Thursday, May 29, 2008

Buy one, get one free; 2 shirts from No. 30

Update: More information below.

Well, this is a whole new meaning to the words, "Buy One, Get One Free." I literally got that yesterday at Starworld Hollywood. Cool. Here's what happened. I went to Hollywood yesterday and the day before to look for Madonna items.

I walked into Starworld Hollywood and looked at the Madonna memorbilia display case and saw that there was a copy of Gloss Magazine (pictured below at right) based in San Francisco.

I bought the copy for $4.99. However, the seller was so nice that he had a copy of the Odyssey Magazine (pictured above at left) with her photo on the cover. He said that I could have it. Thanks. I don't know his name. Next time I will ask him.

And finally, I bought yet another Madonna shirt (pictured above), which leaves me two shirts away from No. 30 when I went to Virgin Megastore and bought a shirt with the Like A Virgin album cover with the word Virgin on the back.

I was going to buy another shirt, but with time before the upcoming Sticky and Sweet Tour (to which I am unfortunately NOT going to because there is no $$$) I still have time to get them. I will...that's for sure.

With my mom and sister coming back later tonight from their trip to El Salvador, with them arriving sometime after 11 p.m. I had to do something...but what ended up happening was me being a virgin...


Tuesday, May 27, 2008

N-dolla's pursuit of No. 30

Here is a picture of the latest Madonna shirt (pictured below)that I bought. It is the Confessions shirt from the "Hung Up" video and it's also shirt No. 27. I bought it at a souvenir store between Las Palmas and Hollywood, next to a newsstand.

But that store was not the only one I went to. I also happen to drop in at the Virgin Megastore at the intersection of Hollywood & Highland next to the Kodak Theatre and wouldn't you know it; there were three other Madonna shirts on display.

I thought "No. 28, No. 29, and No. 30." Yet, none of the shirts are from the Hard Candy era. Damn. Oh, well, if I don't go to the Sticky & Sweet concert, I can always imagine the love that everyone will give her and the shirt that I will be wearing. I can dream...can't I?

Monday, May 26, 2008

I'm tempted to survive on my own

It has been a funny day-and-a-half. I have received three calls in that time where I have been asked, "How are you?" One call was yesterday morning, when I went to collection the election inspector supplies for the upcoming primary election on June 3. She said if I had gone to pick up the supplies that was at the location from 8 a.m.-5 p.m. When did she call me yesterday? At 4 p.m. when she was on her way to Bakersfield.

She told me that she spoke to my mom about coming to an agreement that if the neighbor wasn't able to take me that she would go with me. The only thing that I told her was that I had done the duty of picking up the supplies. Should I be pissed that she called me? No, I'm not but I was pissed that she had called me too late to help me. IF there was a need for me to call her, I would have called her. But she was half way to Bakersfield. Probably doesn't make sense. However, I am grateful to the neighbor.

The next was my uncle who called just now, and he asked me if I spoke to my mom. I told him yes. The phone calls to my mom is short and she continues to ask me if I am okay. I am, I tell her. And the dog is okay too. She says she misses me and so do I, I tell her. But I know for my mom, sister and dad is that they are there with extended family. This week has been eye-opening and I am being tested by God to see if I can survive on my own. If I have survived this long without their supervision, imagine what I can do on my own? Hmmm. I'm tempted...

Sunday, May 25, 2008

N-dolla's Thought of the Day

The following is N-dolla's opportunity to bitch. In this case, the word "bitch" in this case means thoughts of the day.

As the Memorial Day holiday approaches, due to the weather, I haven't been able to go to Hollywood and visit with those who have helped me out with getting Madonna memorbilia. Damn. But I will go on Tuesday morning to Hollywood and see if there is an item to buy. One of the Madonna items that I have been able to enjoy is the Hardy Candy Special Edition (pictured above) and no, I haven't eaten the candy that came with the CD.

Media Credit: N-dolla

Picture above is of N-dolla in her room with Madonna's Hard Candy Special Edition. I play it loud and proud.

Anyway, let me say that one of the things that I took care today is the June 3 primary election inspector workshop. Thank God. Now, with the inspector supply items at home, I am glad that my dad will return the day that most of the election supplies will be gone. Anyway, things will be different this time around. Among the things that have changed are:

• Nonpartisan voters will have options to vote NP or Crossover to Democratic or Republican ballots.
• The political party signs are much bigger
• There is a safety cards to be sign by inspectors (mio)

Media Credit: N-dolla

N-dolla, the day after the hair cut and with her (almost) 21-year-old sister at home.

