Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Three Amigas

Media Credit: Francisco Acosta

Forget, "The Three Amigos," this is, "The Three Amigas." Yes, everyone what you see before you is my mom and sister here with me as this photo is taken for the day of my birthday. I still like the shirt I'm wearing.

Anyway, this is one of the rare occasion the three of us have taken a photo together. So what do you think? Do we look alike or not?

Well, I best be off...I'm going to get the new Madonna album, "Hard Candy" today as a belated birthday gift. See ya.


Monday, April 28, 2008

I'm 28, She's 47 and she's 11

Media Credit: Francisco Acosta

Here is a picture taken yesterday, as it was my birthday. Here I am with my mom in the back of the house with our chow chow named Prieta,which means (female version) spanish word used to describe someone with dark features. (It's more than dark features).

Usually a mestizo with dark skin. I know that it was a while before another picture with my mom was taken; the last photo being May 2007. Well, anyway, this is what happened...I got one gift card from Borders bookstore and I was taken out to eat.

But here's the funny moment of the day: My mom, sister and stepdad came into my room to sing "Happy Birthday" and the dog squeezed through my stepdad's legs to get through, and did a 360. And she ended up turning to face the three of them as they finished singing.

Despite the hot weather I now begin my 29th year of life today...Oh, and who's the 11-year-old? The dog of course...

Friday, April 25, 2008

A possible internship in the City of El Segundo?

Note: More information developing...

Is there a possible internship in the City of El Segundo? It is possible that I found something. Within the last few weeks I have been looking for something to do for the summer.

And with that I hope to grow into the field of writing. So, in a sense, I am looking toward NOT taking summer classes if someone just gave me a chance. Even saying that I am looking forward...

Update: No luck, and why? The person who was interviewing me was on the phone the entire time...

Thursday, April 24, 2008

He would have been 71 on Saturday

Media Credit: Francisco Acosta

It is hard to believe but Richard C. Runyon would have been 71-years-old on Saturday. Who is Richard C. Runyon? He was someone that our family knew for 20 years before his untimely death on Nov. 13, 2001. He burned to death in a plane crash at the Santa Monica Airport with another passenger. To read more about him and his life, along with my thoughts click here.

With his birthday the day before mine I remember that final year I saw him and I wished him a happy birthday and to hopefully do something special that day. He thanked me.

Only a month before he passed, he told me to be good and I told him that I would be. And yet, I didn't realize that it would be the last time I would hear his voice. Runyon, who was born in Los Angeles in 1937 was tall at 6'3" and 200 lbs. His waistline was as big as mine at 42" (at the time of his passing). Yet, he proved to be a giant in life. Dick Clark might be known as, "The World's Oldest Teenager," but Runyon was, "The World's Oldest Teen."

He was a man who never acted his age and that is something that I like about him. He treated all of us like his own family. The photo (at right) was taken at the Van Nuys Airport a year before his passing. His plane was a twin-engine Cessna and the hangar was at the airport. My mom cleaned that plane, which in turn, took nine hours to wax and vacuum.

I miss him tremendously and I will forever. Another celebrity who shares this date of April 26 as their passing...Lucille Ball who passed away in 1989 from heart surgery complications. Hmm. I must be ancient if I know this stuff...

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Why Macias wants in on Talon Marks

Media Credit: Norma

Current ASCC President Jason Macias is not only looking toward being the 2008-09 Student Trustee but also being a staff writer for the Cerritos College Talon Marks. I asked him why now and he said, "I want to gain the experience, of everything." I thought, "Sure... you do."

"I am going to stay here at Cerritos for an extra semester and thought about it. Besides I use to write for my high school newspaper and I will check my schedule to see if it fits in." Being that Macias wants in on Talon Marks, current Sargent-At-Arms and recent ASCC Presidential Candidate Brian Kochems wants to be a photographer too. Hearing from the both of them it's a load of bullshit and they know it.

The true of the matter is Macias, Kochems and current ASCC Vice President and 2008-09ASCC President-elect Michael Barrita couldn't handle the pressure of being in the spotlight...when they were called on their agenda. It was enough to have Barrita as a Nazi, but for Cerritos to have two of them?

Update: Macias has said that he wants to do radio show at Cerritos' WPMD...but when I pressed him about it, he wasn't sure about what. Sure...

