Saturday, May 30, 2009

Answering your Talon Marks question(s)

Hello everyone and anyone who reads this blog entry:

I have been asked if any Cerritos College student can enroll into the Journalism 105 newspaper article writing class to KEEP the student publication Talon Marks alive for the fall semester. I did have a question for you, "Do you have the passion, commitment and desire to write for the publication?" The reason I ask that is because while this is focused on getting the news out about the campus events there are sacrifices that one has to make to get what needs to be done.

I want to make it known that I had to sacrifice a lot for myself and so has every former writer and editor of this publication. Can I say that it's not the easiest thing is the world to do. So, if you are a Cerritos student, have a passion for writing and wanted to do something where you can look back at it later and say, "Yeah, I did that" then by all means DO it. I WANT Talon Marks to keep printing. I love this publication too much to silence it. I would like to think that other former editors feel the same.

Just find 20 students...or at least 20 students who have a body and a brain.

Any questions?


2005-2007 Talon Marks Staff Writer & Editor

Friday, May 29, 2009

Open Letter sent to Board of Trustees

Two days ago I sent an open letter to Cerritos College's Board of Trustees about the elimination of the print edition Talon Marks. I'm still waiting for a response from any one of those members.

If I don't hear from them, I plan out confronting them myself. I want answers. I know what they are going to tell me but I want to know if they will reconsider the decision they have made, as of right now.

I do think that Talon Marks can find a way to keep the production of the newspapers. Eliminating it, will only silence the presses. But I will say that if the appeal that you are going to do Talon Marks will work, you are better off taping your mouths shut because the administration is silencing you!

Clarifying LACC's summer class cuts

Let me be clear about what I stated yesterday. The summer classes being affected by the budget crisis have led to the Los Angeles City College administration eliminating the third summer session. It means that any classes that begin on July 22 and end on Aug. 22 will be gone.

I wanted to make sure that all of you understood that. All classes that will begin on June 15 will end on July 18 for its five week run and others will begin on June 15 and end on Aug. 8 for its eight week run.

In doing so, those classes are fine as far as I know. But everyone is Congress and the local and state legislature WAKE UP!!

This can be solved!!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

LACC cuts third summer session classes

Los Angeles City College's administration has announced that its third summer session classes are canceled. This is the latest educational cut in California's budget crisis. Any classes starting after July 2 are gone. Every community, Cal State and University are suffering...Thanx in large part to the Governator...

The phrase "I'll be back" should be changed to, "I have failed."

More on this latest budget cut later.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Talon Marks print edition shouldn't be cut

Cerritos College Administration:

Hello Cerritos College Administration. This is an open letter regarding the recent development and the possibly of eliminating the print edition of the student publication Talon Marks. First, let me introduce myself. My name is Norma Palacios and I am a former Cerritos College student. In addition, I am also a former Talon Marks editor. Having been part of Talon Marks from 2005-to-2007, I truly believe that the possibly of NOT having the print edition of the newspaper is a tremendous mistake.

While it is true that enrollment in newspaper article writing has been low, I know as a college student the importance of having the print edition. Those of us who have been part of Talon Marks have learned discipline, dedication and determination to get the information out to the general public of students. How can you, the college administration, say that the on-line version of the newspaper will be able to do that? There are a handful of students who don't spend time on, the web sites have been and and any other web sites in between.

Talon Marks has said that the on-line version's target audience are those other numerous campuses who are interested to know about what is going on at Cerritos College, but let me ask you this question. How many college campus can say that they have numerous General Excellence Awards for its print edition? Haven't you appreciated the more than 50-years of news that you have gotten? And there are students who do read the print edition. Even if there is 1 student or 1,000 students who have read the newspaper that is valuable to us former editors. But there is more to it.

It has had value to those who have studied journalism and have gotten an opportunity to know what it means to "put in your blood, sweat and tears." This value is important to me. During the two years I was part of Talon Marks, I have applied what I have learned from being part of it. And I have learned the value of the hard work it takes to put the newpaper together.