Now, if I may, I would like to say that I hope you have enjoyed the new photos of me because I may be Ugly Betty on the outside but I'm nice if you let me or I turn into a bitch. Now, if you will excuse me, I need something...hmmm I need a Vicodin pill...I mean a drink.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

How being alone is going so far

Well, it's Saturday night and how is being alone going so far? Quiet but I'm surviving. To be honest, being alone for a week is only a small taste of being a responsible adult. And not only that but, I'm learning how to cook on my own. To be even more honest, I NEVER cook when my mom, dad and sister are here because it's my sister who loves to cook.

Being that I am NOT taking classes during the summer it's a different point-of-view of the things that are important to take care of. I had to mop the floor because I hate to see a dirty area. And the dog, well, she is surviving and is smart enough to know that three people are missing. However, tomorrow will be a busy morning because I have to go get the supplies for the upcoming primary election on June 3. In addition, I have to attend a election inspectors training workshop.

June 3 is the primary election for state and local representatives BEFORE the general election in November for the Presidency of the United States. I am the election inspector. I've been doing this since June 6, 2006. I may have two years under my belt but other have been doing election inspecting for more than 25 years. I'm a rookie compared to those veterans.

Speaking of veterans, it's Memorial Day on Monday. So, let me take this opportunity to say that I salute those in the armed forces and those who sacificed their lives for the U.S. of A. Well, with being alone there is one thing that I have been able to do that I can't do when my parents are here, wear my Madonna shirts and stay up late...

Media Credit: N-dolla

Pictures: First photo is me in my room with the focus on the back of Madonna's 1998Grammy-winning album Ray of Light. Photo No. 2 is me drinking coffee to stay awake until 1 a.m.

With having stayed up Thursday night to watch ABC's Nightline...(read about it here) and with just staying up late all together, that means only one thing...drink coffee...


Friday, May 23, 2008

Introducing Prieta, the family dog

I turned into a night owl, last night and didn't go to sleep until almost 1 a.m. To have the freedom to go to sleep whenever one wants to doesn't happen very often. Last night I was actually watching ABC's Nightline because my American Idol was on T.V. (no, not the Davids, the other idol, you know). Anyway, she would be the only reason that I would stay up that late.

But in doing so, and having the house to myself, I just spoke to my mom a while ago and it was good to hear her voice. She told me that she missed me. And I told my sister that the dog, our dog, Prieta was fine. The poor dog had to put up with me being the night owl, and is currently sleeping inside with Southern California going through some weird and uncommon rain for the month of May. The most important thing is that the dog is okay.

Media Credit: N-dolla

Pictures: This pictures were taken last week when the weather was more than 100 degrees. And as you can see the weather was so hot that Prieta had to cool off somehow, even if that meant having water drip from her hair.

I hope that you don't mind that I introduce the family dog. Her name is Prieta, meaning a female dog with dark features. She is 11-years-old and has been with the family since 1997 when she was two months old. The first year that we had the dog it was difficult for us to get her to trust us. Being that she was in a new surrounding and was a gift for my sister who wanted a dog, Prieta was not about to let us be that family who wanted nothing but to show her love.

The first thing she was brought home she quickly hid underneath a trailer we have in the back and would not get out. All of us, including me, wanted her to gain our trust that we would never hurt her. Prieta was given to us by a man who lived in Pico Rivera, and had a number of Prieta's family with him and was looking for home for the chow-chows. The mother, father and three other family members were at his home and my sister chose Prieta, and the man said the reason for the name was obvious, (see photo above).

At an early age Prieta had trouble keeping herself under control by have "accidents" in the house as well as chewing on the newspaper. The "accidents" stop once we realized that she had gone inside my bedroom at the time and chewing the newspaper when my mom caught her one morning and chased her away from it. From that moment on, Prieta has realized that she needed to go outside of the house and hasn't gone near a newspaper in 10 years.

However, that is not the real reason I love Prieta so much. I love her because she is loyal, understanding and just there. I love her so much that sometimes I think she is my daughter. All of us have grown to love her so much I'd hate to think what will happen when she passes away.

Chow-chows can live up to 21 years old. With that in mind, I tell her how much I love her everyday. To be honest with you, sometimes I think she really is a child. You should hear her when she scratches the door when she wants to come in. She will start off quietly and the more she is ignored the louder the scratches get. But no matter what she does all of us, especially me, will love her to death. Besides she's my daughter. The only difference is she has four legs while I have two feet.