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Top 5 items for Norma's birthday wish list

With Earth Day today, I will share my Top 5 birthday wish list items with you today as the BIG 2-8 approaches. Are you ready? Okay and here it is:

No. 5=Madonna's Hardy Candy album (U.S. Release)=What a surprise! Why yes, ladies and gentleman, the latest is coming out on April 29, two days after my big day.

No. 4=Hard Candy Special Edition (pictured at right), this is the release that will come out with the exact U.S. release too. Special Edition CD cover — in a hinged DVD-sized "Candy" box. It includes the CD album and two "4 Minutes" remixes, a 16-page booklet and approximately 35 Starlite Mint candies packaged in clear cello bag.

No. 3=The Hardy Candy Japanese edition with the extra track, "Ring My Bell." IF I have the first two, why not the set.

Update: The three items above with most likely and definitely will be a Hollywood's Amoeba Music Records stores.

No. 2=I'm trying to catch up with my sister (right) on tattoos. She is leading 2-0. I will do it (like Spice Girls' Melanie Chisholm aka Sporty Spice, pictured above right).

And the No. 1 item on my birthday wish list for 2008 that will make my day even better than before because it is important...

World Peace...


Monday, April 21, 2008

Bush and Cheney via Barrita and Macias

If current ASCC President Jason Macias does win the Student Trustee position with current ASCC Vice President Michael Barrita being the ASCC President-elect then there is no doubt how much of a Bush-Cheney influence they have in them. The Bobsey twins have turned the ASCC into their own dictatorship.

Much of what they want to happen is boring. I enjoyed more of the back and forth on the Talon Marks Letter-to-the-Editor section. No short of a surprise there. Do it more. As for Barrita and Macias both can actually replace Barbara and Jenna Bush and President Bush's kids because I'm sure that both of them drank at the age of 18.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Norma, growing up

Update: Photos are in order according to age.

Here I am at age five. I like this photo because of the Santa Village sweater. Although Santa Village is now closed and that were once in California there is one in New Hamphire. Like the hair but could have worked on the smile.

Ah, graduating from kindergarten. Everyone strives for the cap and grown, no?

Age: A seven-year-old me. I took a page out of Academy-award winning actress Hilary Swank book. Yes, I had the Brandon Teena look then. I crossed as a boy. But it was the first time. I did it again in the second year of high school.

I don't know if I would like to forget but sometimes I would have liked someone from stopping from having my hair like I did in some of these photos. I don't know maybe I was drunk before the age of 21...A 10-year old, and went down to 100 lbs. That was fat back then.

And no, that's not a wedding photo you see, it is my first Communion at the age of 12(below) but it was also the last time I saw my godmother in the year 1992...But I am still hate the dress. I'm not a girly girl.

But as I look toward being 28 this year, each one has a story behind the photos. I tell you what I was thinking and what my mom was thinking when she did my hair. Dressed up because I had to.

There is also pain behind each of these photos at the time that they were taking and I had to deal with change...of moving and such. These photos below were just the first years of being in Santa Fe Springs.

In this photo I had just moved to Santa Fe Springs on September 1991 and had gone to Lakeland Elementary School. Different time of air space. A 10-year-old almost 11 here. And I was thinking then, "What was I thinking wearing that shirt?" MY God someone should have stopped me.

Ah, middle school ages 12 and 14 (below)...the beginning of trying to fit in with the "in crowd" and my chance of being popular...it backfired and I started to hate the time...

My weight was going up and down and I hated myself because I let myself go. This was middle school and the last year of that time. I was looking happy but I wasn't and my weight would eventually balloon to 191 lbs when I turned 18-years-old. And with the fact that I was 5'2". I've been fighting that battle even since. I plan to beat it before it take me. So there you have it, me and my looking as I have grown up. The true "Ugly Betty."


At least one gift for me

Well, I at least have one gift for me. It is the 1990 Dick Tracy Breathless Mahoney featuring Madonna ceramic coffee mug (picture No. 3 and No. 4). To be honest, I have the set of coffee mugs now from the Warren Beatty-directed film.

I went to Hollywood yesterday and I saw both coffee mugs at the Starworld Hollywood store (located between Hollywood and La Palmas) and was told that the coffee mug set was brought in the day before. The price tag on the coffee mug (pictures three and four was $21.65 including tax). Not bad if you ask me.

As for the first coffee mug (first two photos), I got this from the Internet, and yet, I haven't ordered anything since this cup because I got in trouble for it. But more on that later. Anyway, like I said, I went yesterday to Starworld Hollywood, and I was contemplating a decision to whether or not to buy the second coffee mug.

