Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Barrita gets burned and commissioner wants in on FMLA?

Media Credit: Tanya Bermudez

ASCC Vice President Michael Barrita got in over his head just now at the ASCC Senate meeting. Having current ASCC President Jason Macias step down after this semester, Barrita is now petitioning as the ASCC President. However, with his arrogrant confidence Barrita made the assumption that he was going to BE the ASCC President.

But that would be different if Macias (who is going to complete the year at the end of it) has resigned before the semester, (say right now, in the middle of the semester) ended. Again the deadline for the applications has not passed. Others will be running, like current Senator Suzanne Grijalva. Just because one is leaving doesn't automatically give you the position. Obviously, Barrita has forgotten what happen to former President Richard M. Nixon.

The ASCC Cabinet has finally found its commissioner of public relations. Her name is Claudia Carrillo, undecided major, with a minor in administration of justice. She approached me at the Senate meeting and asked how could she get involved with the Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance. I told her to come to the meeting on Tuesday in the Liberal Arts building.

I don't know her but I was just curious if she wanted in because she wants to help or just wants in because she saw flyers of FMLA's upcoming performance of Eve Ensler's "Vagina Monologues."

Talon Marks issue No. 5

First off, should have the story on the "no confidence" vote of Cerritos College President Dr. Noelia Vela been the lead story on the online edition? YES! With it being the lead to the print edition (at right) as it is, the story of her possible firing would have worked.

As for the possible firing of Dr. Vela? Well, she is known not to leave the President's office? Right? Not a great communicator? Well, it could be worse. She could have been like former Cerritos College Coordinator of Judicial Affairs Patrick Callahan (pictured right) who provided false financial information for a number of football players on the team back four years ago.

Media Credit: Steven Georges
Courtesy of the Long Beach Press Telegram

Vela in pinstripes? Oh, wait that would make her a New York Yankees player.

Monday, February 25, 2008

ASCC applications and the Monologues rehearsals

Cerritos College current Sargent-At-Arms and ASCC Vice President candidate Brian Kochems and ASCC President candidate Senator Suzanne Grijalva were looking toward students to sign its petition.

Current ASCC Vice President Michael Barrita who will be running for President was doing the same thing. Hmmm. Well, the field will surely be crowded now that the President/Trustee are split.

At times I look at myself in that position but there is that thing of the conflict of interest, it happened once I will NOT let that happen again.

As for the Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance rehearsals of the Vagina Monologues on Friday...different, interesting and nerve-racking. I am nervous and the performance is only two weeks away. AH! Reading the monologues, trying to memorize it.

Hopefully I do, when the days come...


Friday, February 22, 2008

Norma to intern at Ford Amphitheatre?

I received this e-mail today from someone at the Ford Amphitheatre in Hollywood, and I am feeling that this is a good thing. I am looking toward this a good thing and hopefully more.

Dear Norma,

Thank you for applying to the internship program at the Ford Amphitheatre. It appears as though you found an old posting of ours which listed a Communications and Marketing internship.

We no longer offer it here at the Ford Amphitheatre; however, I have forwarded it to our Communications Director at the Los Angeles County Arts Commission who is currently looking for a summer intern.

She has received your information and should be contacting you in the near future. But since we have all of your application materials, would you be interested in applying for one of our other internships?

We offer one in development, operations, public events, Asian Pacific Islander arts outreach, and Latino arts outreach. If you are interested in any of those please let me know and I will happily review your application. Thank you again for applying and I hope to hear from you soon.

Who knows what this will lead to and I will keep you updated on the things that happen before May or after.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Vagina Monologues Flyer, Anti-War Protest March 15 and the Cerritos campus

Here's your look at the Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance's flyer for its upcoming two-night performance of Eve Ensler's Vagina Monologues. As you can see there will be a pre-sale of the performances next week, as I mentioned in the previous blog.

There were also smaller flyers that I handed out yesterday afternoon following the ASCC Senate yesterday. Here's what happen in a nutshell: As it was announced and the flyers were put on the back table I swipe them and passed them out myself. To those at Cerritos and anyone in SoCal see you there.

Those in Senate and such would not dare to do that. Incidentally, I'm still talking about actually being the ASCC President of a university. Can you believe it? My creed would be different then those who have served as student-body-president, (i.e. waiting to the last moment to talk about important campus issues, book exchange) I would open my mouth from the beginning. I have no problem with that.

