Monday, February 14, 2011

It's been so long, how has everyone been?

It's been so long. Where do I begin? What should I say? I know...just say...HI! And my apologies for the longest delay, but I have been through and back with the things that I must do. I have been offered admission to a Cal State University campus but I have yet to confirm that it is where I am going. I am just in the beginning stages of seven months off after seven years of community college. So...what have I been doing? READING. I know, I know, not the most exciting thing to do while one sits and waits, and waits, and waits and waits...

But reading for me is a place I like to be and being able to have creative juices flowing in my mind. Besides, imagine a world without books. How boring. I would go mad. Even crazy. And cry a flood. I'm on my third book, F.X. Toole, the man who wrote "Rope Burns: Stories From the Corner," a.k.a. "Million Dollar Baby" to the rest of the world. Great book. His second and last book, "Pound for Pound" I gotta say, impressed with the details. Make me want to fight now. I have read Andre Agassi, "Open" book as well. Another impressive book. I applaud his words and such and I will read Greg Louganis book, "Breaking the Surface" from 1995, and such. As you can see all the books are from men. What can I say? I have crushes on men all the time. I such a girl.

I'm also at the Aquarium of the Pacific. I keep volunteering. I'm having fun. Why ruin a good thing. Something like 1,200 hours or more. Who knows? Who cares? As I go through these next seven months the only thing that will make me happy besides a book is knowing that somehow, some way I've made a person laugh because I believe that the more I do, the more I read and the more I make people laugh the brighter they shine. You know that Madonna song, "Lucky Star" when the lyrics, say, "Star light star bright the star I see tonight, star light star bright makes everything alright." I try to shine but it's who I've met that have treated my with kindness that shine the brightest. THANK YOU to everyone single human being and fan out there. They will be the first people I will thank when I win an Emmy, Oscar, Grammy, and Tony.

What? A girl can dream

Well, see you again, soon I hope.