Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Another time, another update

Hello America! I hope you didn't think I have forgotten about you all. I haven't; I just have NOT have time to write a blog entry in how many months. It seems like years. Anyway, lets backtrack a little. I am currently in my second quarter, and I have been making the most out of the experience. It's weird really. Nobody out on campus I know that well. I still don't so this new kid on the block is just taking it all in. I did my first quarter, and can you believe that I actually paid attention in anthropology class? I can't I usually just doze off and forget but I haven't forgotten anything from that class. Thank you. As for the major I am working on, It's TV, Film and Media Studies with a Broadcast Journalism option. That seems like alot but I have the "list" and now I just have to follow it. What else? Nothing brand new, I have just been studying and still no Twitter. I know that when all else goes, Twitter won't follow. But most of all, I have been trying to understand this world we live in. Yes, and that means still reading John Grisham books! As for continuing to take the bus to school, but that or pay $4 a gallon, no thank you. One day and one day soon I will be able to write to all of you and say I have graduated. I hope to do it in a year. Imagine. For most of my life I have been told I would never make it, but I have fought to keep my dream, my big dream alive. And it's all thanks to one thing that I was able to understand about myself... If one never asks the question will never be answered. -Norma

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