ASCC Vice President Michael Barrita could stop talking about the Campus Transformation Committee and its campus change,(like I mentioned before)...Can someone please hand me a muzzle? OR at least put one on him already...

These changes will take years and by then I hope that there will be a muzzle in place on Barrita. Yes, yes, everyone wants "The Hill" by the Music Department to stay but there no set in stone...NOTHING...but this student administration has ear wax build-up...There are changes coming, but in years time...

March 15 is fast approaching and here the sticker that was passed out during the Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlán aka M.E.Ch.A meeting today. I'll be going to this and I'll be damned to take a camera with me. I will begin to save up to buy myself a camera.

Having that camera was a part of me...and now that I don't have it, there something I have to do to get it back, at least BE that journalist.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Vagina Monologues presale tickets

Author Eve Ensler

The Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance will have a presale for its March 11 and March 13 peformance next week on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at 11 a.m. in Falcon Square. I'll be out there on Tuesday. I hear that there will be a number of people who will go to the performance. Who knows? Might as well surpass the more than 100 people who went last year.

How exciting! I'm excited...and yet still nervous.

Media Credit: Norma

But with all that excitment, I have to question something? Seven weeks of class and still no party whip in the ASCC? Jason Macias (pictured right) has so far not reported for the Senate what is going on in Cabinet. Questionable action but him...either that or he's as arrogant as a politican.

And finally, more and more and more talk about the Campus Transformation Committee in an endless battle not to take "The Hill." But more than anything Cerritos College DOES NOT need more than 900 parking spaces on campus. Students are too lazy to walk...bottom line. Our current Vice President just likes to hear himself talk...Yes?

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Monologue Rehearsals this Friday

Sorry for the delay. This Friday, The Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance is holding its rehearsals in the City of South Gate for the upcoming "Vagina Monologues." I'll be there, watching the rehearsals and practicing to get the monologue down. We'll be watching the video performance of the monologues by author Eve Ensler.

We'll see how it goes. Three weeks from now, the performances will happen. I'll be nervous...and I think the others will be too. Just breathe!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

First Johnie's, now Carpenter's home in Downey

As if once wasn't enough for the city of Downey and its residents. Just got off in reading more information about the remodeling of the home that was once owned by the duo Karen and Richard Carpenter. The Carpenters who made the home famous for its album cover "Now and Then" is in danger of losing its landmark by the current owners who is, what? Tired of having fans of the Carpenters come over and take photos? pray? Have a crowd.

The City of Downey must not forget what happened last January when famed Johnie's Broiler was demolished that angered residents. HAVE officials forgotten that the world famous McDonald was closed down in the mid-1990s before reopening back within the last eight years? Remember how that was considered the landmark of Downey, yet you didn't consider Johnie's Broiler and now the Carpenter home landmarks.

It's like saying that the "Hollywood" sign no longer exist. Or that the McDonald franchise never had its place in Downey...come on might as well think that Graceland for the memory of Elvis Presley is a disgrace not a landmark.

I am not old enough to understand the sentiment of a number of places cause I am as old as I am but I know that if a place means that much to people, you must stand and fight otherwise, people like the Beatles would not have created its historic music...

Friday, February 15, 2008


Take a look at the following sentences: The first one was the one that appeared on this week's online version of the Cerritos College Talon Marks. The second sentence is the one I wrote last spring from the Vagina Monologues auditions. I was actually looking for another angle to this story...I'm not mad, actually should I be flattered?

Below written by staff writer of Spring 2008 staff:
Six people auditioned for The Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance's version of "Vagina Monologues," as the club held auditions Tuesday in room LA29.

Below written by Norma Palacios former Talon Marks staff:
Six students auditioned for roles in the Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance's version of Eve Ensler's play The Vagina Monologues on Tuesday in the Liberal Arts building.

Incidentally, I was there at the auditions. Only three people auditioned, FMLA President Tracy Garcia, myself and another woman. And we watched a video that had the performance on it.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day at Cerritos

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Nine Cerritos College clubs got in the spirit of Valentine's Day with the selling of everything from Valentine's Day roses, teddy bears, chocolate, cookies, candy and condom holders?

