Thursday, May 20, 2010

Question: Where did Norma go?

Alas, I have but a minute to spare for you, whoever you are. I know, I know, where has Norma gone? I'm busy with class, that's where I have been. And we (my sister and I) have the house to ourselves. My parents are out of town until June 3. And no I will not say where.

Just a quick rundown of where I am:

• Next week is the last week before FINALS week.
• Summer session is cancelled at Los Angeles City College
• Could I go back to Cerritos College for summer? Answer: Never say never. I never rule it out
• Fall semester begins on Aug. 30 at LACC

And I have been enjoying get to know our dog Roxie, who is now six months. I love the little buzzard.