Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Coming in April...

The month of April is here. And for the entire month of April I will do something that I have never thought of doing while having this blog. I will share personal thoughts, poetry and other writings that I have thought about but never had the opportunity to have published. Let me remind you that all of the poetry I have written is more personal then that poem that was published in the spring 2007 for the Writer's Anonymous Untitled Magazine. Read more about it here. Anyway, more of the poetry I have written in my "head" will be release for you to read.

Oh, April is also my birthday but that's beside the point. April is something special because it would have been Michele Cassiano's birthday as well. So I will get started on it and I hope you will enjoy it.


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Headlines from the Los Angeles Collegian

Being that I am a Los Angeles City College student and have been reading the Los Angeles Collegian here are some headlines for its student publication. First a LACC student is suing the Los Angeles Community College District and a instructor for not letting him express himself; basically denying him his freedom of speech about religion, that I can only assume that address why being gay is morality wrong. Anyway, he's suing because according to him, he was called a fascist by the instructor. He has an attorney. This is funny to me, I mean every time someone says something to me that is fascist that only means everyone has a right to sue. I will after reading this. Yeah, do what I have to do to get the money of the taxpayers. The only thing I ask is, "Who's next in line?"

The next headline has been an instructor is charged with first-degree murder of his wife and could be facing 25 years to life in prison. This to me is NO surprise, I mean look at Cerritos College a former Judicial Affairs person was arrested and jailed for Financial Aid fraud. But while it took time and more than two-and-a-half a former men's basketball coach was hired for the position. As for this, a student said that the publicity of the murder trial is bad for the college. But look at it this way all of us are theives if money is flaunted in front of us; so what's up with that?

Finally, a sad story about a 18-year-old student who died while in geography class. She would have been 19 this coming month. The female student sleeping and collapsed but conflicting accounts say that it took ambulances 15 minutes to get there while Campus Police were there in five minutes. This is sad. I mean just knowing that she lived only for a short time, it only means that everyone (including me) need to appreciate the time we have. And that's why I visit Cerritos College and everyone I have come to know.

There you go...just three major headlines and as construction continues on campus with a new dental technology and science building a remodel building and soon enough a new location for the campus bookstore student lounge and library to be completed by 2010, LACC is different but you never forget your first love...

I meant your first college campus home. What did you think I meant?

So far so good

First, my apologies for the gap between blog entry but so far the semester is going and going. And here is something that is different, March 31 the Los Angeles City College campus will be closed in celebration of Ceasar Chavez. That to me is different. But here's the things men are still funny.

What IS it with them?! I don't know. Hollywood is different and I like it. I still go to Cerritos College. I see MY fans! I love my fans. Here is the difference between celebrities who have fans, and those who are my fans. Celebrities know that they have fans. I, on the other hand, love and appreciate MY fans.


Friday, March 20, 2009

It's a NO to Twitter as well

Okay, everyone:

I still think that every single social site is a joke. First, it was MySpace, Facebook and now, the (site of the moment) Twitter. I will not be part of this site either because I can't do this.

I have told you the reason behind my decisions NOT to be part of a social site again. I know the risks, temptations and horrors of these sites. I stand by this decisions and I hope you can respect it...I want that much.


Thursday, March 19, 2009

She's 12, and growing old gracefully

Just to get away from the campus nonsense at Los Angeles City College and Cerritos College, yesterday it was known that our dog, Prieta has early stages of arthritis at 12 years old. I love this dog to death, and to see my little girl suffering from this, is realizing that she is getting old. Prieta has been with us since 1997, and I instantly fell in love with her.

But I know soon enough that she will leave us but in the meantime love her to death so long as she is with us. Besides, like I said, "She is the (Super) star." Read more here. And you know what...

Just looking at her makes me see how to grow old gracefully...

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Norma gets her name in the newspaper

Your former Cerritos College staff writer is at it again; this time at Los Angeles City College by way of the "Letter to the Editor" that was published on March 11 to its student publication the Los Angeles Collegian. I could no longer stand back and watch as the Associated Student Organization has been ignored. Below is the letter that I submitted via e-mail. The bulk of it is how and why student government should be covered and if those who are on staff need help, I'm willing to help out.