The condom holders courtesy of the Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance... :)

Anyhow, the celebration of "the romantic day of the year" was in the air at Cerritos. The only thing that was important was to know that my mom is always a Valentine.

That's all I have to say. Enjoy the day!

Next stop, Hollywood?

Forgive me for not telling you what I have been up to lately. Besides keeping up with the events and attending student government meetings and other happenings at Cerritos College, there is something that I like to share about what I found on I just ran into this about the Ford Amphitheatre in Hollywood; that there is a 10-week paid internship as (among the six written about) a Communications and Marketing internship. It reads as follows from the web site:

A program of the Los Angeles County Arts Commission, the Ford Amphitheatre hosts a series of 100 multidisciplinary performing arts ever each summer in its historic 1245-seat outdoor theatre in the Hollywood Hills.

Eligibility: Students must be currently enrolled in a community college, four-year college or university program. Students must be undergraduates and not scheduled to graduate before December 2008. Students must either reside in Los Angeles County or attend school in Los Angeles County...

Internship are available in the following areas: Latino Arts Outreach, Asian Pacific Arts Outreach, Development, Operations and Public Events. Submit cover letter, resume and a minimum of two reference. Application Due Date is April 14, 2008.

As for the's 40 hours/week. Not bad. But I WOULD do it. I'm gathering the information now. And for the summer. Even better. I get out of the house. Been to Hollywood a number of times for numerous reasons.

Hopefully, this is only the beginning. Next stop, Hollywood!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Talon Marks issue No. 4

Uh-Oh. Not this again. Four pages? Same page layout? Yes, it is true. Cerritos College's Talon Marks is struck in a rut for its fourth issue. After having one of its best issue so far four pages is the best that the spring 2008 staff came up with this week.

And the same layout on the front page. Mind you, where are the carry overs from each of the story laid out? I know that each and every one of you is smarter enough to recognize this, there need to be a variety in the layout of not only the front page but in any carry over from any story. Has there been discussion about what the repetitive layout you've had? I'm sure. But is it true that NOBODY wants to write?

IF that is the case, I do foresee a continued pattern of only four pages. COME ON Talon Marks! One thing that can definitely change is this, the flag, it gets boring after seeing it at the bottom of the front page.

The flag could be played around with for a different look to the audiences' eyes (six-squared stacked in a retangle?). As for the type of the "Online Exclusives" instead of saying, "Read Staff blogs" what about those stories that are on the online edition? Think of ways for readers of the print, to go to the online version, (the blogs are not the only reason), there are additional stories.

I've asked this before. WHY are the pictures on the online edition in pixels? Incidentally, there needs to be much trust don't you have on your staff not to allow them to be those photographers.

I know that you Mr. Editor-in-chief are not afraid to voice your opinion, this is the time to use it. Incidentally, as far as the Senate Liaison person who said that you should watch your writing and your titles, ("Vela fails Faculty Senate survey"), he said that you are not being impartial. What does he knows? He is like Gabriel Guzman, film major who was appointed Commissioner of Public Relations (God forbid), Senator Lee's lucky he has a brain.

But he is not the point...point is, this week's issue...wasn't great, and the thing is, you know it.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Up for a second look and the ASCC split

I asked two senators from the ASCC yesterday if they'd heard the news that the ASCC President and Student Trustee is now a split position. Both said no and admitted that they wanted the positions to be united. However, I asked them if they would consider doing a student poll about the elections but, to be honest 95 percent of the campus didn't realize that there was a special election.

Cerritos College students are ignorant from that point-of-view, but to the 118 people who voted thank you. But wait. I'm not just blaming those students about this. I also blame the ASCC as a whole. Former ASCC member Oskar Ruiz, was right, all those elected are seat warmers. Nobody is outspoken that's why nobody cared.

And finally film major Gabriel Guzman will have a second opportunity to be elected as Commissioner of Public Relations tomorrow. As you may remember Guzman blew it the first time when he gave his answer straight out of the ASCC handbook and was pissed as he left that he kicked the door. (Read about it here)

But as you may have guessed ASCC Vice President Michael Barrita wants Guzman as the Commissioner of Public Relations. To be honest...really really honest, Guzman could be lucky if he has half a brain.

My first AUDITION! (Gasp!)

The Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance held auditions for Eve Ensler's "The Vagina Monologues", and guess you auditioned?

