Wednesday, July 30, 2008

StarWorld to be MadonnaWorld for 1 night

There is additional information about the upcoming Madonna Sticky and Sweet Tour Launch party on Aug. 23. For one night only it will be all Madonna all the time. Here is what I've been told so far:

Location: StarWorld Hollywood
Address: 6665 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood
Event: Madonna Sticky and Sweet Tour Launch Party
Fee: $10 with RSVP or at the door
Gifts: Hard Candy Gift bag, and other prizes
Miscellenous: And of course Madonna music from 8 p.m.-11 p.m.

You can Google this information or click here. Anyone interested in going with me?

RSVP by Aug. 16 (Madonna's 50th birthday of course!)


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

N-dolla to make her own shirt

With the upcoming Madonna tour launch, I had come up with the idea of making my own shirt. And what will it say, "N-dolla." The Queen of Pop, who will be 50 this coming month, is known as M-dolla, a name given to her by producer Pharrell Williams, it is only fitting that I, N-dolla, honor it.

Besides if I am going to the tour launch party at Starworld Hollywood I have to have something Madonna-related, if not, I might as well turn up naked...


Sunday, July 27, 2008

Invitation to a Madonna tour launch party

On Aug. 23, Madonna will officially kick off her Sticky and Sweet tour in Europe before coming to Los Angeles on Nov. 6 at Dodger Stadium. To celebrate, Starworld Hollywood will be having a Madonna tour launch party at its location at 8 p.m. As for what may be in store, well, I have been told that it is going to be everything from the current album; including candy.

Now, I want to go because the guys out there are so nice and besides I think I have found a bigger Madonna fan then me. It's okay, I don't mind. One always finds the bigger fan. But seriously, this is the place that I gotten a handful of Madonna items. With the place being refurbished it's going to look great.

One of the things that I recently bought was these Dick Tracy Topps Movie cards for 25 cents. There is the collections of the 88 cards that sells for $20 and if I want to have the Deluxe edition with the 88 cards, 11 stickers and 20 additional card it will be more than $20. Anyway, I am preparing for the launch party and if you're interesting in going, show up to Starworld Hollywood at 6665 Hollywood Blvd. between Cherokee and Hollywood Boulevard. I will have the flyer posted soon.


Monday, July 21, 2008

William Farmer, Cerritos' acting President

Meet William Farmer Jr. Cerritos College acting President and Superintendent. Farmer takes over today and until then for former President Dr. Noelia Vela who left to be Chanellor of San Bernadino Community College District until the Cerritos Board of Trustees finds its interim president and/or permenant college president.

Farmer had served as the Cerritos' Vice President of Academic Affairs the last three years and previously worked four years at the Los Angeles Mission College as its VP of Academic Affairs.

I have had the pleasure of meeting Farmer on numerous occasions, (and most notably) at the Board of Trustees meetings every other Wednesday night. I have spoken to him and he has admittedly said that attending Board meeting was just about talking about the issues, and that that, was what it was all about.

However, one of the things that Farmer did was informed me why the Academic Standard for the Mathematics requirement was going to be Intermediate Algebra instead of the current Elementary Algebra requirement for all 109 California community colleges. It was needed he said, because faculty, staff and administrators are striving for success. It will take effect fall of 2009.

I had to be quick about all of the information and have him spit it out in five minutes or less. How do I think Farmer will do as Cerritos President? Well, I do think that he has to be more enthusiastic when he speaks, otherwise he should refer back to my Top 5 list.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

N-dolla, California's Hollywood Maven

As things would have it, I have gone to Hollywood and loved every minute of it, in the last month. So much is going on, and I am in the middle of it. I have 30 Madonna shirts and counting. I have eight more movies to buy with her in them or doing a cameo, I have met people that I think are cool (and some that yes, are crazy) but all in all, it has been an interesting walk down Hollywood Boulevard.

I have been told that the Madonna fans are out in full force because of the upcoming Sticky and Sweet tour. And have more than 90 percent of her fan base be gay doesn't hurt. Her brother Christopher, don't get more started. And yet, I am still amazed at the people of Hollywood. Different personality and views of the world, that's why I go there. I have yet to met someone named Hollywood, last name, Maven. Hey wait a minute, I already am...

Note: As promised more pictures coming with those of Michele Cassiano headstone as well. I know I said it a while back but it's coming.


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A mock ad for a "Writer for Hire"

Please note: The following is a mock ad.