And no, I'm not crazy, the Los Angeles Collegian could do better. I also was proud to mention Cerritos' student publication, Talon Marks. I always am proud. And it is something I will never forget even when I'm 5,000 years old. Besides the only thing that the Collegian has going for it, is the fact that there is more color in its paper.


Friday, March 13, 2009

Men and flirting don't mix

Men and flirting don't mix. Los Angeles has its weird people and here is why I say that. Men are sissies when it comes to flirting and no they shouldn't try it. I mean, I know that I'm going to Los Angeles City College but men please what it is with the "pick up" lines. Men who try to get my attention or anyone's attention is trying way too hard.

Here are some examples: Men who say, "When are you going to take a ride with me on my bike," (this one can from the mouth of a biker I ran into, definite turn off) or, I love this one, "Where are you from?" "You make my day when you smile." And those are just a few.

These don't work on me. IF you want to get my attention just be yourself. And if you can make me laugh that is a plus...A nice man I meant has done that, make me laugh that is, and that's cool...I don't want to give his name but he doesn't have to try, he's just IS funny...

And no I'm NOT in love with him.


Monday, March 9, 2009

Student angered by Talon Marks in letter

A Cerritos College student wrote a "Letter to the Editor" to the Talon Marks for its newspaper last Wednesday. I know that you can't read it but I started laughing when I read this.

Talk about someone who was pissed. But anyway, Shantal Voorwinden, criminology, law and society, and communications major, who expressed disappointed in the Talon Marks. So, I'm guess Voorwinden is saying that Talon Marks is a Nazi?

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Norma speaks her mind to Collegian Staff

As a student of Los Angeles City College I could no longer sit back and watch. So ladies and gentlemen, I wrote a "Letter to the Editor" to the spring staff of the L.A. Collegian staff. Here is the basics of the letter that I wrote. Where the hell is the coverage of the student government meetings. I as a student was wondering that from the beginning and also just wondering as a student journalist.

I know that all of the meetings throughout the semesters are boring, yes? But that is not the point. The point is writing about stories that will affect students and just to give you an idea here are some of the stories that appeared this last week:

There was a column about the facts that students should go to team games and support its team, and now I ask you, how the hell does that affect the student population of LACC. The LACC Cubs are a great team, for sure, but this is not the way to get people to care about the campus. Another one is about the restrooms and its uncleanness. Sure the restrooms are a pain in the ass, but that doesn't matter.

Now, the bottom line of the letter is get this, get someone to cover these meetings and if not, why put out a newspaper?

Monday, March 2, 2009

A night of 'Rent' at the Pantages Theatre

Where do I begin to describe Sunday night at Hollywood's Pantages Theatre? Well, I guess I will start here: Ladies and Gentleman I saw the Tony-award winning Jonathan Larson's musical "Rent." And let me just to let you know, IT WAS AMAZING!!! Three original members appeared and they were Adam Pascal, Anthony Rapp and Gwen Stewart. As Roger Davis and Mark Cohen, Pascal and Rapp, were absolutely amazing. And yes, I cried before the title track was finished.

Here's what makes "Rent" amazing, the story of struggling artists surviving in New York in the 1980s and dealing with AIDS. I know, I know, Pascal and Rapp who were in the original cast makes this musical work but with others like Justin Johnston who play Angel Schunard, and Lexi Lawson who play Mimi Marquez, this musical makes people think about the way that they should live their lives.

Here what happened when I got there. I arrived at 5:50 p.m. and waited until the doors open to go in. One of the first things I did was I kept gawking at the structure of the Pantages. Let me just say this about the building: majestic. The chandillers were amazing and they looked like pyramids. I also met one of the nicest usher who helped me find my seat. I didn't get his name but he was so polite that anyone knows who he is, I just wanted to say thank you for your kindness. At the intermission, after an hour-and-a-half he ask if I was enjoying the show. I told him that I was crying before the title track was finished and he said that, that was a good thing. I know it is. But here's a look at the Playbill and the shirt (below).

It had been five years since I last went to the theater and I was so happy to have gone and trust me when I say, I was so excited I didn't sleep that well. I was just happy to be sitting in the balcony seats because I was able to see the entire stage. And there is talk of Pascal doing Adia in its movie version; that would be awesome. The show ended at 9:15 p.m. But let me just say the opportunity to go to the theater is great.