Me. Yes, yours truly auditioned and to be honest I wasn't that comfortable in the spotlight and yet, I did it for fun.

I have NEVER auditioned for anything in my life and I took a leap of faith. I truly admire those who have the ability to audition for anything. I'm no actress. I like the spotlight on, the other way around.

But the point is, I DID it. Now, it is just the practice of getting it down. Reading it right and looking for improvement on every level. Again, I'm no actress but I will try.

Talon Marks will forever be with me and there was someone who was there from TM but told her not to use me as her source.

I covered this last spring as well as the two-night performance. Liked it that way. Before I left, this was said, "I hope that she write something good about us." The "us" being FMLA. NO, I will NOT reveal the source.

The two-night performance will be on March 11 and March 13 at 6 p.m. in the Teleconference Center.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Campus changes, book exchange and questioning the election?

This is a repeat from last semester; Are there going to be changes to Cerritos College? The answer...maybe BUT nothing is set in stone. Much of what ASCC President Jason Macias and ASCC Vice President Michael Barrita discussed at the Cabinet meeting, just now has been addressed when the semester is gearing toward mid-semester.

One of the issues has been and will come to be about the parking situation at Cerritos. Bottom line is Cerritos students are much too lazy to walk to class. It's true. WHY would there need to be more than 900 parking space added to a campus that has enough parking space. The scapegoat turns out to be the staff. According to Obesity in America, these are the following statistics:

• Obesity is the second leading cause of preventable death in the U.S.61
• Approximately 127 million adults in the U.S. are overweight, 60 million are obese (Body Mass Index or BMI > 30) and 9 million are extremely obese (Body Mass Index or BMI > 40).

• Currently, an estimated 65.2 percent of U.S. adults, age 20 years and older, and 15 percent of children and adolescents64 are overweight and 30.5 percent are obese(childhood or pediatric obesity).

• Approximately 62 percent of female Americans are considered overweight.

• Approximately 67 percent of male Americans are considered overweight.

• An estimated 400,000 deaths per year may be attributable to poor diet and low physical activity.

• It is estimated that 25-70 percent of the difference in weight between individuals is hereditary or genetic68. However, it is important to remember that genetic predisposition only impacts an individual’s tendency towards obesity.

• Researchers at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimated that as many as 47 million Americans may exhibit a cluster of medical conditions (a “metabolic syndrome” or “Syndrome X”) characterized by insulin resistance and the presence of obesity, excessive abdominal fat, high blood sugar and triglycerides, high blood pressure (hypertension) and high cholesterol.

And students want more parking...and yet nothing is set in stone.

The target is to have the book exchange program up and running by the summer session. Will that happen? Hmmmm. Don't know, until I see it.

And finally...I do question the special election last week. How many people actually read the document of the changes that will happen? HOW many did? HOW many didn't? I actually think nobody did and they just did it because.

It's all with the candidates fighting to get to the White House...Obama, "Believing in Change," Clinton, The "60-Day" promise of, "Bringing the Troops Home." McCain, "Clinton, campaign for troop withdrawal is a surrender." Blah, blah, blah...Has me think twice about running for political office and wondering who is next?

Friday, February 8, 2008

Breaking News: Editor wants to speak to YOU

The following is a comment that was left on the Talon Marks web site by someone who was a former Talon Marks editor and was disappointed at a sports story:

As a former editor of Talon Marks...way back in 1970-72, I must comment on this article. The student journalist should have sought quotes from the coach...particularly regarding the shattered backboard incident. Most importantly, there is no reference to who serves as the Cerritos College Basketball Coach. Quotes are tantamount when it comes to controversial issues.

When you have a negative headline (Men's Basketball Team Winless), you MUST get a quote from the coach. Without it (and without naming the coach), it gives the appearance that the writer is making an editorial "opinion"...not giving the coach an opportunity to respond to why he/she feels they are "winless".

The integrity of journalism is based upon the integrity of our editors.

I'd love to come back to my alma mater and speak to journalism students. This is an open invitation.

Let's talk...

Paul B. Rubalcaba
Cerritos College Class of 1972
1972 "Most Professional Journalist" Honoree
1971 Cerritos College Student Senator

...bottom line..."Cerritos College saved my life after my three-year tour during Vietnam...afforded me the opportunity to become a professional journalist, public relations practitioner, and most recently...the Director of Community Relations & Resource Development at San Bernardino Valley College".