The reason was because I was looking at the magazines with Madonna on the cover but at the same time I was aching over the decision to take it over not. I kept telling myself to take the mug, and going back and forth of saying "yes" and "no, I can't." At the same time, I was given time to think about it.

The coffee mugs were not the only Dick Tracy stuff on display; there was also a Breathless Mahoney doll for the price of $24.99 + tax, of course. I thought about that as my gift but then I thought, "What am I going to do with a doll?" It only had her likeness. Seriously, I was torn about what to do. Then, the seller said this: "Well, there could be a possibly the (second mug) will not be here the next time you come back."

Then I thought, "Damn! The "hook." So...in the end, I bought the second coffee mug, and I said that I would hope he doesn't make me regret it. "It" being the coffee mug (at right) with the watch coffee handle. The handle was creative, I like that. Well, then I got home and looked at the cup and said, well, it course be worse...because with a doll there is no use for it. With a coffee mug there is a use for liquid (I mean alcohol, duh)...


Saturday, April 19, 2008

To Norma Patricia, Love Madonna

Prior to Madonna's 2006 Confessions Tour, I got a surprise gift that I have never forgotten, and this is the first time I am sharing this with you, the public. Yes, ladies and gentleman, what you have before you is an autograph item by the Queen of Pop. Although this item is priceless, I consider it to be one of my prized possession.

I will not go into too much detail but here is the basic details of what happened. Someone at a Warner Music Group company division wrote a personal letter to her and told her that I was a big fan. And then this happen...and I will never forget it. How many of us can say, "I have something (so-and-so) autographed for me." In light of the upcoming April 29 release of the CD Hardy Candy, the 11th and final album under the Warner Bros. Records contract, I would hope that you NOW understand why I give a damn about this woman.

Update: Some details of the photograph. This is from the 2005 Versace clothing campaign featuring "the one and only" and this is prior to the untimely death of Gianni Versace at the age of 50 in 1997. And this is also before the arrival of daughter Lourdes in 1996 (see nose ring in photo).

With that being said, it was not until 2005 that Madonna would appear again for a Versace campaign (at right) and then again for the March 2007 for clothing giant H&M.

Oh, and by the way, the photographer of the Versace photos: Mario Testino. Other Testino photos including Madonna album covers for, Something To Remember, and Ray of Light, Vanity Fair covers March 1998, March 2003 with actor Rupert Everett (Are you freaked out, yet?).

Update: People have told me that I am a freak, like I have said before. So, that's why I was asking if what I said is freaking you out. I could keep on going...but I don't want to give you a headache or a migraine...


Thursday, April 17, 2008

Forget Waldo, it's "Finding Fabio!"

Update: Here's the photo. Media Credit: Fabio

There is someone I have been meaning to make contact with and hopefully someone out there knows where he is. The person I'm looking for is someone I met in 1999 and his name is Fabio Lauretti.

But when I met him I only knew him as Fabio. And the way he and I met was through the internet, I was in Los Angeles and he is from Italy. Yes, you heard me right...Italy. What I found out was that he loved Madonna as much I do. And yet, I have lost contact with him, so I am asking the public, "Do you know where Fabio has gone?"

Here is how we met: Back in 1999, and beginning of 2000, I was on a Madonna fan site looking at other fans response to the growing popularity of Madonna and yet, a comment that he made caught my attention. I responsed and when I received a reply I thought that he was someone who was trying to piss me off. He reply back and I called him a jerk.

He replied back and said that he wasn't trying to offend me, I apologize for my temper and began to talk via chatroom and e-mail. He and I soon began exchanging e-mail then three letters, and finally one photo of each other. At that time I was overweight and unhappy and led to drop out of Cerritos College during that semester, (Mr. Cameron, it's what I never told you). I still have those letters and Fabio's picture with me, nine years later.

However, if someone KNOWS where Fabio from Italy, and (hopefully still is) a Madonna fan is, can someone from Italy let me know. I want to know how he's doing and what has been going on. I want to tell him that I remember the picture and remember his kindness. And I still want to know, "Are you (still) a Madonna fan, like me?" On the back of the picture it reads:

"I'm with the most popular Spanish star Natalia Estrada at the Madrid airport!! I'm the one with the cap! Fabio."

Norma Palacios

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The CCFF speak to the Board of Trustees

Note: Below is an update from last night.

