Saturday, August 30, 2008

A bookstore motherfucker

If you are offended too bad, because I wanted and need to say this. What a way to end at Cerritos College. Wouldn't you know it, but a student tried to get me to sell his books for him when I was heading out the door? Yes, this, stupid motherfucker tried to get me to be his pimp.

I wanted to slap him for doing that, but I didn't because the manager was there (thank God). As I ended my stint of helping out during student rush, I was asked by this student if he could use my ID to sell his books because he didn't have one. As a person I was offended and I was thinking what if I asked him what he asked me. I would have been turned down.

During the last three weeks at Cerritos I have been dealt with a marriage proposal, flirtation, and a "How ya doin'?" But I have survived. And Paul, the bookstore manager, thanks for being there. All of you at the bookstore are cool and thanks for putting up with my Madonna obession.

And let me be clear on this: IF anyone ever tries to make me their pimp again for anything or any reason, look somewhere else for your bitch, got it?


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Talon Marks' first issue for fall 2008

IF there is anything that I have learned about newspaper writing from the Cerritos College and its publication the Talon Marks is the importance of speaking to the people that you are writing about after the meeting, awards banquet or an public event.

I know that this is the first issue of the fall semester yet, I want you all to know the importance of speaking to those who either speak publicly or otherwise. Why is this important? That way people to whom you speak to will know who you are.

I know that all of you have heard of me, and either have read this blog and why I have kept it going. YOU just have to Google my name. With each and every single article that I wrote I made the point to speak to those after a meeting or whatever event was happening.

During the last three weeks that I have been on campus, there are a handful of people who have seen me and speak to me and remember me from Talon Marks. Why? It's because I was never afraid to be honest and at time confrontational. I had to be to seek the information for my stories.

DO that! Don't be timid because I have known people who have been.

Norma Palacios aka "N-dolla"
former Talon Marks staff writer 2005-2007

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Looking forward to Sept. 2 & Talon Marks

I want to reflect on things before Sept. 2: I have noticed that the energy at Cerritos College is different, being that there is a new student body president administration and with a duo that thinks they are mini-Obama and mini-McCain. Both try to be but, they fail miserably. Besides if we wanted a mini-Obama and mini-McCain, we don't have to look that far.

As for Talon Marks...I will be know that; your adviser knows that, and former writers will too...that's nothing new.

Good luck, Tim Dickerson and staff.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

A public appearance by Michael Barrita

I saw ASCC President Michael Barrita at the Cerritos College bookstore yesterday. Barrita, who along with ASCC Student Trustee Jason Macias, complete the duo was there purchasing his textbooks for the fall semester. Yet, in doing so, Barrita has wanted Cerritos to have a book exchange program like the one at UC Davis.

So naturally I asked him how the book exchange program was going. He said that has been no support for it to be institutionalized by the college. Well, duh, if you are the one wanting to have the book exchange program, what the hell are you doing buying your books from the campus bookstore, whom you say is profitting from students?

Barrita, typical politican with a touch of stupidity.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A crowded book aisle at Cerritos

Boy, are the book aisles at Cerritos College full with students during the Student Rush for fall. Yet, it is always full when the first week of school is here. And with that comes dealing with personalities, moods and situations. I hope I've handled it well. At least, I try.

There are more than 20,000 Cerritos students to deal with and not all of them have come through the door.

I was just thinking to myself: How do I, Norma Palacios, have been able to remember the textbooks that students need? I don't know. (Paul?) And how is it that I have them down to the point that most of the books, not all of them I remember? (Paul?) I don't know.

I will tell you this. (Listen up!) There have been two men who have told me that they like me. And one of the things that they liked about me was my brain. (Paul, you think?) Really?

If that's the case, then I will donate my brain to science. Oh, and by the way, it means one other thing, there more to life then Madonna.

Reminder: I begin the fall semester at Los Angeles City College on Sept. 2.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Madonna turns the big 5-0

She may be turning 50 tomorrow but for Madonna fans it only means the growing love we have for Our Girl. The Queen of Pop who has been in the spotlight for half her life looks great for her age. I still have the admiration for her and for a career that has lasted for 26 years. This is the singer that everyone wants to emulate and who doesn't? IF you remember how she exploded in the minds of everyone I am sure that she will not stop.