Thursday, May 22, 2008

El Salvador, reflection, and Hollywood

Well, my father has left for Los Angeles International Airport and now I am by myself at home. Uh-oh, big mistake. A lot can happen during a week. So, what does a 28-year-old, college student, Madonna obsessing-yoga practicing, and meditating fool do when she is by herself? Go to Hollywood, of course. Yes, ladies and gentleman, I will be going to Hollywood this week because nobody is here.

Media Credit: Chanette Ruiz

Picture above: N-dolla, my mom Maria Acosta, my uncle Luis Palacios and his son and our cousin Michael Palacios. The photo was taken at our house's front porch.

I know that those of you who have read this blog, have known that I love Hollywood more than I do Santa Fe Springs. There are reason for that, and all of you know that I will forever appreciate having a safe haven to go to.

Anyway, as I said my stepfather left for the airport and now my mom, dad and sister will all be in El Salvador, while I stay back taking care of the house and the our dog, Prieta. I know that there is focus on the disasters of the Myanmar, and China earthquake as well as the AIDS epidemic in Africa. With my parents and sister in El Salvador the country is suffering economically. People who have jobs in El Salvador make between $3-$5 a day for an eight-hour work day.

There is an urgency within the country and to fight its government. Like Africa where more than 1 million children are orphaned because of AIDS and other countries are suffering because of the economy one can only do so much. I know that my family is doing anything to help those family members who are still in El Salvador.

But as I look forward to have a week to myself, there is time for reflection. But also, this isn't the first time I have been by myself. I mean, how many of us have been left by ourselves...that is why I will go to Hollywood, there is a sense of freedom and understanding of a place that is look upon as glamorous. Perhaps that true but a lot can happen in a week...


Wednesday, May 21, 2008

This bitch is not afraid to commit

I don't understand sometimes what the big deal is. Yesterday, as I was being interviewed for a summer position, I was asked if coming from Santa Fe Springs to Santa Monica would be a problem. I told them no. There are sacrifices that we must make in order to get things done.

And one of them being the fact that a lot of us, if not all of us have to make the commitment and dedication to get to where we need to go. Quite frankly, I could give a shit about if I get this summer position at the Jonathan Club at the Beach or not. There will be someone out there who will give me a shot.

Media Credit: N-dolla
Above: N-dolla sitting at the kitchen table with the $20 Confessions coffee mug (left) and $35 Breathless Mahoney coffee mug (right)

If I remember correctly during the 2006 Outstanding Faculty Award ceremony there is this instructor at Cerritos College who has traveled from Encondido to Norwalk. Now, there is a person who has shown commitment and dedication in order to inspire future leaders in the United States of America.

Those are the people one must look up to, and so I asked myself what was so different about my situation. Sure, I come from a distant location but it pales in comparison from someone who will drive four hours by car, as a oppose to two hours by bus.

So, if anyone is willing to spend four hours a day drive to work to get the job done then someone like me is willing to do the same because this bitch is not afraid to commit.


Monday, May 19, 2008

My motivation: "NO"

I just received this e-mail from someone at the Ford Theatre Foundation in Downtown Los Angeles.

The answer was a "NO" but in any event, the word continues to be my motivation.

Dear Intern Applicant,

Thank you for applying to the Ford Theatre Foundation for the Operations and Public Events internships offered at the Ford Amphitheatre.

The intern selection process was extremely competitive this year with nearly 50 applications submitted to fill the two positions and, unfortunately, we are unable to offer you a position this summer.

We appreciate your interest in our organization and hope that you will consider applying for the Los Angeles County Arts Commission Internship Program in the future. We wish you the best of luck this summer and in the upcoming school year.

No thanks. Everyone and everything that says no to me, I will not STOP because I get what I want, bitches.


Inside N-dolla's room

Below: Pictures of N-dolla's room
Media Credit: N-dolla

Here is your look at my room. I know, I know what you're going to say, "you're crazy,"; how about, "Madonna freak." But yes, what you see before you is a room full of her influence. If I remember correctly in her 1991 Truth or Dare documentary Madonna said to one of dancers that if he was going to have a shrine for someone it should be a shrine for her. So, I took the liberty of doing one for her.