In light of the "no report" about the status of Cerritos College President Dr. Noelia Vela there was an important issue spotlighted at the Board of Trustees meeting tonight and that is the continued fair contract negotations of the Cerritos College Faculty Federation part-time employees.

With more than 100 faculty, staff, administrators and Cerritos students 10 faculty members address the Board of Trustees asking the seven of them to reconsiders its 5.5percent increase for those who are part-time faculty.

Among the 10 speakers that address the issue were:

• History Instructor Walter Fernandez,
• Computer Technology instructor Dean Mellas,
• Arts and Department chairperson Steven Portigal,
• Cerritos College Faculty Federation President and Philosophy instructor Ted Stolze

For those who attended and spoke the focus was that the Board recommended to have a 5.5 percent salary increase was unfair for its Cost-of-Living Allowance for themselves and their families.

Cost of living is defined as the cost of maintaining a certain standard of living. A cost-of-living index is a price index that measures relative cost of living over time. Such indexes are constructed to have a value of 100 in a given year (or period or place), called the base.

An index value of 110 indicates that the current cost of living is ten percent higher than in the base year. Because the index provides measure of the change in the cost of living, it has no units.

There are many different methodologies that have been developed to calculate cost-of-living indexes, including methods that allow for substitution among items as relative prices change.

In addition, Employment contracts, pension benefits, and government entitlements (such as Social Security) can be tied to a cost-of-living index, typically to the consumer price index (though such CPI increases may not meet the "indifference" objective if the increase is then reduced by income taxes).

A cost-of-living allowance (COLA) adjusts salaries based on changes in a cost-of-living index. Salaries are typically adjusted annually. They may also be tied to a cost-of-living index that varies by geographic location if the employee moves.

Annual escalation clauses in employment contracts can specify retroactive or future percentage increases in worker pay which are not tied to any index. These negotiated increases in pay are colloquially referred to as cost-of-living adjustments or cost-of-living increases because of their similarity to increases tied to externally-determined indexes.

Most economists and compensation analysts would consider the idea of predetermined future "cost of living increases" to be misleading for two reasons: For most recent periods in the industrialized world, average wages have actually increased faster than most calculated cost-of-living indexes, reflecting the influence of rising productivity and worker bargaining power rather than simply living costs, and most cost-of-living indexes are not forward-looking, but instead compare current or historical data.

Additionally, simple arithmetic requires that any increase subject to income tax will necessarily have to exceed the inflation rate to result in an inflation adjusted after-tax salary level. Thus for real purchasing power (or any after-tax income) to merely keep up with inflation, gross income must increase faster than cost-of-living indexes.

Consequently, where using CPI as a proxy for a Cost-of-Living index may fall short is in accounting for subsequent income taxes on COLA increases. As a means for adjusting gross wages/salaries/incomes CPI calculations may fail to gross-up for 'progressive rate marginal taxes'.

Indexed increases are generally taxed at the highest marginal tax rate, whereas the consumer expenditure market basket corresponds to the consumer's generally lower average tax rate.

The widely recognized problem known as bracket-creep can also occur in countries where the marginal tax brackets themselves are not indexed - COLA increases simply place more dollars into higher tax rate brackets. (Only under a flat-rate tax system would a percentage gain on gross income translate into a comparable inflation-offsetting gain at the after tax level.)

As with the raise of the cost of gas going to $4 per gallon, why shouldn't they have an increase for its fair wages and suffering economy. Yet, the Board of Trustees says that it has "given its best and last offered of 5.5 percent raise?" Please...I think that if the Board of Trustees is concern with the changing of its campus and considering changing to Falcon Square with newer buildings and landscape, all of them have a bigger ego then me.

Breaking News:"No Report" on Vela status

The Cerritos College Board of Trustees just issued a "No Report" on its dispcline, dismissal or release status for its College President Dr. Noelia Vela. Vela, 58, who has faced criticism for her lack of leadership for the Cerritos Faculty Senate has had a vote of "no confidence" from department heads are they are:

• Fine Arts/Communications

• Health Occupations

• Humanities and Social Sciences

• Business

• Health, Physical Education and Athletics.

Read more about the situation here.

Vela faces D-Day at Board meeting

Cerritos College President Dr. Noelia Vela will be facing a possible fate today at the Board of Trustees meeting tonight.