And while it is only a taste, it has give me an enormous amount of respect for professional journalists and writers. I would like to think that other former editors feel the same way; just as your job titles are important to you. So, let me ask again, "Why do you feel you need to target Talon Marks. Your source, the student source, and campus' source." As you are well aware a well-known Cal State University eliminated its journalism program in 2006 and Talon Marks should not follow suit. Talon Marks is not a follower it's a leader. I would hope you will seriously reconsider your decision.

With all respect,

Norma Palacios
2005-2007 Talon Marks Staff Writer & Editor

Talon Marks responds to class cut

Below is the response from Cerritos College's Talon Marks about the possibility of its newspaper cut during the fall semester. I STILL say hell no to the cut.

As you are aware, the print edition of the Talon Marks will be cut next semester because of low enrollments in the class that produces the print newspaper. We have tried to come up with many different compromises but have all been shot down by the administration on this campus. We been in contact with the new student president and trustee, who also support the idea of keeping print publication and agree that it is the best way to get information out to students.

The administration on campus has informed us that we will be able to keep the online edition of the Talon Marks. However, this creates a problem. We believe that the online edition is not the best way to get the information out to the majority of students on campus. The online edition has a different target audience and that audience is those who do not attend Cerritos College, but still have an interest in the college. The print edition of the Talon Marks is the immediate source of news for many students on campus. In the economical state we're in, a student voice needs to be heard.

At the recent planning and budget meeting held at Cerritos College a term was brought up that was very interesting and that was to make cuts while still maintaining student services. Our main argument that with out the print edition of the Talon Marks, the students will not receive the level of service Cerritos College strives to provide.

Another problem the Talon Marks can face is the loss of advertising revenue. If there is a time when the administration decided that the print edition can be brought back it will no longer have the clout that it has now with the national advertising agencies. This past semester, despite the bad economy, the Talon Marks print edition was able to bring in advertising because a lot advertisers see college students as a key demographic. Once the Talon Marks loses the clout it has built up over many years it will be hard to get the national advertisers back.

This can also mean the end of the student press at Cerritos College. If enrollments drop in the two other classes that support the newspaper, Jour 103 and Jour 121, they to can be cut if the administration decided to use the same logic it used in canceling the Jour 105 class. By not having a print edition there is less visibility for the program therefore this can also lead to a decline student enrolling into the program.

There is no easy answers during these hard economic times, however there needs to be more discussion into possible solutions that will fit both the need of the administration to save money and need of the students of Cerritos College to have a voice and be informed

The Cerritos administration is wrong. ASCC President Oscar Franco better do something, and if Talon Marks does address this to the Board of Trustees and other administrators, I will also want to address them and let them know that this is a HUGE mistake!!!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Talon Marks print edition to be gone?

Perhaps this is NOT a surprise, but I also am disappointed to hear that Talon Marks' print edition is looking to fizzle out. I say, "HELL the FUCK NO!!" to the Cerritos College administration. And also this is a chance for someone to DO something and finally look toward getting the minimum of 20 students in the Journalism 105 newspaper article writing class. SOMEONE has to...hell I'm willing to do it. I'm no longer a student there but I AM willing.

I know that there have been passed semesters that the publication has had less than the 20 students to stay afloat but now that it is known that there is a possibility, a more than likely that the newspaper is not there, NOW do you understand why this can't no longer be ignored, Talon Marks!!!

Being a former Talon Marks writer, I am glad to hear that you will appeal this decision...PLEASE DO!!! There is NO way that Cerritos College can't have its newspaper. The journalism program helped me, and has continued to help me pursue what I have always wanted to do...DON'T let the administration dictated what you should do. And the bottom line is this, "HELL NO, TALON MARKS WILL NOT GO!!!"

Thursday, May 21, 2009

End of the semester, but summer's arrived

It's nearing the end of the Los Angeles City College spring semester. Summer session begins June 15. I can't wait. But things are slowing down. So, that's the reason for the gap between writes. I'm just limping toward the end. And well...waiting for the next. Other then that, nothing else to report.

Oh, wait, I did the special election on Tuesday, more than 300 votes showed up to vote, but the outcome is not news, is it?