Here is a mock ad for a "Writer for Hire" tagline. I know that it will probably NOT work or maybe it will. Who knows? But could this work for me?

I took the idea from reading a magazine article. IF anyone is interested, let me know.


Monday, July 14, 2008

The list so far for some extra money

Hello everyone:

So far this is the list that I came up with to start the idea that was an inspiration from the Working World magazine article that I read and they are:

• Tour guide in Hollywood in and around Hollywood & Highland or Hollywood & Vine
• Newspaper Writer
• Memorabilia seller
• Newsletter writer
• Interviewer
• Book Reader

This is the list I have so far. I could be a tour guide on foot. Yet, I am still trying to create a flyer for anything to get some extra money. Well, I don't know if these are good ideas. I mean a tour guide on foot? Who will paid for that? I must be dreaming. Well, it could be worse...I could be a prositute instead...

(You were suppose to laugh)...

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Could N-dolla benefit from reading this?

As I told you before, there are things that I will share that I have either read or saw on a window. In this case, the thing that I read recently is from Working World magazine dealing with continuous unemployment and how someone can raise extra money.

The title of the article is, "Surviving Unemployment" and I have cut out the piece of the article that shot off a light bulb in my head. Below is the highlighted area that for me, was something that I could try out for some extra money.

Now, the only thing that I have to do is come up with something to say that will hopefully help me out. Let me know what you think about this. Do you think this is a good idea and/or do you have suggestions for me? I appreciate any and all advice.


Friday, July 4, 2008

The L.A. Times turned out to be a bad idea

First, I like to say Happy 4th of July and Happy Birthday to the United States of America. The U.S. of A. turns 236-years-old.

Well, how everything so far? Great! Couldn't be better. From time-to-time I will share some thoughts of something that I have come across. Well, with the Los Angeles Times going through staff cuts I guess you can say that the L.A. Times turned out to be a bad idea.

Reading from the article that appearing in the Business section of the paper the newspaper is only going through staff layoffs but also is reducing its pages. The U.S. economy going through a tailspin of decline is was going to have to happen. However, the L.A. Times is not the only newspaper going through staff reductions; so is the New York Times and Washington Post.

The L.A. Times actually did me a favor by not selecting me as an intern for this summer. I have to keep in mind, it's part of the business. The L.A. Times is in such chaos that it might as well let the internet take over for its publication.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Whittier Daily News Online: Vela's exit

Below is a short article written on the Whittier Daily News online edition about the exit of soon-to-be former Cerritos College President Dr. Noelia Vela:

Vela to leave Cerritos College
Article Launched: 07/02/2008 04:21:22 PM PDT

NORWALK - Cerritos College President/Superintendent Noelia Vela has been appointed the new chancellor of the San Bernardino Community College District. Vela is due to begin her new job duties July 21.

Cerritos College Board of Trustees plan to meet soon to determine the transition process to a new leader.

Vela's new district will include San Bernardino Valley College, Crafton Hills College, the KVCR public television and radio stations, and the Division of Corporate and Economic Development serving the Inland Empire.

The district serves nearly 18,000 credit students between the two colleges.

The word "duh" comes to mind...

I'm ready for September at LACC

The emotions are still going after I have decided to go to Los Angeles City College. But I know that this decision is the best thing for me. I know that I will survive and I have. If I can I will still like to attend the ASCC meetings at Cerritos College. If that is not possible I will certainly keep an eye on this one way or another.

Cerritos was the past, LACC is the future and I can't wait for the semester to start. It begins on Sept. 2. As the day drawns closer you will get to read everything and anything I do until then.


Tuesday, July 1, 2008

1 Norma + 1 Norma = Norma times two

When I was sitting and waiting at the Los Angeles City College Admissions office I was informed that there was a possibility that there might have been another Norma Palacios. I was told that I attended LACC in 2001. Yet, I rememeber that in 2001 I was NOT in college. There is another Norma Palacios out there. Not only that but the name is EXACTLY the same; first, middle and last name.

Could it be possible that this Norma Patricia Palacios attended LACC in 2001 and the computer system have me confused with her? I will investigate, the things that matter in this are, if she has the same SS number and birthdate and address. I saw this Norma once on video back in the late 90s when she was working at McDonald's in Downey.

I didn't know her then and I don't know her now. But if we were and should meet one day, I leave that up to God. Do I want to meet her? I don't have the answer because it hasn't happen yet. If we should meet? I'll cross that bridge when it happens.