Will she stay or is it 'Bye Bye Bye' for the 58-year-old who has served as president since 2004? I will be there and so will others...

The Board of Trustees meeting begins at 6 p.m.

Stay tuned for the update...

Norma at three months and age 5

As I promised here are at least two photos of me as a three month old and a five-year-old. I don't remember the first one (above) but my mom wrote in the back of the picture that I was approximately three months old. Like I said in the previous blog entry I was born at Martin Luther King Jr. Hospital.

Below it of course is me at five years old. However, what you don't see in the picture is the tremendous pain that I was in emotional speaking. And by the way, my mom did my hair that way because she thought it was "the look" for me. Mind you, I have never shared these photos until now.

Does it look like me? Don't know. I wish I could go back and take these photos again. Guys? Like that "4 Minutes" song, says, "Sometimes I think what I need is a you intervention Yeah"

I am self-conscious about everything...thank God I don't have a mirror in my room or I would break it in half.


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Feminist Club gets ready for Voterpolozza

As this year's election is approaching Cerritos College's Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance club is gearing up for a Voterpolozza to get the people of the campus to register to vote and its important.

But as one who have it, current Vice President and Presidential Candidate Michael Barrita stopped by and said that he is willing to help out. How convienent for him. I know that he is doing it because of the ASCC Presidential Elections tomorrow and Thursday.

And the FMLA will also target Talon Marks with advertisement...soon.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Franco addresses Vela situation

Former ASCC President Josh Franco spoke about Cerritos College Dr. Noelia Vela's presidency and about the "allegations" she has faced from the Faculty Senate today, to me, and said that it is an unfortunate situation.

Vela, 58, who has served as Cerritos' president since 2004, has faced criticism from the Faculty Senate and questions about her leadership skills. A decision could be made to release or fire her at this coming Wednesday Board of Trustees meeting.

Franco, who was the student president and student trustee for the 2004-05 academic school year when the department accreditation beginning with the presentation of the important of the $210 million GO Bond, which he said was important and fought because it was needed for the campus.

More than $30 million was going to be use for the Fine Arts building. However, once there was another look at it, there was less than $30 million. In that sense, it is what has led to the formation of the Cerritos College Master Plan and the concern with "The Hill" located next to the music and theater department.

Franco, said that with Vela facing the possiblity of being fired that if it happens, it will happen. "One who (is in the position that she has been in), has to keep that open engagement of communication." And he said that the reason for the support of the GO Bond during his tenure at Cerritos was because he believed that the college would be improved for future students.

With all that said, "It all leads back to the open engagement I was talking to you about" and that he believes that is the most important thing that anyone in a presidential position, college or otherwise must do.

As for what I thought about what Franco said, he's right, there must be engagement with students or otherwise. Could he the next Cerritos College President? At least if he is to be a future college president everyone will know who he is. With this current president...99 percent of them DON'T know who she is.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

About turning 28...

Born on April 27, 1980 most people I have met can't believe I am as old as I am. But I am. I was born at Martin Luther King Hospital aka "Killer King" (Google and see articles about the troubled hospital) and yet, I look at this as another chapter in my life and one that I don't know what will happen. However, I do think that living 28 years is not nearly enough to live long enough to write a book about my life. Fuck no.

One person even told me that I should write a book about myself, but I told her no because for one thing, I'm not Britney Spears. I have seen the events in my life like this, you live them like if it were last on earth. Besides, I do think that I have not done enough to promote change in the world. I was a volunteer for a while at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, but I left only because of the distance, nothing else. But there are titles that I have been given that I can't forget.

As much as I hate elementary school, I was called "Grandma" by this boy named Josh because of the way I walked. Hear this for those of you would don't understand. I was born one month premature and was only three pounds when I was conceived. And the reason for the way I walked was because of cerebral palsy...(google that too). My case is known as only a mild case not severe. I will never forget the torment of what Josh did to me. He looked white as a ghost.

In middle school and just recently moved from Van Nuys to Santa Fe Springs in 1991, people treated me better, and yet, I still didn't fit in.

At Santa Fe High School it was worse, that I my brain was shot to hell. I thought of all kinds of things, suicide and even murder...but somehow I survived...Don't know if I will even go to the reunion. I don't know half the people anyway.

College...Now there a different story, everything changed, and that was a good thing. I fucked up when I left and I know that I am still fighting to finish and trying to prove who I am. I am still answering that question everyday. However, the relationship with my father is there but that's all. He doesn't get me most of the time and I don't think he ever will.

