Tuesday, February 9, 2010

FINALLY! Spring semester has begun

I'm back at it this week; the spring 2010 semester next 15 weeks after that. Yes, it's another round that's begun and (crossed my fingers) a semester to which I hope will lead to being able to apply for a campus university. But I have to get through these last two classes to get there. AND so far...no fireworks to speak of.

Here at Los Angeles City College there are familiar faces. I was at Cerritos College for its rush period in January. Now...well...I miss them all again; because I love them all. That's what happens when you are blessed with talent, and are famous and are totally super nice to me.

LOVE TO ALL AT Cerritos College's BOOKSTORE...you are the true stars...you have the brains...I just hope to think I have one. YOU are the famous ones...I'm just trying to be famous...YOU are the apples to my oranges that's why I'm a truckload. Thank you for putting up with my obessions and imperfections, I am the true Ugly Betty.

ANYWAY...as for the rest of you...ditto times two!