Let me going through the photos with you. Below is the bed that I sleep on. As you can see on the left there is the autographed Madonna photo (top shelf), and on the wall is the two posters of the Queen of Pop. The Ray of Light poster was given to me by my dad. When her album came out on March 3, 1998, this promotional posters were given out. Of course Ray of Light went on to be nominated for eight Grammies and won four of them. It was one of her biggest selling album since Like a Prayer.

The next is the Music poster from the Sept. 19, 2000 release. This was given to me by a mutual Madonna fan. I don't know what happened to him but if somehow he reads this I hope that Miguel is out there and hope that you go to her upcoming concert. Keeping as a mutual fan, if you scan to the left of the pictures you will notice a stack of magazines. Those magazines are the collection of magazines I have with just Madonna on the cover. It will take me years and years to collect the more than 2,000 Madonna magazine covers, but I think I have more than 40 magazines with her on it.

Trust me when I say that there are bigger Madonna fans out there. They have the money to spend to buy the LP, Vinyl, cassettes, magazines, towels, blankets, jackets, buttons, pins, shirts, dolls, pillows, posters, mugs, candles, and other Madonna-related items. I have seen photos. One day I will be able to have the collection those other people do.

Here the table that I have and it's filled with Madonna stuff. On the table are two coffee mugs, one with Breathless Mahoney and the other is the Confessions mug. The Breathless Mahoney one cost $35 and the Confessions mug was $20. Not bad. However, I could have gotten another Breathless Mahoney mug and had two bookends. But I decided against it. One of the things that I am looking for are a pair of the H&M sunglasses from the Madonna clothing collection. I know that when I went to Starworld Hollywood that they had a pair of them for $75. They might have another pair again. Now those are a rare sight.

Below: a closer look at the desk

Well at least you have a look at what my room looks like, and NOW you understand where my obsession comes from. I have been a long time Madonna fan. My mom knows and has not complained much. My dad knows and doesn't like her but I don't care. I think Madonna is a fierce individual. She's strong. She's survived. She has been analyzed.

Twenty-six years when she began critics thought she wouldn't make it, and that Cindy Lauper was going to be a big star. She's (almost) 50 and looks better than me and people half her age. She continues to be talked about, written about and criticized about.

Wait a minute, so do I.


Sunday, May 18, 2008

Mom, sister leave for El Salvador

Below: Picture of the El Salvador flag

Well, my mom and sister just left for Los Angeles International Airport for a 2 a.m. flight to El Salvador. And as I always do, I got emotional about both of them leaving me.

Yes, the waterworks came out. But I know that one day I will go with them to El Salvador to see the family.

I just have to find a way to save the money and go, my stepfather will leave on Thursday and then I will be alone. My mom said, "Is there anything you want me to bring you?"

And as I was crying, said, "Yeah, new blankets to replace the one that are nearly 20 years old." And as for my sister, well, she said, " I wish that you could go." They will be back on May 29.

One day it will come and I will be able to go...someday...


Friday, May 16, 2008

A summer in Santa Monica?

Could I be spending the summer in Santa Monica at Jonathan Club at the Beach? I have an interview this coming Tuesday for one of its summer position.

My goal is to work for myself and finally being able to help out my parents, without summer classes in the way.

A little 411 on the Jonathan Club, a club where it is a invitation-only exclusive club that help people get away from everything.

The one location is at 850 Palisades Beach Road and the other in Downtown Los Angeles one block from The Los Angeles City Library. Men were the only members allowed until 1987 where women were accepted. Oh, by the way, NO cell phones on the premises. I will keep you posted.

Stay turned...

New pictures of N-dolla

Finally! Some new photos to gaze at...let me know what you think.

Hey everyone. Here is are new pictures of mio, at home behind posters of Madonna. I know that it had been a while since there have been new pictures of me. I took these photos yesterday because I knew that my time to be able to take pictures were limited. As I said before my sister and mom will be flying to El Salvador, but there is a new development. My dad will be going to El Salvador too. I will be by myself for a week. I'm not sad though.

Above is the Madonna shirt that turned out to be No. 26; that's a total of 26 Madonna shirts. I saw this on someone about four years ago and found the shirt at Amoeba music store for $5.40. Normally I would be paying $20 per shirt, so this was a steal. The previous 25 shirts totaled to $500.

Coming soon: Photos of N-dolla's room.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Former internship on

Update: More information below.