Look me up! I love Cerritos College and I'm motivated to establish a scholarship to provide incoming students with the resources to make their dreams come true.

I know you've seen this...

Cerritos students vote to split ASCC position

Photo Illustration: Michael Agudo

Just in: Cerritos College students have voted and the ASCC President and Student Trustee will be split into two positions going against what the ASCC Cabinet members wanted to happen to it.

There were 118 votes and 85 votes went to split and the other 29 votes went to keeping it together, and four votes were voided. So, what will have is the folowing with the pros and cons in the simple form listed for you.

• Standard requirement will not change
• ASCC officers requirements will not change
• Two people, two different position but there may be a possibility one person may run for both positions
• Three poll places for President one poll place for Student Trustee
• Eight posters for President and five for Student Trustee elections
• Student Trustee must attend at least two Senate meeting in the Fall and Spring semester

• Two people, two position with conflict
• Trustee is not recognized as a officer position in ASCC
• Trustee not held to six semester rule
• Student vote for both positions separately

So, when Brian Kochems, current Sargent-At-Arms, prepares to run for the positions then he will have the opportunity to run for both positions. This announcement will be made at both ASCC Cabinet and Senate and we will see what is the reaction afterward.

Stay tuned...

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Where's the student reaction?

I will put it like this...there NEEDS to be student reaction on the stories presented in any publication student or otherwise. Editors should know this from the beginning; especially your online editor who has been through this before. Whether you manipulate the stories to have student reaction doesn't matter.

It SHOULD NOT matter. Manipulate the stories to get those students in the paper. The leads are getting better. As for early nomination of rookie of the year? I have one already. But again get mug shots of staff, faculty, and administrators for pull out quotes...AND I will say it a million times GET out there for those students...

Dr. Vela's presidency is in the hot seat

The Cerritos College Faculty Senate is still hot on the heels of possibility voting and keeping its "no confidence" vote against Cerritos College President Dr. Noelia Vela. At least, that is what Faculty Senate President Dr. Bryan Reece said yesterday at the ASCC Senate meeting.

Vela, who has been Cerritos' president since 2004, has so far not have any or no comment on the current situation with those in the faculty, administration and staff and that with its "no confidence" it is saying that it is a public statement that the Faculty Senate has no confidence in Vela's ability to lead the college.

Among the issue that claim to have led to the "no confidence" vote against her is the continuing of the Campus Transformation Planning and the changing of the Accreditation Self-Study Report by five departments. Those five department are:

• Fine Arts and Communications,

• Health Occupations

• Humanities and Social Sciences

• Business

• Athletics

There is scheduled meeting for Feb. 12 and Feb. 26 and within those two date there will be the involvement of the ASCC and whether or not the ASCC sponsored the "no confidence" vote. The latest of the decision could come within the month...

Still developing story...

Breaking News: Kochems confirms candidacy

Media Credit: Norma

Current Sargent-At-Arms Brian Kochems has confirmed he will be running for the ASCC President and possibly the Student Trustee position if it splits after the results are in by tonight. Presidential applications will be avialable on Feb. 25

Kochems, who has been involved with ASCC for more than two years approached me at the Inter-Club Council meeting as a representative of the Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance said that he would provide me with additional information about the ASCC as a whole if I decided to return to the student publication Talon Marks next semester or in the future.

In addition, he says that he's on the lookout for a Vice President. Any volunteers?

I knew it. I had a feeling this was the big announcement from him. But...

Soliciting a journalist, are we? And telling me what I should do in the future? Okay, whatever. But to find out that he's running...GOOD! Well, the ASCC Presidential elections will be held in April.

Stay tuned...

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Auditions to be held Feb. 12 for the 'Monologues'

Next Tuesday Cerritos' Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance club will hold its auditions for Eve Ensler's play "The Vagina Monologues." I went to the two-night performance last spring semester and laughed so hard I almost choked from it.

This performance is held across college campus everywhere and spotlighting that violence against women will not be tolerated and will be continued to be fought. I went, I saw, I believe it should end. And that is not only because of FMLA it is because it's true. NOBODY should put their hands on you. V-Day, a day to remember and fight against violence.

I will attend my first Inter-Club Council meeting tomorrow. I'm nervous, but I think I will do fine.