Thanx for reading, and keep those comments coming.

P.S. FABIO, where are you?????????

Campus Correspondent blogger

Friday, May 15, 2009

Student Presidents aren't Cerritos' saviors

RE: "Barrita leaves, Cerritos rejoices"

In regard to the Cerritos College's Talon Marks editorial, I could help but laugh because what makes you think that there will be new leadership within the ASCC? What makes you think that Oscar Franco (at right) will be that savior. What you have made him out to be is the campus' Barack Obama. What is the most that Franco could do? Buy every appointed senator new suits.

Remember if he ended up being the only person running for student president, then he could have those "car salesman" looks for new suits. As for former ASCC President Michael Barrita (middle picture) leaves Cerritos well, at least the campus doesn't have to deal with its Playboy Hugh Hefner anymore. I give Barrita credit for just making himself the playboy that he has become. I spoke to him in January and he said that he had grown as a person because of his involvement within student government, but there is something else that has grown. Use your imagination.

Along with Barrita, former ASCC Vice President, President and Student Trustee Jason Macias was along for the ride. But I have to say that like Barrita, Macias wasn't any better. Macias, too was a Playboy. Cerritos' student presidents aren't saviors they're more like underwear; you change it after one year.

Oh where, oh where, could this Fabio be?

Hey everyone out there in blog world:

I know that I have asked you this before (Click here to read a previous blog entry). But I wanted to know if anyone out there has seen Fabio who is from Italy. I met him back in 1999, when I first attended Cerritos College. He and I had made contact through a Madonna related web site, to which I wasn't sure who he was. I thought he was some stranger. But in the short time he and I spoke via e-mail, then there was an exchange of letter. Above is a photo of Fabio and below is the letter that he sent me from Rome.

In this letter he says that he's a Madonna fan and that it was nice to see a picture of me. (At that time, I was more than 180 lbs.). In the wake of the earthquake that hit more than two months ago, I immediately thought of him and if he was okay. I would have turned to MySpace, Facebook or (at least) Twitter, but I wanted to see if anyone knew anything about Fabio or if someone can some way get this to him and see if he is okay. I am doing this because I saw someone yesterday that I hadn't seen in eight years. It was SO great to see him.

I don't know how many people read this blog, my blog and I don't know how many people it reaches but if it were to reach someone in Rome I would be grateful because all I wanted to know is, "Where is Fabio?" And all I want to ask him is how is everything going? Again, I would appreciate anything.

Campus Correspondent blogger

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What's going on, so far

Things have been quiet so far for the last few days. But here is the jist of it:

-The spring semester ends June 6.
-I have to update my other two blogs Airwave and Airwave Blog 2 (sorry, I haven't had time).
-Summer session begins June 15.
-And I have been at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach every Saturday, so drop by if you can.

Other then that I have to attend the last lectures and take the last exam before the semester ends. But hopefully I will have something new or in fact, in pictures.



Friday, May 8, 2009

It's a picture not a photo illustration, TM

It took me a while to read through this week's Cerritos College's Talon Marks publication. And I want to apologize for the delay of writing. But here is feedback of this week's newspaper:

First and foremost, to consider your editor who is wearing a mask, as a photo illustration, is not a photo illustration. One thing you could have done is animate him to look like a illustration. While it's true that people are wearing mask to not get the swine flu, why is it that it looks like your editor has the swine flu?

As for the story itself about the swine flu, where is the student reason to the outbreak? And here is a sample way of what the story could have begun:

If a pandemic of the AN1HI virus, also known as the swine flu, were to hit, Cerritos College's staff, faculty, and administration are prepared to handle it.. The campus is not the one handling it, its the staff, faculty and its administrators. But for me, the students are important. It's great that the newspaper reached 14 pages. It's the first time in a long time I have seen that.

But here are additionally things that need work. How many clubs attended the Cinco De Mayo celebration? I mean, you say that club and people can together. Yeah. Okay, but who cares? And again on your campus construction where is the student reaction? Talon Marks is a student publication, speak to them!