The following is the former place that I was for three weeks: the Beverly Hills Canyon News is looking for interns for its newspaper. I found this last September and it didn't last a month because of an unfortunate and untrue situation. Below is the statement by its staff posted on the job site


Canyon News is a weekly newspaper covering the hills of Los Angeles, including Bel Air, Beverly Hills, Brentwood, Griffith Park, Hollywood Hills, Los Feliz, Malibu, Melrose, Pacific Palisades, Sherman Oaks, Studio City, Topanga Canyon, Westwood and West Hollywood.

Our internship program is specifically designed to educate, train, find our future staff, as well as allow students a hands-on opportunity to work on an established newspaper. Here, students will not be labeled an 'intern' and assigned to the Starbucks runs and copy machines, however, they will are given an opportunity to work hands-on within the department of their choice.

Since most students already spend most of their learning in a classroom listening to a lecture, this program allows the student an opportunity to demonstrate their abilities while building their portfolio with actual news clips.

All interns will begin working assignments from home. Excellent interns will be integrated into our newsroom setting. Interns select one or more departments in which they wish to apply for (Admininstration, Editorial, Proofing, Writing, Reporting, Accounting, Advertising, Marketing, Fact Finding and Public Relations).

Must have a great attitude, be team player and self-motivated with an interest in learning in one or more area of the production of a newspaper. We encourage you to apply if you are considered a student with a disability (also ASL users), older students, and students from other majors.

I failed in all three areas. I'm filled with too much E.G.O. which, stands for:


Read, "The Power of Kabbalah" by Rev. Yehuda Berg.


More pictures of N-dolla coming

Now that you have seen what I look like with the hair cut, more pictures will be loaded up for you and the world to see. N-dolla is torn between coming to summer school or not. And also my mom and sister are getting ready to go to El Salvador next week. They will be gone for 10 days. That means take the pictures, upload them and delete them before the takeoff.

In doing so, I will have to be quick about what I want to show (and not) show to you. How about my room? There will be a quick tour and an explanation of the Madonna magazines I have. There is the locale of the house and the City of Santa Fe Springs. All of this and more to come...And you thought I was going to write during the summer. Ha! Just ask Mr. Cameron. By the way, sir, how the heck are you and Alicia, and Tanya and Erick, and anyone else I forgot (Rosali? J5? Oscar? John? Raul?)...Etc...


Monday, May 12, 2008

N-dolla's new look

I cut my cuoff. Yes, everyone I cut my hair and here is the result of that hair cut, and here I am with my mom. What do you think? Different, isn't it. And this is from a Madonna fan.


Friday, May 9, 2008

Just call me N-dolla

You know that I'm a big Madonna fan. And yet, you know that her album "Hard Candy" is out. On the cover, she has jewelry that says "M-dolla" and now that inspiration of "M-dolla" is out, I'm now "N-dolla." Yes, ladies and gentleman, I'm now "N-dolla" and there are no regrets.


Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A few thoughts from N-dolla

Finals Week is next week, at Cerritos College. Amazing. Another semester here and gone. A quick result from Cerritos College Talon Marks this time around a "B" and here's why, a few of the pictures from the last three issues were too dark, (especially the Naom Chomsky one)...great photo by the person who took it, but the problem was that you couldn't see History instructor Dr. John Haas' face.

I'll tell you this much, this was better than last semester. Talon Marks picked up. And yet, has drawn interest from Student Trustee Jason Macias. I know that there were issues I probably up and I got people's attention. At least if I got your attention, then I did my job. Good. Keep it up, then if Macias has an interest how about ASCC President Michael Barrita. At least he's the one who influenced Macias.

From M-dolla to N-dolla (thanx to the inspiration from Pharrell and Madonna).


Monday, May 5, 2008

Who is the master? Who is the slave?

Ten years after high school. Will I stay or will I go? I have no idea. I seriously have thought of everything that has gone on through my life and see it like this: Sometimes I want to say fuck high school all together.

There are things that are better things to think about then to go back. Other times, I wish I knew the more than 400 students who I have met. Yet, I don't have the brain to remember all of them. At least the lyrics are true:

Treat me like a curse
Then tell me I'm your saviour
I'm living with a stranger
I used to know so well
Waiting for your answer
Is a kind of torture
Could I grow accustomed to this kind of hell?

