Monday, July 20, 2009

A run-in with Bond Girl Maud Adams

I had a run in with James Bond Girl Maud Adams this weekend. Ms. Adams was kind enough to speak to me for a moment, and I will not reveal too much about what was said. But let me say this, I was glad to just say, 'hello.'

Below is my favorite picture of her from that Bond film, "Octopussy."

And...she took a minute to say, "Send my love to your [mom]." How she knows my mom, I rather not say.


Friday, July 10, 2009

L.A. City College faced with probation

BREAKING NEWS: Los Angeles City College has been placed on probation by a accrediting committee for its inadequate planning and and evaluation of effectiveness of student programs.

LA City and LA Trade Technical College are both in deep water. But with this happen there are courses that are not recognized by other college and that means no financial aid. Cerritos' probation was just lifted, by other like East LA College and Southwest College are facing that probation...

Students are suppose to be accounted for as well. I know that. Others should too. But let see the end results and see if the probation is lifted.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Norma rants on and on about...nothing

Everything so far has been awfully quiet. The summer session ends on July 18 and I'm free after that. Los Angeles City College's fall semester begins on Aug. 31. Bumber, I'd wait until the first week of September but I'm not the boss. I'm still searching for my Michael Jackson t-shirt wearing moment from a long long time ago. I know that they are somewhere in the house. I just don't know where the box went.

I apologize if I haven't seen much lately, like I said it's quiet and nothing new to report...OH...wait...scratch that...I'm up to 40 Madonna shirts...Does that count? YES, I said 4-0. I'm the crazy Madonna freak everyone says I am...but what else is new? Madonna touring, she has her adoptive daughter...and she is still my girl crush.

Anything else? Cerritos College is to name its new College President and I'm still waiting to see if changes will come to all college campuses no matter who's on you know the Hollywood Show is about a week-and-a-half away, so if you plan on coming to see me, don't forget to get your Norma pictures and autographs for FREE!