She will continue to anger, criticize, and love what she does. That to me, deserve continued love. Music critics thought that Madonna will not survive and yet that was more than 25 years ago. May the Queen of Pop continue to strive. Long live Our Queen. Happy Birthday, Madonna!


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Not much of a choice in November

With scrutiny facing John Edwards for his affair, there is that same spotlight focused on Barack Obama (D-Ill.) and John McCain (R-AZ), and what do I think of it: It's all bullshit. Has with those who were running for the party's nomination what makes you think that any of these two or anyone else for that matter can "Bring Change You Can Believe In."

Public Service for any government office is a joke. And every single one of those servicing in those offices is a bastard. They should all be hung. Can I ask you a serious question? How many times has President George W. Bush come to your door and listen to you about your concerns? How many times has Obama does that? McCain? Edwards? Sen. Hillary Clinton? Mitt Romney? Not one fucking time.

The saying of, "Actions speak louder than words" has always fallen on deaf ears no matter who is pimp...I mean, president. And there is all this talk of the importance of having dialogue with countries like China and Iran and that's all bullshit too. We, meaning the president, says that they should follow us in democracy...whatever. There are claims that the United States is an example for the rest of the world to follow. Yet, we want to believe that. If we do, with the president being the pimp, that makes the rest of us his bitches.

Not much of a choice in November.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

A Madonna quiz

As her 50th birthday approaches, I have decided to give you a Madonna quiz in her honor. The following is my Madonna quiz for you, the public. The Queen of Pop who will be turning 50 on Aug. 16, and kicking off her Sticky and Sweet tour on Aug. 23.

1. In 2005 Madonna had her biggest smash hit, with "Hung Up." In it she sings, "Time goes by so slowly for those who wait." What other Madonna song features the same lyrics?

A. "Hung Up"
B. "Express Yourself"
C. "Vogue"
D. "Love Song" featuring Prince
E. "Like a Virgin"

2. Dec. 22, 2000 is the day that Madonna and Guy Ritchie were married at Scotland's Skibo Castle. Within my family that date has something in common. What is it?

A. It is the day of my stepfather's birthday
B. It is the day that I was born
C. It is the day my mom came to the United States
D. It is the date that my parents got married
E. None of the above

3. List the Madonna songs that have her sing the title once. (Hint: There's more than one answer)

4. Besides "Evita," and "Four Rooms" what other film has actor Anotonio Banderas appeared with Madonna?

A. "Body of Evidence"
B. "Die Another Day"
C. "Truth or Dare"
D. "Blue in the Face"
E. "Vision Quest"

5. Name the movies that feature Madonna getting slapped across the face.

6. Which of her songs don't have the song title within its lyrics?

7. What Madonna songs have the words "Like" and "Nothing" in them?

8. Which of these photographers did NOT work with Madonna more than once from one of her album covers?

A. Herb Ritts
B. Mario Testino
C. Steven Klein
D. Craig McDean
E. Steven Miesel

Email me to see the answers.


Thursday, August 7, 2008

Returning to Cerritos for three weeks

Who would've of thought this? I will be returning to Cerritos College beginning next week. This is the first and final time that I will be at Cerritos. Being that beginning on Sept. 2 I will be attending Los Angeles City College, I will return to the place that I called, "home" for 10-years. In doing so, one must remember that the place I am at now, is a better place then before.

I went to Cerritos College today and looked back at the place that I thought I would never leave. With construction continuing on campus, and the Board of Trustees looking for its new president, memories came back to me of the time that I had, everything from the first time I came, to the heartache of leaving, to coming back in 2003. However, I had to remember that I was there for a reason. And then, I left. While this is temporary I will enjoy returning to the book aisle.

But the one thing that I enjoyed most is seeing a friend. With the initials of MSJ, he was kind enough to talk to me. I thank you for that. And we share a mutual love for the Queen of Pop...Madonna. The soon-to-be 50-year-old star who will launch her Sticky and Sweet tour on Aug. 23 talked about going to a celebration of the tour and her birthday. MSJ, thank you for talking to me...See ya soon. And remember the information I gave you. Well, see you soon at Cerritos before I leave.


P.S. MSJ if you need a Madonna shirt let me know. And you and I will Give It 2 her in dance...

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A return to the book aisle

I will perhaps return to the book aisle at Cerritos College during the fall semester student rush, but as I look forward to a semester at Los Angeles City College I know that, that college will now be home to me. It is. And for that, I have no regrets.