Tuesday, April 6, 2010

April's here that means one thing: I'm 30!

April's here and there are a four things to take note of:

First, April 12 would have been Michele Cassiano's 45th birthday. Imagine, being only 45 and beautiful too. She had so much energy and kindness that I know where ever she is she is watching me and her eldest son and 19-year-old daughter do well on earth. As for her sister Tina...I hope that everything is well and knows that I know her birthday is coming up in May.

Second, April 26 would have been Richard Runyon's birthday and the anniversary of Lucille Ball's death. How do I know that?...beats me really. I just do.

And finally...YES...it's true April 27 is my 30th birthday...YES! I said I am 30 years old and looking at it this way: My mind says I'm five, my body says I'm 15, but I know that I'm 30 and hoping to feel younger.

I want to be honest about something. There is always that question of, "What do you want for your birthday?" It's easy, simple and priceless...

Every time you hear a Madonna song, dance.