love for Jason and Michael

Former and current ASCC members are showing no love toward ASCC President Jason Macias and ASCC Vice President Michael Barrita. Out of respect names will not be mentioned.

"Why should Talon Marks apologize because for one thing, it's true." "Well, there are people in the ASCC who think that Macias and Barrita are the s--t." Those were just a few of the reactions.

I agree...nothing changed. The only person that was committed to the position was former ASCC President Josh Franco.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Talon Marks first publication of the semester

With ASCC President Jason Macias and Vice President Michael Barrita looking for a public apology from the Cerritos College Talon Marks staff regarding its editorial this is my impression of the publication...

First, the sports page...looking out for the action shots and the players faces, too much of a blur. Descent writing...just descent. Best ones that have been said to be great sports editors were former editor-in-chiefs.

Opinion...while, I'm impress that there is concern with campus issues...where are the "Letters to the Editor?"

Arts and regard to the movie review of "I Am Legend," and to this semester's editor for that section,...Will, who? And two words...Kenneth Turan.

At this point, there is no need to go through the front page, but you do have two clones because of the same writing syle. However, if you think that you have the ego-driven grip of it've seen nothing yet.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Talon Marks vs. the ASCC

Well, well, this is no surprise. ASCC President Jason Macias and ASCC Vice President Michael Barrita had choice words for former editor-in-chief Steven Martin (pictured right) as well as this semester's staff and its current editor-in-chief Scott Watkins (see below). Barrita, called this week's publication, ill-advised and immature.

Talon Marks' articles immature? Ill-advised? Well, both Macias and Barrita said that they had scheduled meetings with Martin to which, he never showed up to. But the quesiton I have will the committee that was formed last year to keep a close eye on Talon Marks continue?

But what caught my attention was the fact that there was only a mention of one former student who kept the line of communication open....(if you know, you know)

Barrita continued to say that the Talon Marks is in question with its journalistic abilities and Macias, in reading the execpts from the editorial titled, "Three big projects crash and burn," also said that his administration is moving forward with the projects...Steven.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Talon Marks Production Night

Hello Cerritos College Talon Marks staff:

Ah, yes, the first night of production and the first issue of the semester. (Remember, Mr. Cameron?). I remember those like as if it were yesterday. The hours spent on the computer, design, cutlines, names (spelled correctly), and body texting what is written.

Anyhow, I know how it is, but it is all worth it. But the best part of it, is the fact that you get to see your name either online or print. Doesn't matter where. But in the time since I left the newsroom I will always remember to consult with the Associated Press Stylebook (also known as the "newspaper bible"). Or to say it clear, ask questions...Scott?

And of course, remember this it's forward not forwards and it's toward not in a sense, get those directorial books. But I wish you all luck.

P.S. I will critique the paper tomorrow morning.

Oh, and to the lab aide to Mr. Cameron...Hi! :)

Monday, January 14, 2008

Keeping it one...and than some

Media Credit: Norma

Note: Sorry for the lack of posting. Busy time of the semester...and it's only the beginning.

The ASCC President position came up and there is hope to keep it one. That's according to the student president himself Jason Macias (pictured right). With that, at the first Board of Trustees meeting coming on Wednesday members are waiting for a response to the position the Associated Students have.

Macias, along with ASCC Vice President Michael Barrita strongly support being it one instead of having two different people in the position as Student Trustee and President. Keep you posted...

Will the Student Center be named after newly retired Board member John Moore. Cerritos College already has the Dr. Michael Wilford Library and the Burnight Theater so why not? Moore did his civic duty...

To Dean Ackland, coordinator of student activities, get well...

Another club on tap...but will it survive on campus? Getting more information so I will hold off on this...

And what's a post without mentioning Talon Marks...Spring 2008 staff...I'm watching you. Surprise me.

Norma Palacios

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Down the aisle

As a temp at the Cerritos College bookstore, it was a zoo in there. And with the ASCC looking toward wanting new faces this came across again. Why is it that I meet people who ask, "When do I get paid?" IF I said that I should be jailed because I would do what I do for the bookstore and help out during student rush for free.

Talon Marks comes out next Wednesday and I look forward to reading it because I always do. Could there be a turning of the tide for TM?

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Editor-in-Chief Scott Watkins

Editor-in-Chief Scott Watkins is this semester spring editor. This is just a entry of saying congratulations to him and his staff. I would like to take this opportunity to say that I would hope that Talon Marks and its publication will be more informative. And also strap in for one hell of a ride.

You, sir have had the opportunity to experience that with being a sports editor last semester. There is more responsiblity this time but there is also an opportuinity to appreciate the value of what it is to be journalist or to be politically correct mass communication. That is the key word...communication.

I heard from ASCC President Jason Macias and was told that he'd spoken to you and had the opportunity to tell you the reminder of his agenda. Keep communicating with him and others who are part of the ASCC. But more than anything communicate with Cerritos' campus clubs.

The opportunity will come on Club Information Day. As far as I know, there will be a performance of the Vagina Monologues, Automotive High School Competition, and Black History and Women's History Month celebration, and that's only the beginning. (ANY information not correct, TM adviser?)

Well, like any former Talon Marks staff and editor, I wish you much success this semester

Norma Palacios
former Talon Marks staff member

Monday, January 7, 2008

Filling in the blanks

Happy 2008 people!

I'm back for a new semester. And do I have some news for you. The Cerritos College Associated Students are looking for a few good (wo)men who can fill in the seats. Just attended the ASCC Cabinet and there are a total of 11 vacant seats. Among those that are vacant are:

• Commissioner of Athletics
• Commissioner of External Affairs
• Commissioner of Inter-Club Council
• Commissioner of Daytime Activities

I will attend the ASCC Senate meeting and expect to see a ghost town, like I saw a year ago.

Good to be back...

On another note here are some highlights from the holiday:

• My dad’s birthday on Dec. 22 and Madonna’s 7th wedding anniversary
• I got a Sony radio (love it) and….
• Oh, yeah, got a letter from the Los Angeles Times that it received my package about the summer internship but I am a little disappointed because I wasn’t able to include work from the Beverly Hills Canyon News.

But other than that, it was a quiet ringing of the new year. Now if only I can get use to this cell phone...