Tuesday, July 20, 2010

It's been forever: Update from Norma

It's been forever. How are you? I mean, you out there? Everything on my end is okay. I'm about as okay as I can be. I have had time to read. I'm a huge fan of John Grisham. In doing so, I'm only left with two of his books to read before another comes out in October. And there another thing...

As a volunteer, I have reached more than 1,000 hours at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach!

MORE THAN 1,000 HOURS, Imagine.

Getting there has been easy and is certainly a lot of work but I have had fun. Since I have reached 1,000+ I can now...

There are people who expect me to be at the Aquarium every Saturday and (now) Sunday and they are happy to see me. I'm just happy to be seen, but then I realize for them to be happy to see me, and say 'hi Norma' it's what happens when you are a rock star.

Well, this was short and more to come as Aug. 30 rolls around. Still then I will sit and read and begin to do 1,000 more hours. By the time I get to 1,000 hours I'll be...99 years old, same age as the legendary John Wooden.