Talon Marks issue No. 3

I admit this to the Spring 2008 Cerritos College Talon Marks staff: I f--king love the layout of the paper this week. I'm serious. I f--king LOVE it! YOU knew where to go with this issue. The main package story great...all the way around.

I am NOW proud to say, "Hi, my name is Norma Palacios, I am a former Cerritos Community College Talon Marks staff writer." IF you continue to do issues like these until the end of the semester, I will continue to say it.

However, while the layout is the s--t, and you have a main focus, (something that I have been looking for since last semester that didn't materialize) there are things that I still see that are continuing to happen with the paper and you still have until the end of the semester to improve on. And as such, I know that you will.

I will do this by design first: Photos from the Child Development Center. The only photo that I will question is the one of the top left, should have focused on the two boys as a close up...YOU don't have to bend down yourself, let the camera do that. All you have to do is a quarter-angle, of the face and bring it to probably had more or you could have tried it with other kids there (but remember and you know, no names required).

Sports page 7: TO your Photo Editor, NO posing in journalism. This happened once in the fall of 2006 when the main story was about the Middle East Crisis. You should have told them to hit the ball instead...YOU need to make them real, genuinine. I would hope you will NEVER do this again.

Sports page 6: The photo is too careful with how light you make it. I know the lighting is horrible in the gym, but you should have gone around to the other side of the court and pressed your camera in for a facial expression.

Arts page 5: Bogus...but fun.

Art page 4: Like the idea of the photo but again I know that there could be a shot of the cosmetology students from a three-quarter angle and again let that camera flip, bent, stilt at those angle. Oh, yeah, for the TM contributor: what are the names of the students in the photo?

Opinion page 3: The Editorial picture? Pixels? Answer: NO!

News page 2: The photo of the Clinton rally...I question that, but I do have a question for the person who wrote it and photographed it? Did you scour the crowd for Cerritos students who might have attended? Were there any? How about Hillary Rodman Clinton? Could have been more appealing...

And lastly the front page: Too much type...could have use pull out quotes with mug shots of those speaking. Remember to all of you on Talon Marks this semester, the audience, (meaning more than 20,000 Cerritos College students) should be familiar with those all this campus, whether it be faculty, staff, administator, local politicans, officials (and/or possibily) celebrities. The graph of the pros and cons of the special student trustee/student president hard to read. The name of the source too light.

But I don't want to deter from what a fabulous layout this issue was entirely, and to Mr. Editor-in-Chief I want to say, do this again...and again...and then I will not be such a b---h.

In any event, I will get to reading the articles individually...and report back. When do I not?

Norma Palacios
former Talon Marks staff writer

This week, Super Tuesday and Ash Wednesday

Greetings everyone! I'm back after last night's primary election...more on it in a moment. But first here is what is going on this week at Cerritos College. As all of you know, there is a special election that is going on that will determine whether or not to keep the ASCC President and Student Trustee as one position or split them apart.

All of the information of what will happen and the change of requirements and its Consititution are all written in simple form (see blog entry here).

Moving on...The presidential primary was last night and having been up for the elections since 4:30 a.m. I feel great! I feel that the only thing I did was close my eyes and woke up again. But all things considered I feel great.

There were only a few things that happen that I was careful with this time. I made sure that there were not damaged voter recorders in the voting booths. Older men who are old enough to be my father or grandfather have a strange way of flirting...

Media Credit: Michele Cassiano's Family

And someone who use to go to yoga class when Michele Cassiano was teaching showed up unware that she had passed away more than a year ago. Let me just say I was talking about her I realized that my emotions were getting the best of me. Cassiano meant the world to me. I don't realize how much she means to me until I begin to talk about her.

I am angry at the cancer that took her away from us...from me. I am still in shock, even after more than a year. But that is way mediation and writing are important to me. It distracts me. DON'T YOU see why I have kept this going? Anyway, I know she is fine...she's with God. I miss her and love her still.

And finally...Speaking of God, it's Ash Wednesday.

Now, I know that this is the day is which is the first day of Lent and occurs 40 days before Easter (excluding Sundays). It falls on a different date each year, because it is dependent on the date of Easter; it can occur as early as Feb. 4 or as late as March 10.