Are you walking the dog, 'cause that dog isn't new?
Are you out of control, is that dog walking you?
Haven't you had enough, now your time is up
Baby show me your hand

Voices start to ring in your head
Tell me what do they say?
Distant echoes from another time
Start to creep in your brain
So you blame madness like it's convenient
You do it so often that you start to believe it
You have demons so nobody can blame you
But who is the master and who is the slave?

Well, I will let you know.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

A Virgin Important Person and some Hard Candy

Media Credit: Norma

Hard Candy album: $14.99 plus tax
Hard Candy Special Editon: $29.99 plus tax (Original price: $39.99 plus tax)
A Virgin Megastore Card with a "Happy Birthday from Virgin" a cake drawn on it: Priceless...

Greetings! I have become a Vigin Important Person. What does that mean? It means that I now have a V.I.P. card to the Virgin Megastore in Hollywood. I have completed two items out of my Top 5 items; being Madonna's "Hard Candy" CD and "Hard Candy: Special Edition (with two "4 Minutes" remixes). Here is a photo of the V.I.P. card, and as you can see from the card there is a "Happy Birthday from Virgin" and a birthday cake drawn on it. Its the only "cake" I got this year.

As promised here is the bag of candy from the inside of the Special Edition box. Sorry for the blurred scan but you are worried about nuturtion then there the label and it's, "sticky and sweet..."

Here is the front and back cover (below) of the booklet from the Special Edition. I love it...

Now, if you will excuse me, I will go on and bask in the spotlight of being a V.I.P. but I mean who said anything about me being a virgin?

Talon Marks writer grabs his attention

The following is a comment left on the Cerritos College Talon Marks online edition...

Alcoholism vs. Homosexuality: A Lesson In Composing An Argument

When I read Hector Colcahdo's editorial, "alcoholism needs to be dealt with", about alcoholism and homosexuality. I was bit disturbed that an individual who is supposed to have some basic knowledge of how to write persuasive essays, would make such false analogies, which are primarily based on cases of equivocation, hasty generalization and assumptions.

First off, Colchado begins comparing alcoholism and AIDS. Even though he clearly stated that alcoholism and aids are not the same thing, he treats alcoholism and aids as if they were both on equal footing.

Unfortunately, the writer continues to commit the fallacy known as equivocation, when he uses the word "problem". The writer states that both alcoholism and homosexuality are a "problem", which could be considered a "disease". Alcoholism is a medical/psychological problem, while homosexuality is a social issue. A medical problem can become a medical disease whereas a social issue cannot, in anyway, fall into the category of a medical disease. Therefore, homosexuality cannot be a "disease", in the way that the writer states.

Furthermore, homosexuality does not need to be cured. The writer states, "there is no such thing as a cure for homosexuality or alcoholism", which implies that homosexuality is something that must be cured. As I have earlier, in order for sexuality to be cured, it must be a medical disease; which it is not. There is a major consensus in the fields of medicine and psychology, which states that homosexuality, is neither a medical disease nor a psychological disorder. Therefore, there is no need for "cure", when according to the medical and psychological fields; there is nothing medically or psychologically wrong with being homosexual.

Moreover, the author makes a hasty generalization, and believes that an alcoholic can just quit. The authors states, "It [alcoholism and homosexuality] is just a state of mind, a decision, an option and a habit." if that was the case, then there would be no need for such groups as alcoholics anonymous (AA). There are many studies that show how alcohol can create a dependency. For example, there is a new study that was published in the "Southern Medical Journal" this past February, published by Shea, Christopher W., which talks about the "alcoholic dependency a complex disease involving biologic, psychosocial, and environmental factors" (Ebscohost). Obviously, as is evident by this study, alcoholism is not as easy to quit as Colchado believed.

Finally, the author makes many assumptions about homosexuality in general. Colchado had stated that both homosexuality and alcoholism were a "state of mind, a decision, an option and a habit". This cannot be further from the truth. Homosexuality is not any of these things, since all of these statements explicitly or implicitly state that homosexuality is a choice. No human being would ever deliberately choose to be ostracized or discriminated against for making a "choice".

In conclusion, when making arguments we must be sure to not jump the gun and put together a weak argument like Hector Colchado has done. We must keep in mind that spell check won't fix every little mistake. Following that philosophy Equivocation, False Analogies, Hasty Generalization and assumptions are all things that can be avoided if we take a step back, read our materials and question what is it that we are trying to convey.

Wow. Then the reader is a former alcoholic and is gay. I'm the other way around, I knew a long time ago that I was actually a gay man trapped in a woman's body (see wearing of Madonna shirt).