Thursday, November 26, 2009

LACC College President vs. The Collegian

As we have reached the finish line of the spring semester, the campus as been in the headline with Los Angeles City College President and its student newspaper publication The Collegian. It seems that Dr. Jamillan Moore has had a fit with any staff writers from the Collegian and has wanted him or her to sign a release form in knowing who's covering meetings where she is present; or something to that. Anyway the thing is the controversy is whether or not she has a right to do that. And no, she doesn't.

For the last five years since I became interested in mass communication, I have seen what exposed staff writer had to fight for. And former Cerritos College Talon Marks writers know what I am talking about. Remember in 2004 and 2005 the controversy when its Board of Trustees were wry of its meeting taped for online video? I think you do. You should. The student president at the time, thought that having Talon Marks there taping its meeting was a good idea. I have yet, to see that Los Angeles City College student president can take a stand with the Collegian.

While yes, it's a fact that the Collegian is older than Talon Marks these two publication have its ethics and any president that tries to censor anything is wrong. That why it's great that there is a law protecting student publication from censorship. Without that there will be no newspaper. I am not agreeing with Moore's way of trying to intimate the Collegian staff. The story has been significant, as still from me, during this spring semster.

I can forget about the awards from the journalism conference, to the math department's No. 1 ranking in the Los Angeles City College District and smoking on campus. Those story are in the back burner. As for Moore...she still has her job.


Friday, November 13, 2009

Richard C. Runyon eight years later

I wonder after eight years what would Richard C. Runyon be like, and I can to a conclusion: he would have been the same person he'd always been. He would say that he was always younger than his age. I believe, (if not mistaken) would have still had a crush on actress Cameron Diaz. And he would have been the man that was always up for a plane ride. Today, marks a sad and somewhat somber reminder of the day that change when he, and another passanger were killed in a plane at the Santa Monica Airport.

Twenty years of memories come back whenever I think of him and his attitude, his love for his life and for what a giant he was when he walked into a room. At least that's how I saw him. What do I remember most? The numerous shirts he had, and how he liked his stuff organized. How much he looked at me and always treated me with love, although at times he had his way of showing it.

But most of all, I miss seeing him when I was not in school. I haven't seen the house he lived in, in a long while and yet, the house, still looks the same and I remember what it did look like. The train collection was in the living room, the office would be right next to it; the dog Ace would be happy and go in the kitchen. The rest of the train set would be outside by the deck. Anything else I would miss? Yeah, what he would have say about my mom being accepted to California State University, Los Angeles...

He was, after all a giant.

Richard C. Runyon

April 26, 1937-Nov. 13, 2001

Monday, November 9, 2009

Santa Monica Daily Press looking but...

Just saw this in my e-mail about the Santa Monica Daily Press:

Job Description:
Full-time Reporter

The Santa Monica Daily Press, the Westside’s leading daily newspaper serving the more than 89,000 residents of this beautiful beach-side community that boasts its own municipal airport, award-winning bus company, a robust tourism industry, a world-famous pier and a vibrant arts community, is looking for a full-time, general assignment reporter. This is a position for someone who is hungry and not afraid of pounding the pavement or working long hours to find the diamond in the rough. Reporters are expected to write at least two stories a day and occasionally take photos. Covering City Council and school board meetings is crucial, along with community events. We pride ourselves on providing a product that captures the city’s essence, a product that is impartial and accessible. We have high standards and take pride in our work and you should too. Experience with computers and digital cameras is essential as well as having a firm grasp of AP style. A journalism degree and at least two years experience at a weekly or daily newspaper is preferred. Experience with Quark is a plus. Candidates musts be self-starters, detail oriented, well organized and have a creative flair. Story generation is key. Former reporters have benefited greatly from the position, enhancing their writing style while making valuable contacts on the Westside. You will have a chance to effect change that is tangible, develop life-long friendships and enhance your writing portfolio. The job is demanding. Reporters work long hours, produce at least 10 to 12 stories a week and will work some holidays and weekends. If there’s a gang shooting at midnight, you have to be there. Still interested? This is a great opportunity for the right person who loves community journalism and wants to work in a fun, rewarding atmosphere. Salary is based on experience. Health insurance available along with paid vacation days. Send resume, relative samples of your work, and a cover letter explaining why you are the right fit for the Daily Press.

Okay, so you have read the above. Now, I know that this is the one thing that I have wanted to do. And yet, I still have to be cautious. After the disaster that I had from the previous "internship", I still doubt my ability and still have to work toward this, to which I am. Another problem: LOCATION. I wish that I were closer to the city of Santa Monica. If I were and if I could, I would. How many times do opportunities like this, with the Santa Monica Daily Press happen? I can only imagine few and far between. But I'm working on it...BELIEVE ME...I am!!!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Epple, Hughlett in, Avalos out

It's bye-bye-bye Carmen Avalos, and welcome back for Bob Hughlett, and Bob Epple. The Cerritos College Board of Trustees has one newcomer. The former South Gate city clerk, Avalos was ousted by Shin Liu, a college professor.

Avalos was quiet during the four years she was at Cerritos. I talked to her only once and yes, I walked away knowing that she would not last long. And she didn't....and it was like a battery, you know, that they don't last...