Psychology I wasn't there because of the torment and torture I felt because we moved and then just things didn't make sense. That all changed when I met Michele Cassiano and Tina Zwegardt. All three of us were meant to cross paths. Although Cassiano is no longer on this earth, she is still with me and I pray to her and ask her to understand what I have been through. Hell and Back...and Hell again.

Mind you, I will tell you this. I know what abuse looks like. I wasn't protected but my sister was. I know what taunting is. I lived it for five years. I don't know what love is. I'm too much of a flirt with men and women. I know how people can remember you. Like I said, I've called "Grandma," "Weird," "Unique," (don't know why) and "Madonna Freak" (Yeah, motherfuckers!) and even "bitch," "dyke," "queer" and even "cool"...but somehow I have survived through it all...

Note: "Bitch" is defined as a "female dog" so being that I am female it goes with saying of the lyrics from Britian's The Darkness and its song, "Black Shuck":

(Black Shuck) Black Shuck
(Black Shuck) Black Shuck
(Black Shuck) That dog don't give a fuck


Thanx to everyone and anyone who has always been kind...

Barrita, Macias and Vela should have been fired

Well, with the Cerritos College Board of Trustees members deciding to continued its investigation about the status of Cerritos College President Dr. Noelia Vela on Wednesday, there are reasons for her to be fired.

First, I don't believe that she is trying harder to set up a better relationship with anyone...I mean come on she is the female version of Fabian Nuñez.

And as far as ASCC President Jason Macias saying that he had another sleepless night over the concern of Vela, I think that both him and ASCC Vice President Michael Barrita should have been fired on their asses a long time ago.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Riding the wave of Hollywood

I love Hollywood. Been there too often, and there is a reason for my visit to the Entertainment District and that is because of a Talon Marks Wings Magazine article about exploring Los Angeles and the public transportation of the Metro bus and rail system.

Here is the Hollywood and Highland station and its outsides...

Note: As promised, pictures of a younger me are coming...as I will turn 28. I must tell you I hate my picture being taken...

She would have been 43 on Saturday

Media Credit: Michele Cassiano's Family

It is hard to believe but with her passing more than a year ago, Michele Cassiano would have been 43 on Saturday. How could I forget about it...

She will FOREVER be in my heart...At 43, I sure that she would have been beautiful inside and out.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Barrita DOES NOT respresent Cerritos

Current ASCC Vice President Michael Barrita does NOT represent Cerritos College students. As he said in a comment left on Talon Marks online edition: "First and foremost, it is because I am a serious representative of our students that I care when they are being misinformed and mislead". And better yet, he doesn't speak for me and anyone else for that matter.

Are you sure he's not the son of President George W. Bush? I mean come on, if Barrita thinks that he is a serious representative of Cerritos College and its students...he's better off being a Nazi.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

I was recognized, by him

A funny thing happened today. I was recognized by someone who remembered me when I helped him out with the desination of the Metro bus. A few weeks back, he was told by a bus driver that he didn't go to a certain location. However, I realized that the bus driver lied and the bus did go to that location.

Well, what happened is that two minutes later I saw him and told him that, that same bus did go to the location and he thanked me. Well, I saw him today and I didn't realize it was him and he said, "hi." But in doing so, I thought that he was talking to someone else. When I asked, "Are you talking to me?" He said, "Yeah, how are you? You helped me out with that bus..." or something like that, (I'm paraphasing). And I said, "Hey, I'm good, thanks." The Metro bus line 62 does go to Pershing Square in Los Angeles.

Here's the problem...I don't know what his name is and if someone reads this or knows who this man, or if you are person who was with him today knows him, let him know that I appreciate his kindness.


Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Former ER star sighting at Amoeba

Have I spotted another celebrity sighting. This time it was former "ER" star Abraham Benrubi. Yes, everyone he was at Hollywood's Amoeba Music Record store (located between Ivar & Hollywood).

Could it be possible that my eyes were deceiving me? Possibly. But I would not be saying this, if it were not true. Tall, and he had his hair just like the picture (at right) but I know it was him.

He was there at Amoeba bring cases of CDs, Vinyl Records to the "Buy, Sell, Trade" counter. So, is it a possibly that he works there when he's not making movies? Who knows? I couldn't get over how tall he was. And that's no fooling.

Note: Coming soon are photos of yours truly...as my 28th birthday approaches on April 27.