At Masses and services of worship on this day, ashes are imposed on the foreheads (or tonsure spots, in the case of some clergy) of the faithful.

The priest, minister, or in some cases officiating layperson marks the forehead of each participant with black ashes in the shape of a cross, which the worshiper traditionally retains until washing it off after sundown.

The act echoes the ancient Near Eastern tradition of throwing ash over one's head to signify repentance before God (as related in the Bible). The priest or minister says one of the following when applying the ashes:

Remember, O man, that you are dust, and unto dust you shall return. (Latin: Memento homo, quia pulvis es, et in pulverem reverteris.)

—Genesis 3:19
Turn away from sin and be faithful to the Gospel.

—Mark 1:15
Repent, and hear the good news.

While I respect the idea of religion, I would hope that one day those who interpret the Bible illerally will stop because everyone one of us has sinned, no matter how many times we sit at the pew in church. That to me is how God loves us, and remember we are only actors in the world, God, or the light, or Energy has created.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Getting ready for Super Tuesday and ICC

I am gearing up for Super Tuesday. The Presidential primary. Have the supplies and my sister will enjoy me this time around. Lets see what happens? Will there be media? Don't know. Will there be controversy? Could be. It happened the last time.

WHO knows? Cerritos College will have its special election Wednesday and Thursday as well...

And finally. I have been ask to attend an Inter-Club Council meeting, representing the Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance.

Mio, its representative? YES!

WHY are they in ASCC?

I have seen enough to say this about what is going on at the ASCC. WHY are those who are appointed in there in the first place? Make me wonder if they know what they are doing in the first place. I mean, take for example, the Commissioner of Fine Arts, she looks like she has to take drugs in order to give her report. Or is that she is already on them?

And boy are ASCC President Jason Macias and ASCC Vice President Michael Barrita putting a front for Talon Marks. Won't work. Too late. And there was someone who said that they don't know what to do. And they are a college student?

Friday, February 1, 2008

Talon Marks issue No. 2

I am looking through the second issue of the Cerritos College Talon Marks and I have made notes on improvements and other things that are still appearing. So, here it is:

Let do it this way, page-by-page. The front page has the following. As with the story of "Talon Marks editorial angers Barrita." Those are all quotes from the meeting what about afterward. I know that you probably talked to both ASCC President Jason Macias and ASCC Vice President Michael Barrita. And there is one line in the issue that I know that the TM adviser will tell the line of "the executive branch will give their should read, "the executive branch will gives its recommendation..." Regardless, there needs to be student reaction.

The same goes with Proposition 92 story where is the student reaction. There is good information but where are the students? As for the story of the Culinary Arts. The lead is weak. The information graph is hard to read...but it's a good thing the source are there.

I figured that something like this would be more suffice: "With lunch specials served (during this days) students have had the opportunity to taste the cuisine of (more than 100)students in the Culinary Arts department..." Or you could have had something like this..."As student (name and major here) waits in line it is quick to notice that for a price of (price for a plate) faculty and administration can have a taste of the creations made by students..." Just a thought...and lastly since the story took place more than a week ago, the date should be added and not the "last Tuesday," (i.e. Jan. 16) or whatever.

Page 2: The Board of Trustees photo is facing the outside and the story should work and laid out as an L shape...and the photo is too dark...and again get the reaction afterward. I have done this often. Walk out and get them.

The ASCC Senate story could use bullet for the list of names appoint and reaction after...YOU must begin to do that. And of course there should be at least 0.2 space between the ads and stories...(take note of the front page and the story of Prop. 92).

Page 3: The photos are okay, but Obama's is too blurring and a source is missing from the list for Prop. 91. And I do have a question, what source did you use for the information on the candidates.

Page 4: Great to see "Letters to the Editor," but the photos of the Free Speech Zone are way to dark as well at the stat of the week graph.

Page 5: The photo on the art gallery is pixelled. And who are Sandra de la Loza and Brian Moss; both have no ID. Good story of the reaction but the same should apply to the Senate and Cabinet meeting get the students to talk.

Page 6: The story photo could have been better. And to have only two sports stories and one from the information desk. That is an area I would hope all of you improve on more than what we had.

I still have a question on the online edition. WHY are the photo pixelled? There are some good writing in here, but there must be more reaction...

Could you improve, of course. You are a good staff. Just don't count on what you have. And be that watchdog...