Friday, December 18, 2009

Closing 2010. Transferring in 2011?

I can finally breathe again and look forward to 2010 and perhaps transferring to a university in the fall of 2011. Yes, you heard right, transferring to a university in fall of 2011. I have two classes left in order to transfer. But ladies and gentlemen, I thought that this would NEVER happen. But it has. Now, I look forward to the new year in 2010. Can you believe it? It's looking a lot like 2010. And something else. I will be the big 3-0 in 2010.

Los Angeles City College has been a quiet experience. I have no complains and no regrets about leaving Cerritos College. As you know, nobody ever forgets the first community college one attends and while Cerritos will be in my heart I know that the decision to leave for LACC was best for me. And now look, I have that end of the light, of transferring if all goes well to a university. I love that.

But more than anything this year I lost my best friend, my rock and my little girl. My dog Prieta was just 12 years old and having passed away in October, I don't know whatelse to say but, I will love her forever. I look forward to transferring to a university by 2011.

Thank you and I will see you in January 2010...